Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 45

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 45

Julian would make Diana understand that not every man was capable of giving her a black credit card

didn’t come with a credit limit!

He hoped she would understand this, especially after borrowing fifteen million and getting turned down
by people around her…

Upon recalling how coldly Diana treated him in the morning, he still felt unsettled. “Send me the


After several glances, Julian tossed the pictures of them buying calabash candy together aside. “Let’s
make this quick! Lower the offer by three percentage points. If he refuses, I’ll find a way to make him go
bankrupt! “Julian uttered through gritted teeth.

“Alright, sir.” Noel replied.

Compared to the past few days, Diana seemed to have a lucky charm on her today. Not only did she
have some surprising gains from the Winningtons, but she also received information related to Luke
from Oliver. She was able to protect herself better. In fact, she even succeeded in hailing a taxi within a
second in Richburgh. In the end, she didn’t even have to pay for part of the journey.

The more she thought about all this, the better her mood became. While humming a song, she stored
the documents in her nightstand. She then headed downstairs and asked the kitchen staff to prepare a
sour–and- spicy soup.

Drinking the soup put her in an even better mood. She didn’t feel nauseous even by the time she went
to bed. However, when Luke came to mind, she hid a thick book under her pillow. Feeling fully secure,
she finally rubbed her stomach and eventually nodded off.

However, she felt someone constantly breathing next to her ear in the middle of the night.

She suddenly felt something itchy.

Blurry–eyed, she noticed that someone was pacing back and forth near her.

Subconsciously, she reached for the book and began attacking the person. “Someone! Help! There’s a

With that, she continued attacking the person.

Julian could nearly see golden stars before him. He belted as loudly as he could, “Diana Winnington!”

Diana, who had kept her eyes shut out of fear all this time, opened her eyes frantically. “Julian?”

The lights in the room were then switched on. Julian’s sullen expression soon became clear. In fact, the
corner of the book left a scratch on his forehead. Diana’s heart pounded when she saw it.

Did she…actually hit Julian?

Her immediate response was to feel sorry for him. She touched his open wound with her trembling

“Does it hurt?”

Julian felt a little better when he saw how worried she seemed. “It’s nothing. It’s a minor injury.”

“I didn’t know you’d come to the bedroom. We’ve been fighting, and I thought you’d sleep in the guest

“Guest room?” Julian felt enraged again when he heard this. “Didn’t you know I was traveling for work?”

Diana was stunned. “You never told me.‘

In the past, he would always tell her in advance whenever he was traveling for work. The two of them
would even chat over the phone when he was away.

Now that Diana thought about it, it felt like several years had passed since they had last interacted like

Julian suddenly felt it was a little comedic how he had rushed home in the middle of the night. All she
could think about now was probably that calabash–candy guy. She didn’t care about him at all!

In fact, she even beat him up.

Impatience flitted over Julian’s face. His eyes glimmered dangerously. “Why didn’t you ask Mr. Carter
about me if you saw that I wasn’t around?”

Diana’s fingers were all meshed together. In reality, she hadn’t even noticed he was gone… Besides,
the two would fight whenever they saw each other these days. What was the point?

However, she was the one who physically hurt him tonight. She stopped arguing with him. Instead, she
said, “Why didn’t you dodge when I hit you…?”

“I was hoping you’d repay me the money you owe me.” Julian was stunned for a moment. A look of
discomfort appeared on his face. “We can only proceed with the divorce after you finish repaying me. I

don’t want any debt–related conflict.“

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