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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 44

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 44

Oliver looked at the sky. He then packed up the documents and brought her outside. “What do you feel
like having?”

“It’s on me. You get to choose,” Diana said.

Oliver accepted the offer. “I know a good western place around here. Let’s go there.”

Diana quickly followed him. While they were ordering, she cursed at capitalism. Yet, she still couldn’t
figure out why rich folks like him needed to spend so much money on food.

Now that she had a creditor, her bank account was already in the red. As a result, she was very careful
when ordering. Apart from the signature dish she ordered for Oliver, she picked all the cheapest items
for herself.

To her surprise, Oliver had already paid for the meal when she went to pay.

“Didn’t I say this meal was on me?” Diana frowned. “I feel bad now that you’ve done this.”

“Can you buy me calabash candy?” Oliver suddenly asked while pointing at a roadside stall.


Oliver sounded embarrassed. “I’ve always wanted to find out how calabash candy tasted, but I’d
always feel too embarrassed to buy one.”

“That’s nothing. It’s just calabash candy.” Diana quickly made her way to the stall and bought all ten
flavors that were on sale. The stall owner couldn’t resist striking a conversation when he saw Oliver
standing next to her. “You two look perfect with each other.”

Diana nearly choked on her own saliva. Fortunately, Oliver was quick to react. “We’re not a couple.”

Not only did the stall owner doubt him, but he even flashed him a mysterious expression. “Young man,
you’ve got to try harder!”

With that, he tied all ten calabash candies together like a bouquet of flowers and handed it over to
Oliver. ”

Here. Give it to her.”

Oliver accepted it and nodded. There was a barely noticeable glimmer in his eyes.

“Sorry.” Diana was stunned by the stall owner’s unexpected words. She quickly waved at Oliver. “You
don’t have to give these to me. I bought these for you. You can eat it all.”

Oliver did as she said.

Diana let out a long sigh of relief. Thankfully, Oliver didn’t have such intentions. He also kept his
distance. throughout the journey. Otherwise, it would’ve been rather awkward if anyone commented on
how they were together.

As long as she did nothing wrong, there was nothing to be afraid of.

After buying the calabash candies, Diana felt she had finally returned the favor. The redness in her
cheeks from being teased gradually faded away. She watched while Oliver walked past the subway
entrance with the bouquet of calabash candies. Then, the two politely bid farewell to each other. Diana
got into a taxi after a passenger coincidentally got off.

Ever since the incident in the subway, she no longer tried to cut down on her spending in this regard.

came first.

However, the number that kept increasing on the taximeter made her very anxious. The taxi driver
suddenly paused the taximeter when they were stuck in traffic. “There’s heavy traffic. I won’t charge
you for the rest of the journey.”

Diana was overjoyed. She wasn’t expecting the day to go so well. “Thank you, mister!”

After Diana got off, the taxi driver didn’t drive away. Instead, he made a call on his phone. “Mr. Carter,
the mission is complete. Madam arrived home before ten.”

Noel nodded. After hanging up, he looked at the man who was resting with his eyes closed. They were
both on a plane. “Madam has arrived home.”

“Okay.” Julian pinched his forehead. By the time he opened his eyes, he no longer seemed tired. “Send
me the photos of her and Oliver.”

“The plane’s about to land and the signal isn’t so good right now. Why don’t I send the photos to you
after the meeting?”

They took an overnight flight just to make it in time for an important business meeting.

Julian wasn’t someone who would delay his business affairs, but he could also guess what was on
Noel’s mind. He sneered. “Looks like she really doesn’t know her place.”

Julian checked his bank account. “But she hasn’t transferred any money. It seems Mr. Channing’s
money isn’t exactly easy to extort.”

‘Silly woman.‘

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