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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Why should she let him have his way?

However, the post had already been published on her social media feed. It was too late to delete it now.
After much thinking, she decided to block him.

That way, he would never be able to see her posts whenever she published any in the future.

After blocking Julian, Diana realized there was a friend request pending her approval.

The remark written on the friend request was ‘Oliver Channing‘.

Diana was stunned. After hesitating for a moment, she decided to approve the request. “Hello, it’s nice
to hear from you. Did something happen at the police station?” she asked.

“Hey, it’s Oliver. I added you on Facebook after getting your contact info from the police. I hope you
won’t mind.” Oliver’s reply was unhurried, and his typing speed was as impressive as the way he
carried himself in


It appeared he had reached out to her with a reason. That explained why the two of them could still get


Diana quickly replied, “It’s nice to hear from you again.”

Only then did Oliver cut to the chase. “To thank you for buying me a meal yesterday. I made a call to
the police station to find out about the culprit’s situation.”

“It’s fine. I wanted to thank you for your help anyway,” Diana quickly responded.

“I know, but I’d still like to thank you for not getting me into trouble after I did a good deed.”

Many young people these days have become fearful of helping the elderly who fell, because some con
artists take advantage of their good deeds to do bad things.

Diana wasn’t surprised by what he said. She laughed. “Thank heavens we’re both good people.”

Oliver found her reply amusing. He sent her a laughing emoji. “That man will only be locked up for
seven days. Also, he has a somewhat unique background.”

Unique background?

Diana wanted to ask for further details, but that was when she received an image of a calendar from

He had clearly labeled the date of the incident and the time the culprit would be released from prison.
“One day has passed. There are six more days until his release. Watch out after the next six days. I’m
afraid he might hold a grudge.”

“Alright.” Diana nodded. “We don’t really know each other. It should be fine.”

“No, you do.”

Diana was completely stunned. “But I don’t even know who he is…”

“But he has stalked you on several occasions.” Oliver told Diana about the information he had
gathered. He’s followed you a few times when you took the subway, and when you hailed taxis.”


That meant the assault in the subway wasn’t a coincidence.

Suddenly, Diana began to feel afraid.

In fact, she regretted not getting used to Julian’s arrangement of having her driven around in a private

However, she quickly changed her mind when she thought about how she was always by his side in
the Fulcher family. It wasn’t wrong for her to want her own space and time. Even after spending three
years with Julian, she still sometimes felt that she wasn’t used to their lavish lifestyle. She was also not
used to being followed around by a driver and a nanny.

Realizing Diana had gone quiet, Oliver assumed she had gone in shock after hearing the things he
said. He felt an urge to explain in detail. “This man has a criminal record. In fact, he’s committed violent
crimes in the past. I requested some information on his criminal record from the police.

A criminal record of violence?

He had stalked her multiple times, too.

Diana instantly began to feel nervous. She was about to reply to Oliver when he sent her another
message. “If Julian doesn’t mind, I can mail it over so you get to have a look. There’s no harm in
learning more about this man and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself.”

As soon as Diana saw Julian’s name, she deleted the words “it’s fine” and instead wrote, “Don’t send it


If Oliver sent it to their villa halfway up the mountain and if Julian came across it, he would definitely
hurl some nasty insults to her.

Besides, Diana was already out and about. It was still early in the day. Diana thought for a moment.
“Where are you working? If it isn’t a bother, I can drop by to pick it up.‘

Oliver replied very quickly. “I’m currently unemployed and seeking employment. Where are you? I’ll go
to you instead.”

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