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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Diana sneezed several times in a row. She felt inexplicably uneasy, and even went to the washroom to
check if there was any redness on her panties.

She only came out of the toilet after confirming that everything was fine. “You’ve waited a long time.”

Oliver handed her some tissues. “Not at all. I’m almost done eating too.”

He was always so gentle and considerate in their interactions. He never made her feel uncomfortable
at all.

Diana smiled in reply and wiped her hands dry. She took out her cell phone and pressed the power
button to turn it back on. She was just about to tell Oliver that she was going to pay the bill, but a
commotion from the yard grabbed her attention before she could turn around.

For some reason, the yard was suddenly full of bodyguards!

Moreover, these bodyguards also looked somewhat familiar…

Diana fell into a daze, but then a familiar voice rang in her ears. “Diana!”

The man who called her name was clenching his teeth, and filled with resentment.

She turned her head in shock. “Julian?”

He was causing such a big scene. Had he found out what happened to her on the subway and came
here to console her?

Diana couldn’t be blamed for thinking too much, asJulian rarely went out with bodyguards.

However, the cold expression on Julian’s face brought her back to reality.

They had argued

over the phone not long ago, so how could he be here to help her out?

Diana shook her head as she tried to dispel her thoughts, but Julian grabbed her wrist and demanded,
“Why didn’t you answer your phone when I called you so many times?!”

His eyes were red, and he looked like he was going to eat someone whole.

Diana subconsciously explained, “My cell phone ran out of battery earlier, so I turned it off…”

“Turned it off?” Julian held up the cell phone in her hand. It had been turned on for less than a second.
His eyes grew colder and he snarled derisively, “Looks like your ability to lie without even blinking is
really getting better and better.”

She had just turned her cell phone on. Of course it wouldn’t be off right now!

But looking at his current behavior, it was clear he was venting his anger on her for daring to ask that

woman to meet her!

As this thought crossed her mind, Diana lost the motivation to explain herself to him.

However, Julian’s gaze had already fallen on Oliver. The disdain in his eyes grew ever more. It was an
expression of contempt that he had never shown to Diana before, and was a provocation to establish

absolute control.

“Oliver. I haven’t seen you for so long, but it seems that you’ve taken a liking to kidnapping people.”

Oliver was stunned for a moment, but quickly reacted with a polite gesture. “Mr. Fulcher.”

He was still courteous, but was neither humble nor overbearing. He wasn’t intimidated by Julian in the
slightest, and showed no timidity as he said, “I’m simply having a casual meal with Miss Winnington.
There’s no need for you to be so apprehensive.”

Fortunately, he wasn’t offended. Diana instantly heaved a sigh of relief, and shot Oliver an
embarrassed look.

Julian caught all of Diana’s movements. Fury raged within him.

This stupid woman!

She actually dared to flirt with another man right in front of him!

“Go home!”

Yet, Diana didn’t obey his words and simply walked up to Oliver to apologize.

Oliver smiled and comforted her, saying, “Julian and I are old friends. I know his personality very well,
and I won’t get angry. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Julian immediately snarled, “I can’t afford to be friends with you, Mr. Channing.”

Diana instantly understood that there might have been a feud between the two in the past, and it wasn’t
a small one. No matter how one looked at it, though, the mess right now was a hundred percent
Julian’s fault.

After all, a warm and bright person like Oliver definitely wouldn’t strike first.

Diana glared at Julian. “Shut up,

Julian went speechless.

up, Julian!”

Did… Did this woman just reprimand him?!

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