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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Diana was still trapped in her disappointment toward Julian, so she never expected that he would
actually sit down to accompany her.

The two of them remained unusually quiet throughout the meal.

Diana didn’t have much of an appetite. All she ate was bread and tofu with some chili oil and vinegar.
She left everything else practically untouched.

Julian asked a maid to take all the food away before finally speaking. “Didn’t you used to like tofu

The Fulcher family didn’t have a habit of eating carbohydrates for breakfast. Back when Diana
suddenly wanted to eat these foods, Julian personally drove for an hour to buy them from a stall

Did he give her a kiss at the time?

Julian only realized there was coriander on his face after arriving at the office. For a long time after that,
people who came over for business talks would bring him the best coriander in town.

Julian couldn’t resist looking at Diana after recalling the past. “You didn’t eat much at Grandmother’s
place a few days ago when she prepared pan–fried pork belly and crab cake for you. Has your taste in
food changed?”

Being pregnant certainly did change Diana’s diet. She now avoided cold, oily food and tended to prefer
sour and spicy food.

She was already being very careful.

It was similar to the case of pregnancy–derived nausea. Even if she felt extremely nauseous, she
would hold it in and behave normally while making her way to the bathroom. She would then turn on
the faucet before vomiting, for fear of having someone notice that something was amiss.

However, Julian was surprisingly perceptive each time.

Alarm bells rang loudly in Diana’s heart. She was afraid Julian might pay even more careful attention.
“I’ve gotten used to your western breakfast after eating it every day for the past three years.”

The room suddenly fell silent after she finished speaking.

Julian shrugged. There were mixed emotions in his eyes. “I thought you were only putting up with me in
the past. In reality, you probably preferred the eastern style of breakfast more.”

That was why Julian tasked the kitchen staff to prepare these food every day ever since their divorce
was brought up. It was his way of trying to make it up to her.

However, the things Diana did yesterday angered him too much. Initially, breakfast was supposed to be
canceled today.

When Noel delivered documents to Julian, he suddenly mentioned L’s store manager dropping by
Fulcher Inc some time ago. Apparently, the manager wanted to see Julian. He even left his number

The receptionist only brought this to Noel’s attention today because an appointment wasn’t made
ahead of time.

This was an insignificant person, and Julian didn’t need to see him at all. However, Noel wasted no
time when he heard that it was related to Diana. He immediately informed Julian about it so that Julian
could decide what to do with the information.

Indeed, Julian called the manager right away.

Only then did he find out that Kayla wanted Diana to apologize to her in person, and that L wanted to
recall a skirt.

The fact that the two of them met up might very well be related to this. It wasn’t what Julian had thought
yesterday. He had assumed that Diana met Kayla only to show Kayla who the boss was, and that
Diana wanted to scold Kayla in person.

Suddenly, Julian felt sorry for the words he uttered the day before.

Unfortunately, he would lose control of his emotions whenever Kayla was involved. This wasn’t
something he could control.

Julian could only do his best to make it up to Diana. Hence, this morning, he kept doing things to show
her his good intentions.

Unluckily for him, he had no clue Diana had stopped liking those foods. In fact, he thought she had
forgotten about the past they shared together. Now that he heard her saying this, he felt his heart
fluttering again.

“I wasn’t putting up with you.” Diana didn’t want to lie about this. “You’re the one who stopped putting
up with me.”

Her remark made Julian very upset. If he didn’t want to make her happy, he would’ve gone to the office
early in the morning. Why would he have stayed here all this time otherwise?

In fact, he stood in the living room and paid attention to any sound of movement from the bedroom, just
so they could share a hot meal together once she came downstairs.

Julian gradually lost his patience. He couldn’t resist making a sarcastic reply. “You seemed awfully
happy when eating with other people. With me, however, you seem to be very picky. Who do you think
has changed, Diana? You, or me?”

They barely talked, yet an argument was already about to start.

“I’m the one who’s changed.” Diana didn’t want to start arguing this early in the morning. “Don’t worry,”
she added while looking at Julian, “I’ll return you the money. You don’t have to keep reminding me with
your presence.‘

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