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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Diana looked at his scarlet eyes, and then covered her mouth and laughed. At the same time, she hid
the tears in her eyes. She no longer felt the sadness that she forcefully held back in her heart. “You can
either continue to rebuke me and say that I’m shameless, or rebuke me for having an evil heart. We
can have a clean break up the moment you take out the divorce agreement that I’ve signed.”

She was determined.

Her eyes no longer carried any traces of heartache as they did before.

Panic flashed across Julian’s eyes. He felt as if there was suddenly a thick wall between him and
Diana. The woman who used to always be within his reach was suddenly untouchable.

By coincidence, he grabbed her hand. He yelled, “Are you trying to provoke me so you can stay with
Oliver since everything is completely exposed?”

In her dreams!

Julian was seething. Everything was in disarray, and he could only shout angrily.

In fact, he understood that it would be best for them to divorce amicably now.


This way, Kayla would be happy. He could also use this opportunity to beat the Channing family down
so they can spit out the land they just swallowed!

Yet, he never did so.

He didn’t even have the courage to investigate when and how Diana and Oliver met.

He couldn’t accept that a woman with the same face as Kayla betrayed him. He couldn’t!

“Noel!” Julian asked Noel to stop the car. “Unlock the door and kick her out!”

He didn’t want to continue looking at her face, or talk about her promiscuity with another man.

Noel was quite distraught. “But this is…”

They were still seventeen kilometers away from the villa.

The soles of one’s shoes would be worn out from walking to the villa from here.

With Diana’s physique, how could she bear it?

“It’s okay.” When Diana saw Noel’s embarrassment, she took the initiative to get out of the car. “It so
happens I don’t want to ride in the same car with him either.”

The car door wasn’t closed tightly, so Julian pulled the car door and slammed it hard.


The black Rolls–Royce sped away.

Diana’s thin figure looked extremely helpless as the car left her behind.

Gradually, her figure disappeared.

Noel followed Julian’s line of sight and saw that Julian was still staring into the rearview mirror. After
thinking about it, he said, “Sir, Madam doesn’t look like the kind of person who’d cheat on you. Do you
want me to ask someone to investigate this matter?”

“No need.” Julian frowned. “She admitted it herself, so there’s nothing to investigate. As long as she
doesn’t do anything to disgust me, especially with a face similar to Kayla, that’s enough. I don’t really
care about. her.”

Perhaps it wasn’t because of their similar appearance.

Noel wanted to say this to Julian, but he didn’t dare to speak again after seeing Julian’s expression.

Diana only returned to the villa in the evening.

She thought about taking a taxi, but her cell phone ran out of battery again after she made the payment
at the restaurant. She had no way to pay for a taxi, and was only able to borrow a phone to contact
Nina after she reached a stall by the side of the road.

After listening to Diana’s encounter today, Nina was furious and almost drove the car into the villa. She
said that she wanted to run over Julian for being such a blind and heartless man!

However, Diana stopped Nina. “I know you’re doing this for my own good.”

She sighed. “But I get to eat and drink after you picked me up, and you even listened to me vent. I
already feel much better now. There’s no need for you to get involved.”

Julian wasn’t someone that could be easily provoked. If Nina acted impulsively, she might end up in big


“You should go back first.” Diana placed her hand on her belly. “I have my baby with me, so you can
rest assured I won’t do anything stupid.”

Nina knew Diana wasn’t lying. Since she had a baby, she had become a different person. She was
changing herself to protect her baby.

Nina waved her fist at Diana. “You have to protect the baby well! I’m going to demand an explanation
from you if anything happens to my godchild!”

Diana nodded repeatedly and waited for Nina’s car to go away before turning around to enter the

Julian stood at the entrance of the living room, looking around. It was only when he saw Diana that the
worry and anxiety on his face gradually dissipated. “You…”

“It would’ve been too long and tiring for me to walk. I asked Nina to send me back.” Diana raised her
head and interrupted him before he could continue. Her heart became even colder as she looked at his
expressionless face.

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