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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Kayla subconsciously nodded. “Okay. I’ll listen to you, Julian.”

“Send your location to me and I’ll pick you up.”

When he went downstairs, his grandmother was already waiting at the staircase. She looked behind
him. kindly and asked, “Where’s Diana?”

Julian’s expression didn’t change. “Aren’t you fully aware of what you’ve done?”

The old lady’s heart tightened as she asked, “Is she angry with me?”

“She’s not angry with you, but she’s certainly angry with me.”

That’s true…

Diana was very close to her.

Sometimes, Julian’s grandmother even felt that Diana was like her own granddaughter, and that Julian
did the right thing by marrying Diana.

The more she thought about it, the happier she became. She couldn’t stop herself from giving Julian a
thumbs up, smiling widely.

Julian sighed when he saw his grandmother’s goofy expression. “You’re not acting the way you

“Brat!” Julian’s grandmother hit him hard. “Go quickly! Hurry back and see Diana. Help me to apologize

her too.”

The police station.

Diana, who was supposed to head to the cafe for her appointment with Kayla, was now making a
statement. She held her cell phone, which had long run out of battery.

She sighed. She definitely wouldn’t be able to meet that woman today, and could only hope that she
would have an opportunity to do so next time.

“Are you sure someone touched you from the back on the subway?” The police officer’s voice pulled
her thought back.

Diana could not help but freeze for a moment. “Huh?”

The police officer’s method of asking the question was a little embarrassing, but Diana nodded

“What position did he touch you? Can you describe how he touched you?”

Diana was even more puzzled.

What kind of questions was that?!

Was this the attitude he should have toward the victim?

She did not even want to recall those disgusting moments!

She went out to take the subway as usual, but unfortunately ran into a pervert.

That man had a wretched appearance. He had a lustful look in his eyes when he looked at people, and
this was especially so when he looked at Diana. His eyes stuck on her as if he was looking at his prey.

She thought of his hand, which had touched her neck. She instantly got goosebumps all over her body.
She wished that she could just jump forward and beat him senseless.

Alas, she was no match for him.

According to the police, he had been following her all the way since she entered the subway.

It seemed to be a premeditated course of action.

Yet, Diana didn’t know him at all.

When the officer taking her statement saw her long silence, he suddenly looked up at her and said, ”
Summer’s almost over, but you’re wearing so little.”

“You’re also very beautiful, and the watch that you’re wearing is very expensive. Why did you have to
go and squeeze in the subway?”

Surprisingly, he was blaming Diana for the incident.

Diana was furious. Her face flushed red as she exclaimed angrily, “Officer, you must speak with reason!
What I wear has nothing to do with that man’s misconduct toward me. He’s the one who should be
punished and lectured by you!”

He should not be blaming her life and behavior habits!

The police officer obviously did not expect Diana to be so eloquent. He immediately glanced at her,
about to say something. The next second, he suddenly had an awe–inspiring gaze as he said, “You’re

Diana turned her head to follow his gaze, and met a pair of eyes as warm as jade.

This was the man who had helped her to subdue the criminal at the subway station.

When he saw Diana’s nervous expression, he smiled at her and took the initiative to explain. “Don’t
worry, I’m a doctor. The injuries I caused to that man weren’t visible, and they’re all internal injuries.”

If it was an appraisal, it would not be in that man’s favor.

Diana instantly felt relieved when she heard his words. “I fear I may have implicated you…‘

“You won’t.”

Oliver shook his head. His eyes flickered slightly when he looked at Diana, as if there was a deep

hidden behind them.

However, he quickly concealed his emotions, and his face returned to normal.

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