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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

“Fifteen million dollars.” Diana pulled her hand away. She didn’t want to touch the cup. “I want fifteen
million dollars,” she repeated frankly.

Kate stared at her in disbelief. “Are you mad?”

Diana asked for fifteen million as if it was an insignificant amount. “Do you think the Winnington family

owns a bank?!”

How was Kate supposed to fork out so much money?

“You owe me this much.” Diana began reciting the speech she prepared before coming here. “You have
two days to think about it. Discuss this thoroughly with James.”

Kate was still willing to speak to Diana, but James practically treated Diana as if she was non–existent.
In fact, to him, she was worse than the garbage out on the street.

Hence, Diana was sensible enough not to address James as her father.

“What about your divorce with Julian?” Kate asked.

“If you want to find out more from me, answer my earlier question first,” Diana said.

Diana felt as if the entire world was against her whenever that woman was brought up. It had been
such a long time, yet she still couldn’t figure out who exactly that woman was.

At the end of the day, Kate was Mrs. Winnington. She was considered an influential person in
Richburgh. Besides, that woman attended Kate’s birthday party in the past.

That was the day Diana personally saw Julian hugging her.

Richburgh was a big place, but any gossip related to Julian couldn’t possibly be kept a secret. A small
circle of people would’ve started spreading the gossip.

Hence, Diana was certain her mother knew something about it.

Initially, Diana no longer felt curious after what happened yesterday. However, when she came over
today and heard that even Kate knew she was getting a divorce, it urged her to find out the identity of
that woman. That was the only way she could nip things in the bud. She had to stop the news from
spreading in the fastest and most accurate way so that Grandma wouldn’t find out.

“I don’t know.” Kate shook her head. There was a look of pity in her eyes when she looked at Diana.
Her face

had turned somewhat pale, too.

It was her instinct as a mother to protect her child. “Things were too chaotic during the birthday party.”

“In that case, I’d like you to ask around.” Diana looked seriously at Kate. She paid close attention to
Kate’s every facial expression. She no longer cared about Kate’s birthday party. On the contrary, she
made use of the information she had gathered. “Julian invited a woman to the Fulcher family’s
residence a week ago. I want you to find out who he invited.”

Diana rarely showed her vulnerable side to Kate. “I’m begging you.”

In the end, Kate gave in.

She wanted to tell Diana right away, but she recalled the things Diana had said to her and stopped
herself short. “Alright.”

Kate decided she would tell Diana in a few days that she couldn’t find out who that person was. This

would then be done and dusted.

“I’ll return in two days for the money.” Diana stood up and proceeded to leave. “Have a good talk with

Diana slowly looked down. “I don’t have a choice. I need something to fall back on after the divorce…”

Diana did plan on getting a divorce, but she was probably just going through the motions.

Kate was relieved. She no longer worried about what was going on between Kayla and Julia. On the
contrary, she felt even more sorry for Diana, especially when she saw how weak and vulnerable Diana
seemed. Kate had never seen this side of Diana. She had always thought Diana had a strong and
steely personality.

“Why don’t… You stay for lunch before you leave?” Kate asked.

Diana held her breath and saw the careful look in Kate’s eyes. Suddenly, she felt a sense of desire for

This was her birth mother…

Diana had waited for this invitation for a meal for eighteen long years.

“Sure.” Diana smiled. She held back her tears and followed Kate into the dining room.

The Winningtons family was a big household, and members of the family liked living together. Hence,
they had a considerable number of maids and luxury cars.

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