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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Julian looked Diana up and down. A hint of displeasure colored his eyes. “Did you change your

“Yes, I’ve had dinner too.” Diana would not treat herself and the baby poorly.

The current Diana was as stubborn as the Diana who went to Winnington Mansion to reconnect with
her family three years ago. Unlike that time, she had learnt to admit defeat with grace.

This was because she had a baby that she wanted to protect.

On the contrary, Julian was still a little overwhelmed by the change in her. Facing a Diana he was
unused to,

he was at a loss.

She was different from before, he couldn’t exactly pinpoint what had changed.

This uncertainty made him feel unusually restless.

When Diana saw that he was silent for a long time, she asked, “Where’s the divorce agreement?”

Since they could no longer find any excitement and beauty in their marriage, as it had been in the
beginning, she wouldn’t continue seeking such things anymore.

Otherwise, she and Julian would certainly be no better than derailed wheels that slide out all the way
and become even more unrecognizable.

As of right now, there were already signs of it.

She became even more determined when she recalled his indifference today. “After we sign the
papers, we’ll have a copy of the divorce agreement. Then, you can go to that woman.”

All Diana needed was the baby in her womb.

This was her last attachment to him. She was reluctant to lose this little life.

“Didn’t you hear me asking you to walk back?” Julian didn’t move, and he didn’t intend to move at all.
He simply snorted coldly and said, “You haven’t even made amends for your vicious words this
morning, yet you still dare to ask me for the divorce agreement so you can go and enjoy your time with

Diana’s body shook. Only then did she finally realize that the reason Julian asked her to walk back
wasn’t because he misunderstood her and Oliver, but because he was punishing her for that woman’s

All this because Diana made that woman wait all morning and didn’t show up for the appointment.

wanted to wear her out for the sake of that woman!

All of this was incredibly ironic. Diana smiled sarcastically and clenched her fists until they turned
purple. She’s the one you really care about.”

“The same goes for you,” Julian sneered, his tone hateful. “You treat Oliver the same way.”

Her relationship with Oliver wasn’t even real! There was nothing between them.

He wouldn’t have had such outrageous thoughts if he had trusted her for even a second!

Yet, he didn’t.

The thought was a huge blow to Diana, so much that she was almost unable to stand upright. “What do
you want then?”

“Repay the one hundred million dollars within a month.” Julian paused to think, and then glared at her
in disdain, as if he was looking at garbage. “In the beginning, you said you spent one hundred million
dollars to buy L Boutique because you were unhappy about the dress. Since you were also unfaithful in
our marriage, what right do you have to take revenge or be dissatisfied?”

Diana stared at him in disbelief. “I already told you that I won’t have anything to do with L Boutique
anymore after half a month. That boutique will belong to you.”

“I have everything that I want. Do you think I’d care about that damn boutique? What I want is for you to
repay the money!” Julian said coldly. He wanted nothing more than to humiliate her and put her down.
“I’ll give you one month to get the money. Will that be enough?”

After pausing for a moment, he snarled, “If it’s not enough, you can go to Oliver. I’m sure he has it.”

Oliver was her benefactor who had helped her out when she was in the subway, when she was at her
most vulnerable. As such, Diana really didn’t want to hear Julian slander Oliver over and over again.

However, she couldn’t raise that much money within such a short period of time…

But the current situation did not allow her to admit defeat so she could only respond, “Fine, I’ll pay you


“Mm.” Julian appeared satisfied. “Our marriage will automatically be dissolved after you repay the
money.” Having said that, he glanced at her and asked, “Why don’t you hurry and ask Oliver to help
you solve this problem?”

“Or perhaps he’s not willing to spend one hundred million dollars for you?”

Diana had never seen this ruthless side of him before.

She didn’t want all the good memories between them to be wiped out, so she held back and stopped
herself from saying any more unpleasant words. She simply looked at him with a gaze full of
disappointment, saying, “Okay, I’ll pay you back within a month.”

Julian did not believe her at all, for he knew her financial situation well.

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