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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Diana only realized it had rained last night after leaving the bedroom. The weather had clearly become

She felt a little chilly after arriving downstairs. Just as she was about to head up to put on an extra layer
of clothing, Julian handed her a cardigan. “You need to look after yourself even if you have debt to pay.

catch a cold.”

Diana found him acting very oddly. They were arguing intensely just the night before, and yet here he
was, offering her a cardigan.

Despite his act of kindness, his words annoyed her.

“I wouldn’t dare trouble my creditor.” Diana didn’t reach for the cardigan. Instead, she replied in a
nonchalant tone, “I hate black–and–white stripes.

This color reminded her of the skirt that other woman bought before she could, as well as how Julian
liked that woman more than he did her.

Diana didn’t want to make herself sad.

Julian quickly saw through her. “You’re full of grudge! It was only a skirt.”

Of course!

That skirt represented Julian’s unconditional love for that woman!

Diana’s ego was crushed when the humiliating incident occurred.

What right did he have to call her out for holding a grudge?

Feeling even more upset over what he said, Diana’s face turned gloomy. She ignored him.

Julian ordered someone to put the cardigan away. The coldness on his face was evident, as was the
sarcasm in his words. “You sure have changed after finding yourself another influential man. You’re
cocky even when in debt.”

Diana could sense he wasn’t in a good mood, because her own mood had clearly also worsened.

Julian decided she was guilty all because of a meal she had with Oliver, and he wouldn’t stop bringing
it up no matter what. Wasn’t the humiliation she suffered last night enough?

In fact, he didn’t even return to their bedroom last night.

She thought he had gone to the office, but based on the direction he came from in the morning, he’d
probably slept in the guest room.

Diana’s long lashes hung low, covering the look of disappointment that flashed briefly in her eyes. She
didn’t even look at Julian, and pretended nothing had happened as she headed to the kitchen. “Why
isn’t there food on the table?”

The maids immediately explained, “We wanted to call you for breakfast earlier, but Mr. Fulcher said to
let you rest a while longer. That’s why we haven’t brought the food outside.”

“Stop joking around.” Diana chuckled. “Julian couldn’t possibly have said something like that.”

The maids in the kitchen only wanted to cheer her up. Diana reminded herself that she ought to know


The maids seemed as if they wanted to say something, but they saw Julian fidgeting by the door and
decided to keep their mouths shut. They started bringing food out of the kitchen.

Diana watched them work while scanning the dishes one at a time.

She could see tofu pudding kept warm in a pot over a small flame. There was garlic, sesame oil,
coriander, chili oil, and sesame seeds. Other staple food included fritters, buns, and dumplings.

The variety and taste of these food items were probably far superior to those sold by some stalls out

However, none of these could compare to the bread and sandwiches handmade by Julian.

In the past, he frequently cut bread into heart–shaped slices before carrying them over to her. He would
then give her a loving kiss.

Now, it was different…

Diana shook her head to stop herself from over–thinking. She slowly made her way to the dining table

sat down.

Julian also sat at the table. He kept staring at her, as if he had something to say.

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