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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Diana looked at Kate somewhat cautiously. “Should the opportunity arise, would you let us meet each
other? I’d like to learn from her.”

Kate tightened her grip on her sleeve. She ignored Diana’s question. Instead, she suddenly asked
Diana the same question she asked before they entered the dining room. “Why do you want to find out
about Julian’s date when he came over and who he threw the party for in the Fulcher family’s house?”

Kate continued speaking before Diana could even say a word. “Don’t blame me for being too naggy,
but Julian is a powerful man. Ever since he became the chairman of Fulcher Inc., nobody in Richburgh
has been able to lay a finger on the Fulcher family. He isn’t someone you can afford to mess with. You
should just do as he says.‘

It sounded like Kate was genuinely concerned.

Diana nodded. “I know. I’ve never thought of going against him.”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have agreed to get a divorce. More importantly, she wouldn’t have come to the
Winningtons for money to repay her debt.

However, she didn’t do all this because she was afraid of him. Instead, it was because she loved him.
She didn’t want things to drag on or make life difficult for everyone.

For the time being, she couldn’t bring herself to express her thoughtfulness in front of Kate. And so,

it all to herself.

she kept

“Hmm.” Kate nodded. As long as Diana didn’t attempt to make life difficult for Kayla or hurt her, it would
all be fine. “In that case, why do you want to meet Kayla?”

When Diana returned three years ago, the two of them had never met. However, they seemed to
already have a bad impression of each other.

Diana could sense the change in Kate’s tone as soon as they started talking about Kayla.

Why…did Kate seem even more unpredictable than Julian in terms of her emotions?

Diana figured it was probably because they both favored Kayla.

“I just want to meet her.” Diana wanted to meet the woman who stole her family, her identity, and her
status, but could still receive praise from everyone in Richburgh. She wanted to see what that woman


Kate didn’t refute Diana, but she also didn’t say when they could meet. “You’re already an adult, and
yet you still have such a curious mind,” Kate said in an ambiguous tone.

Diana chuckled, but didn’t press on.

The two chatted for a while. At three in the afternoon, Diana finally got up to leave.

It had stopped drizzling, and the weather was now sunny.

Walking under the sun, Diana couldn’t resist taking a picture and publishing it on social media. “Life is
good, and everything is adorable,”

The picture she published was one of a Bengal rose amidst a sea of green leaves.

In the picture, the bright red petals seemed to come to life.

Coincidentally, that was when Julian picked up his phone and saw the notification. He immediately liked


Diana… She hadn’t been in such a good mood for a very long time.

Consequently, Julian began to smile. The senior staff in the office, who were waiting for him to give the
final verdict, thought he came up with another sophisticated method to torture them.

However, to their surprise, he waved his hand. “All proposals today are approved.”

Everyone sighed in relief. When they walked out of the office, they felt as if they had narrowly cheated
death. A bright person approached Noel and asked if something wonderful had happened in Fulcher
Inc. for Julian to be this happy.

Noel smiled without answering him. He seemed unusually mysterious. “I suggest you don’t pry into Mr.
Fulcher’s personal matters. Otherwise, you might lose all your bonuses for the year.”

Everyone scattered as soon as they heard this. Nobody dared to approach him again.

While Julian was in a good mood, Diana wasn’t.

She stared at the heart–shaped,

response from Julian. It was annoying in every sense of the word. Her

mood fluctuated throughout the day, as if she was on a roller coaster.

Did Julian genuinely believe he was an untouchable god, and that he could be nice or mean to anyone
he wanted?

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