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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Kate sighed in a barely noticeable manner. She slowly let go of Diana’s hands. “Alright. It’s just the two
of us anyway. Three main dishes and a soup will do.”

Kate didn’t even turn around to ask Diana what she would like to eat.

Diana was a little disappointed by that, but she also knew that this outcome was already good enough,
and it didn’t come easy. She wasn’t about to ask for more.

If Kate was willing to accept her, there would be many more occasions like this in the future. Diana was
in no rush.

After Lucy’s interruption, neither of them spoke again.

Kate seemed a little distracted. After the meal, Lucy asked a maid to bring the desserts over. Only then
did Kate seem a little more energetic. “Serve everything.”

The maid was very thoughtful. Not only did she place the plate in front of Diana, but she also cut
everything into small pieces before handing Diana her cutlery.

“Miss Kayla, this is your favorite chestnut cake,” the maid said.

Miss Kayla?

Did the maid think she was Kayla?

Diana felt a little awkward. She thought she made a mistake in hearing. Just as she was about to
speak, the maid brought over a bowl of soup. “Those dishes weren’t what you normally ate.
Fortunately, we prepared your favorite bird’s nest. We boiled it for a long time. Have a taste.”

At this, Diana didn’t seem too happy.

In retrospect, the maids in the Winnington family might have greeted her so diligently because… They
mistook her for someone else. Only now did she realize this.

Kate was now quite nervous. Frankly speaking, she and Diana got along pretty well today.

Kate no longer hated Diana so much. The earrings Diana wore might have been even more expensive
than she realized, but she gave them to Kate without any hesitation.

Kate could sense Diana’s filial piety, and that made Kate increasingly guilty.

At the very least, she didn’t want Diana to find out that Julian only married her because she looked a lot


Besides… He wanted to divorce Diana because of Kayla as well.

Thinking about this made Kate feel even more sorry for Diana. She cared about both her children.
Although she hoped Kayla could find happiness and she knew Julian belonged to Kayla in the first
place, and the fact that Diana couldn’t possibly steal him from Kayla…

If it was true… If Diana, according to Kayla, was going to fight with her over Julian and refused to let
go, Kate wouldn’t stand idly by!

However, Diana didn’t seem to be in a happy place either.

Otherwise, based on Diana’s personality, she wouldn’t come to the Winningtons and ask for money.
She probably wasn’t doing so well in the Fulcher family.

The earrings felt heavier and heavier. Kate could hardly breathe now.

“Mom,” Diana said before Kate could speak. “Do I look a lot like Kayla?”

“How’s that even possible?” Kate slowly recollected herself. She instructed the maid, who had made a
mistake in addressing Diana, to leave. “You’re not related by blood. Don’t be ridiculous!”

That was true.

Diana sighed in relief. She was a little dumbfounded by the thought that they might even remotely

each other.

At that moment, Diana felt she might have overlooked something extremely important.

Now that she had heard Kate’s response, however, she began to relax. Her mind cleared up. In fact,
her impression of Kate changed for the better. Her mother actually mentioned blood ties in front of her.

Kate was unusually nice today.

“Something happened in the Winnington family last year. These maids were all newly hired.” Kate did a
good job at resolving the confusion. “Many of them don’t even know there are two young ladies in the
Winnington family. In fact, they haven’t even met you two before. When they heard you came over
today, they probably thought you were Kayla, who recently returned to the country.‘

Anyway, they definitely did not address Diana mistakenly because she looked a lot like Kayla.

Diana stopped pondering. “The maids aren’t the only ones who haven’t seen Kayla. Neither have I.
Although she was adopted, I’ve heard about how talented she is and how generous a personality she
has. Every elite in Richburgh speaks highly of her.”

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