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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Suffice to say, Kate was ashamed of Diana.

Diana was also the reason why other rich housewives criticized Kate for not being a good mother and
not deserving her seat among them. In fact, someone even pointed out that only a woman from a small
town like Kayla would pass on hillbilly–like genes to her daughter, which happened to be Diana.

People only stopped saying such things after Diana married into the Fulcher family. However, this was
only the case when Diana didn’t show up in Kate’s life.

All things considered, Kate wouldn’t possibly be welcoming of Diana.


Thanks to Diana, Kate was humiliated by Julian a few days ago.

If it wasn’t for Kayla, whose heart went out to Kate, who cried and begged Julian not to hurt Diana, she
might’ve been beaten up and end up with swollen cheeks!

The thought of Kayla brought a certain gentleness to Kate’s eyes. She no longer sounded as annoyed
as she did before. “Why are you here again?”

Even if Diana had expected Kate to behave coldly to her, she still felt hurt by Kate’s dismissive attitude.

Despite that, she put on a brave face. In fact, she even had an imposing manner. “It’s not a big deal.
I’m only here for my alimony.”

Kate’s eyes went wide. “Alimony? Are you out of your mind? Why should we pay you any alimony?”

“You gave

birth to me.” Diana found Kate’s questions to be funny. “When I needed my family the most, you all
lived comfortably at home. Can’t I even ask for alimony as my compensation?”

Surprisingly, Kate didn’t immediately lose her temper. On the contrary, this was the first time she took
the initiative to invite Diana into the Winnington family’s house. “Let’s talk inside.”

There was even a hint of gentleness in her voice.

This was the way Diana imagined her mother would speak to her in the past.

Feeling a little warm in her chest, Diana slowly walked into the house.

However, once the two made it into the living room, Kate didn’t seem to want to reminisce about the
past. Instead, she looked Diana up and down. “You’ve changed a lot over the past three years. You
don’t look like a hillbilly anymore. Even the triple–loop jade earrings you’re wearing cost 150 grand. You
may even seem rich and intimidating to some.”

Diana was a little surprised.

Grandma gave her these earrings. The old lady told Diana it wasn’t a big deal and asked her to keep
the earrings. She didn’t mention that they were worth so much.

The thought of the kind old lady bolstered Diana’s courage to face her so–called biological mother. “It’s
nothing,” Diana said calmly. “I have an entire chest of things like this.”

Grandma said Diana could wear anything she wanted, and that Diana could even ask for more from

This was exactly how a rich family looked like!

Kate was instantly upset, and stopped being polite. “You’ve gotten used to the good life, haven’t you?”

Diana knew Kate wasn’t capable of being kind to her.

Just as she expected, Kate would soon cut to the chase.

“Yeah.” Diana nodded. She didn’t even try to deny it.

deny it. “It’s easy to go from poor to rich, but not the other way round. Don’t you know this better than I

She shot Kayla a sarcastic look.

At that, Kate honestly felt that she and Diana weren’t mother and daughter. Rather, they were

Diana was always able to hurt her ever so easily, and Kate would feel completely humiliated in return.

However, Kayla would never do such a thing to Kate. Kayla would only ever praise her, hug her, and
call her Mommy in an endearing way. Kayla also wouldn’t bring up the painful memories from her past
before marrying into the Winningtons.

Yes, Kayla was her real daughter. Kate was certain.

Thinking that, Kate calmed herself down. “I won’t get into a fight with you,” she said, acting as if she
was the bigger person. “You don’t have to get all worked up either.” She then glanced at Diana with a
smug look. ” Something went wrong between you and Julian, isn’t that right? Does he no longer want

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