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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Julian was enraged. “Reminding you with my presence? Do you think I care about fifteen million

“Don’t you?” Diana seemed very calm in comparison. “If you didn’t care, why did you want me to repay

Diana did have plans to return the fifteen million dollars to him, but she thought she would take her time
to do it. She wasn’t expecting Julian to threaten her into paying him back.

“Because!” Julian immediately stopped himself. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and there was an air of
superiority about him. Suddenly, he changed his mind.

“Why should I tell you?”

Diana chuckled. “It doesn’t matter.”

Anyway, the fact he was forcing her to repay him proved he didn’t want the best for her.

He was simply trying to make life difficult for her. She was certain he was merely punishing her on
behalf of the woman who had been pointlessly waiting for her all morning.

“Don’t worry,” Diana said after taking a deep breath. She suppressed her sadness as she spoke. “I
won’t go back on my words. I’ll definitely repay you fifteen million dollars within a month.”

She wanted to spare Julian the trouble of being present and thinking of ways to remind her of the
unhappy incident yesterday.

“Fine!” Julian glared at Noel. “Let’s leave already! We wouldn’t want to slow her down from asking Mr.
Channing for money, would we?”

Only after hearing the sound of a car engine in the front yard did Diana allow her tears to drop.

She couldn’t be happier over the fact that Julian stayed with her for breakfast.

However, everything here was all too familiar. She and Julian shared too many wonderful memories.
She couldn’t help but recall the happy times they used to share in the mornings.

Diana would rather Julian not show up. That way, she would be able to leave without looking back.

After making sure Julian had gone far away, Diana retrieved her phone and gave Nina a call. She told
Nina everything that had taken place this morning.

“That jerk!” Nina yelled, fuming, after hearing what Diana said. “Why does he doubt you so much? He
can’t stop bringing up Oliver in front of you!” Nina had a quick temper, and she was also much more
impulsive than Diana. However, during such times, such outbursts were more comforting to hear than

voices of reason.

At the very least, Diana knew there would always be someone on her side.

“He even asked you to repay his money! Doesn’t he know how much fifteen million means to an
ordinary person?” Nina was furious. “He’s clearly doing it on purpose!”

“Yeah.” Diana nodded in agreement. “I know he just wants to make things tough for me. He wants to
watch me suffer, but I won’t back down easily. Still, there isn’t anyone around me who can give me this

money. I’m thinking of seeing the Winningtons.”

“Wait, you mean the Winnington family?” Nina asked in a shrill voice. She sounded as if she had heard
something extremely horrifying.

“Can’t I do that?” Diana asked curiously. “Apart from the Winningtons, nobody else has this much

The Winnington family should indeed give her the money, but… Kayla was also part of the Winnington

Nina didn’t want Diana and Kayla to meet. Diana was such a detail–oriented person, so she would find

everything after seeing Kayla.

“Diana…” Nina’s voice became soft. “The Winningtons won’t give you a single cent.

“Of course, they won’t do it voluntarily.” Diana chuckled. “But I already have a plan. I’m sure they’ll give
me the money, whether they like it or not.”

The Winningtons certainly owed her this much after all these years.

Nina was still trying to talk Diana out of it. “Don’t be so hasty! Your mother has never been nice to you
whenever you meet each other. Why don’t I try raising the money

for you instead?”

“No, the amount is far too much.” Diana sighed. “Only the Winningtons have this much money.”

“Oliver has that much money!” Nina suddenly thought of someone who could help Diana. “Didn’t you
say Oliver came from a good family? You might be able to…”

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