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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

“Nina!” Diana immediately cut Nina off. “We’ve only just met. I don’t even have his phone number. Do
you, like Julian, think that I’d…”

“No, no.” Nina slapped herself twice to reprimand herself. “Why did I even say that? From the way you
described him, I just think that he’s a decent person. If the opportunity arises, I think we might’ve just
found your baby a new father…”

Nina had always spoken her mind, and she certainly had an imaginative one. Diana wasn’t upset. “I
alone will be enough for my baby. Besides, he’s too good to want to have anything to do with me.”

Oliver helped Diana out yesterday, and she treated him to a meal in return. That was where things
ended for


“Don’t bring this up ever again,” Diana said.

“Alright, alright. Anyway, I’m the baby’s godmother. I’ll definitely shower the baby with affection after it’s
born!” Nina replied.

The two grew excited as soon as they started talking about the baby. In fact, they talked about
everything, from the embryo to the color of the baby’s clothes they would buy. The call only ended
when Nina was instructed to get back to work.

Not long after that, Diana received a notification that forty–five grand had been transferred into her

It was from Nina.

Diana knew Nina would do everything she could to help Diana. For the very same reason, Diana didn’t
want to be selfish and get Nina involved in the mess.

Diana transferred the money back to Nina before sending her a message. “Don’t tell Vans.”

Nina’s eyes went wide when she read the message. “How did you know I was going to ask him for

“Make a guess,” Diana teased.

“Did you

find out?” Nina owned up to it before sending an emoji of a character covering its face. “I’ll tell you all
about it when I get the chance!”

Diana’s smile grew wide. She replied with a ‘hug‘ emoji. “Anytime!”

This episode left Diana in a much better mood instantly.

In fact, she even drank a whole coconut before leaving the house. She also put on some light make–up
as well as a Morandi haze blue overcoat. She seemed noble and delicate.

Kate nearly couldn’t recognize Diana when she showed up in front of the Winnington family’s house.

Was this the same Diana who hailed from the boonies?

Kate couldn’t forget the first day Diana arrived. Back then, Diana had two box braids and wore a faded
white dress. Everything about her screamed of rusticism. Although she seemed like a kind person and
she resembled her mother somewhat in demeanor, she had qualities that strongly suggested she was
a hillbilly.

There were clear traces of experiences she went through in the countryside.

Kate spent so many years to fortify her position in the Winnington family, and she finally became
someone who was recognized in the upper echelons of society. She never expected a hillbilly of a
daughter like Diana would drag her down. With Diana around, Kate would have to start all over again.

Whenever Kate saw Diana or talked about her, people would mock the Winningtons for letting a child in
the family go missing. They would also mock her for not being careful enough.

God only knew how devastated Kate had been in the first year Diana went missing. She nearly wanted
to take her own life to be with her daughter. However, everything changed when Kayla arrived.

Kate focused all her energy on educating Kayla. In fact, she raised Kayla in such a way that Kayla
eventually resembled the Winningtons. Other people said she and Kayla shared a soul connection.
That was why Kayla’s appearance changed; so much that she became like one of the Winningtons
from the inside out.

Kayla lived up to everyone’s expectations. She excelled in whatever she did, and she received various
awards for whatever competitions she took part in. Kate was proud of Kayla, and she also regained her
confidence through Kayla’s achievements.

However, all this newfound peace was disrupted when Diana suddenly showed up.

Thanks to Diana, the superficial peace and grandeur Kate had tried to preserve for the past decade
were now at risk.


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