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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

She reprimanded him for the sake of another man?

How brazen of her!

However, Diana couldn’t care less about this little episode. Instead, she simply walked to the cashier
and scanned the QR code. “I’ll be paying the bill.”

The receptionist glanced at Oliver and only started calculating the bill after seeing him nod.

Julian stepped forward at this moment. “I’ll never let a woman pay the bill. Use my card.”

The implication behind his words was obvious: this meant that Oliver was stingy.

His actions ended up displeasing Diana. She was buying Oliver this meal to express her gratitude for
him, so of course she had to foot the bill personally. “No need.” She took Julian’s card and put it back in
his wallet. ” I’ll pay the bill myself.”

Having said that, the machine on the cashier showed that the payment had been made successfully.

Three thousand eight hundred and forty–two dollars.

Julian glanced at Diana in disbelief when he saw the numbers. She had always been frugal and would
always be distressed whenever they spent a lot of money for meals. Yet today, she actually spent
thousands of dollars for Oliver!

Julian’s face contorted with fury.

Diana didn’t want Julian to upset Oliver, so she didn’t think much of it. After paying the bill, she
hurriedly pulled Julian away while nodding apologetically at Oliver. She then got in the car.

Oliver also kept looking at her with a smile.

“That’s enough!” Julian dragged her head away, rolled up the car window, and had the bodyguards‘
cars follow them one by one to block Diana from Oliver’s sight completely.

Julian glanced at her. “When did you start being on such good terms with him?”

Diana’s eyes widened. “Are you talking to me?”

Julian nodded. “Who else could I be talking to? Is there a third person in this car?!”

The actual third person, Noel, kept silent.

He could forgo being a human being temporarily for Julian’s sake.

Diana was dumbfounded. “Julian. You might be a bastard, but don’t mistake others as one like you.”

Oliver was such a good person, so Diana couldn’t accept Julian’s unreasonable accusations.

“Diana!” This was the first time she had rebuked him so boldly in his face!

Julian was so furious, he could breathe fire from his nose. He pushed her against the back seat
roughly. There was a dangerous look in his eyes as he hissed, “Are you defending Oliver?”

“Yes!” Diana wasn’t going to let herself be outdone. She didn’t show any weakness and bit Julian’s arm

fiercely. “I won’t let a bastard like you insult him!”

Julian was in pain, and shock flashed across his


Forget scolding him, did she just bite him for Oliver?!


“Did you agree to the divorce because you want to elope with Oliver? Have you been waiting for me to
propose a divorce for a long time?”

In order to fulfill his wish for a divorce, her constantly enduring heart was thoroughly trampled on.
Diana’s eyes quickly reddened as she snarled, “Do you think everyone’s as shameless as you are?!”
She regretted not biting a little harder!

She should’ve bitten him to death! She should let him know that it hurts, too!

Julian suddenly looked as if he had been drained out of energy. He lowered his head and looked at the
bite mark on his arm. His expression darkened.

Diana bit him for another man.

She didn’t even see the wound on his hand. She wasn’t like this before, but now, she dared to eat with
Oliver out in the open. She even pretended to be considerate last night, saying she would help him to
call Kayla over

so that he could relieve himself.

It turned out she was already in love with someone else, and wanted to find another way out.

“You really understand things,” he suddenly said.

Diana was startled. “What do you


The corners of Julian’s mouth curled up slightly into a mocking smile. “The Channing family recently
expanded its territory and became the second largest business plutocrat after the Fulcher family. Did
you catch wind of this? Isn’t that the reason you dared to show off your relationship with him in front of

Diana was completely stunned.

Firstly, she really didn’t expect Oliver to come from such a prominent background. Secondly, Julian’s
accusation had rendered her completely speechless.

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