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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

It had been going on for so long. Not only did he not say a word of concern for her, but he kept

misunderstanding her. The more he spoke, the worse things became.

For the first time in her life, she finally knew how despicable she was in his heart.

Diana’s face gradually turned cold. She went along with his words and said, “I don’t care what his
status is as long as he’s better than you.”

“You!” Julian clenched his teeth tightly. “Shameless!”

“I’m shameless?!” Diana didn’t give in at all. She had had enough.

She had had enough of her own expectations for Julian popping up every now and then.

She was tired of his hot and cold treatment toward her.

She had had enough of his ridiculous eccentricity.

She was even more fed up with his lack of clarity.

She looked at him stubbornly and spat, “Who the hell is that woman? Will I have the opportunity to see
her again in the future since I missed this chance to meet her this time?”

“Meet her?!”

Why would Diana have to meet Kayla?

Would anything good happen after she met Kayla?

No! It would only make Diana even more miserable!

Julian panicked for no reason. In the heat of the moment, he glared at Diana fiercely and spat, “Are you
going to persist with your evil intentions?”

He was really protective of that woman.

He was afraid she would do something to that woman, so he was constantly protecting her with all his


The surrounding air seemed to grow thinner in an instant. Diana clenched her palms tightly and
avoided his gaze. “Since you know my man’s name, isn’t it too much that I don’t know your woman’s

Her man…

Her man?!

Never in his life had Julian expected to hear such disgusting words from Diana.

“You disguised it really well. We’ve been living together for three years, but I didn’t realize that you’ve
long lost your feelings for me.”

He had been so blinded by Diana’s appearance!

He smiled coldly, and distanced himself from Diana calmly as she was something filthy. He also took off
his suit jacket and covered her face.

“Don’t talk to me with that face!”

He tried to control his anger as he growled, “I’ll feel as if you’re insulting her if I hear you say her name,
so you have no right to know!”

Diana, who was covered by his suit jacket, could only see darkness. However, the darker it was, the

his voice became.

The words that came out of his mouth when he defended that woman were akin to razor blades that
struck her hard, leaving her with thousands of wounds.

It was painful.

It hurt so much.

Loving Julian hurt her deeply.

The subway she happened to be in today was in an underground tunnel. There, someone molested
her, and it was very dark at the time.

She couldn’t see anything.

She simply grabbed the man’s hand instinctively, only to be met with a pair of fierce and threatening

If it weren’t for Oliver, this incident would’ve cast a psychological shadow on her for the rest of her life.
She might have even suffered a miscarriage from sheer fright.

But where was Julian, her husband and the father of the baby, at the time?

He was anxiously taking care of another woman.

Diana clenched her fists tightly, took the suit jacket off her face. She trembled, and smiled miserably.
“You’re right. She’s so noble and distinguished, so how can I deserve to know her name? I chose not to
go for the appointment so that she’d wait like a fool and suffer. I feel really happy knowing how
miserable she is while I’m with Oliver.”

She continued speaking even more fluently and eloquently as Julian stared at her in complete disbelief.
“I didn’t expect you to see through my vicious intentions so quickly. Otherwise, I’d have gone over and
given her a slap in the afternoon to show off my prestige as Mrs. Fulcher!”

At that moment, fury colored Julian’s eyes.

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