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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

If Diana asked Oliver for help, raising fifteen million within a month would be a very simple task.

She was dismayed by Julian’s new condition. “You can’t return one hundred million all at once. I get to
decide how the repayment is done,” Julian said firmly.

Since Diana was the one who borrowed the money, she had no choice but to cooperate as best she
could. ” How do you want it to be repaid?”

“You can only transfer 570 dollars in each transaction. You can do this an infinite number of times as
long as you repay the full amount within one month,” he replied.

Diana shivered at the thought of the number of transactions she needed to make. That meant she had
even less time to raise the money. Suddenly, it became an even more urgent matter.

Diana couldn’t take it anymore. “Julian!” she screamed.

“If you can’t do it, don’t get a divorce,” Julian said. It was Diana’s own choice to be with Oliver, the man
Julian felt most annoyed with.

Diana sighed at this.

She truly wanted to get a divorce.

She was forced to do so in the beginning, and she felt unwilling to agree for some time. Now, she was
the one who wanted to leave.

Diana was tired of the push and pull between her and Julian. It felt torturous to her.

The beautiful moments they had together would always remain. Without the wonderful past the two
shared, her life wouldn’t have been as sweet as it was now.

Life before marrying Julian was much too harsh.

“Alright. I accept the condition,” Diana said.

As long as she could get a divorce and salvage the three pure, wonderful years they had together, she
was willing to do anything.

After Diana returned to her room, Noel, unable to contain himself any longer, finally stepped forward.
“Sir… Wasn’t 570 dollars the amount Madam Diana spent on treating Oliver to a meal?”

Was Julian only treating Diana like this because she resembled Kayla?

Noel’s words triggered Julian immediately. “What’s the matter? Do you think I’ve gone too far by

life difficult for Oliver’s woman?”

Noel remained silent.

“Don’t you know that I’ve always found him annoying?” Julian felt increasingly agitated. “All your
bonuses for the year will be canceled!”


eyes snapped wide open in shock. He immediately made a zipping motion in front of his lips.

Only then did Julian feel better. “Keep an eye on her. If she dares to give me dirty money from
Channing Inc.,

I won’t hesitate to send them a gift of my own.”

Noel kept quiet.


The next day, the first thing Diana did after waking up was to switch on her fully–charged phone.

To her surprise, there were multiple missed calls from Julian. The calls were made after she had left the
police station yesterday.

She switched on her phone once while she was resting. However, she was urgently making
transactions at the time and didn’t leave her phone switched on for long. Hence, over forty of those
missed calls didn’t appear as notifications until now.

After an entire night of feeling cold in her heart, she suddenly felt a tinge of warmth in her chest.

Julian had made so many calls to her. Did he, at some point, actually worry about her?

Besides, he went out with many bodyguards yesterday. He usually liked going out on his own, so that
was very out of character for him.

Even so, he treated her terribly whenever he saw her….

Diana Winnington!

She gave herself a stern warning and pointed at her own reflection in the mirror. Stop imagining things!

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