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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Diana was stunned. She looked at Kate in disbelief. “What do you know?”

Kate knew everything!

Upon recalling the way Julian looked at her previously, Kate didn’t dare to say too much.

“If nothing went wrong, why would my wonderful son–in–law not care about you when that incident
happened last time? Besides, you wouldn’t have shown up out of the blue for the first time in three
years just to demand money. The only explanation is that Julian no longer wants to spend money on
you, but you’ve gotten used to the good life. You don’t want to live like a poor person. That’s why you
came to me for alimony.”

It was all an excuse! Diana merely wanted her money.

Kate behaved as if she was the bigger person. “To be honest, I’ll give you any amount you want as long
as you’re willing to leave him.”

Diana found this a little odd. “What do you mean, as long as I’m willing to leave him?”

Nobody else should have found out about her getting a divorce with Julian.

Did Julian leak the news?

Yet, he had promised her he wouldn’t tell anyone about them getting a divorce. Even Grandma was in
the dark. He probably wouldn’t go back on his promise.

A thought suddenly occurred to Diana. She looked up at the panic–stricken Kate. “That day…” Diana


“On the day you organized the welcoming party for Kayla, whose daughter did Julian attend with?”


Kate frequently mingled with rich housewives, and they had their own social circle. As a result, their
daughters usually hung out together.

When Kayla returned to the country and held her own welcoming party, many rich children from
respectable families attended the party.

If Julian’s woman really was one of them, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kate heard about Diana getting a

divorce with him.

However, Diana wanted to find out who exactly leaked the information so that she could tell Julian
about it once she went home. She wanted him to tell that woman not to spread the word.

Otherwise, Grandma would find out sooner or later. If anything were to happen to Grandma because of
their divorce, Diana would blame herself for the rest of her life.

A look of panic flashed briefly on Kate’s face. Was Diana unaware of what had happened between
Kayla and Julian? Was that why she asked the question?

Did Diana not come to the Winnington residence to give Kayla a hard time?

However, she ended up slapping Diana…

Kate didn’t know why she could never keep her emotions in check when Diana was standing before
her. Recalling the scenes during the welcoming party made Kate’s hands tremble slightly. She looked

at Diana’s face, one that reminded her of her husband. Suddenly, her heart went out to Diana.

In reality…

Diana was her biological daughter. Kate understood that.

Unexpectedly, Kate blurted out, “If only you hadn’t gone missing when you were three…”

Diana’s tears instantly trickled down her cheeks.

This was the first time she felt genuine kindness and sympathy from her biological mother.

Seeing Kate like this made her feel a little embarrassed. She picked up a glass of water and pretended
to drink from it to conceal her turbulent emotions. However, before her lips even touched the glass,
Kate shouted at her. “Don’t touch that glass! It belongs to Kayla!”

Kate ignored Diana’s stunned stance and quickly snatched the glass away from Diana, as if it was her
prized treasure. Kate then asked a servant to give Diana a paper cup instead. “I made this back when I
took her to a pottery class, and she was still a child. She adores it. She normally doesn’t let anyone use
it. You don’t come here often anyway. Just use a single–use paper cup.”

Kate realized she had said something wrong again when she saw the look on Diana’s face.

Kate knew this would happen!

Whenever Diana showed up, her peace would be disrupted, and she would behave as if she was a
criminal. Kate suddenly became upset again. “Tell me, how much money do you want from me?”

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