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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

It was only when she saw the familiar blue police uniforms around her that she realized that she was in
a police station at the moment. She finally felt a little relieved.

Oliver somewhat regretted patting her from the back, but she was on the phone at the time. He had
only patted her lightly when she did not respond after he called her a few times.

He didn’t expect her to have such an exaggerated reaction.

“I’m sorry.” He quickly distanced himself from Diana in a very gentlemanly manner before handing her
the police return statement. “Everything’s all been taken care of, and that molester has already been
locked up. Please don’t be afraid.”

This was the third burst of warmth Diana felt after going through the unpleasant experience of being


The first was this man coming forward.

The second was the milk tea he bought her.

The third was what he said just now: that she didn’t have to be afraid anymore.

As it turned out, someone could see through her facade of strength and actually noticed that she
needed comfort.

There were people other than Julian who cared about her.

Such pure kindness made Diana, who had just argued with Julian, feel warm inside.

“Diana! Who are you talking to?!” Julian shouted into the phone several times, though he didn’t get a
response. He instantly stood up from the chair, his eyes burning with a killing intent.

But Diana didn’t pay attention to her phone. In fact, she was busy signing the receipt for confirmation.
When she saw the man’s name, she read it out softly. “Oliver Channing, is it? Can I buy you a meal?”

She didn’t like to owe favors. Plus, she wanted to express her gratitude as he had helped her so much

Diana believed that Oliver was largely responsible for how quickly the molester was apprehended and
imprisoned. Much of the credit lies in Oliver’s actions.

Oliver smiled gently. “Okay, but I’d like to choose the place.”

Diana instantly relaxed and became less restrained. “That’s fine with me.

Diana couldn’t take the charger from the police station, so she switched off her phone to ensure it
wouldn’t run out of battery. It would be more convenient for her to pay for the meal with her phone later.

As for Julian, she felt that there was nothing more to be said between them. After her meal with Oliver
Channing, she would return to the villa and sign the divorce agreement. By then, she would have
nothing to do with Julian anymore.

So, there was no need for her to spend time talking to Julian about all the humiliation and grievances
she had suffered this morning. She didn’t need to tell him about her treating Oliver for a meal, too.

She wouldn’t be making a fool out of herself anymore, and she wouldn’t go out of her way to witness
how little Julian cared about her.

Worse, she was still fantasizing about being together with him again earlier this morning.

Diana kept her head lowered all the way, not paying attention to Oliver’s movements. It was only when
she reached the entrance of the restaurant that she remembered something. After she finished drinking
the milk tea, Oliver had taken the cup away from her and threw it into the trash can.

Oliver never spoke, but would always let her walk on the inner side of the road to prevent others from
bumping into her. He constantly maintained his distance from her, worried that he would scare her

“Thank you.” Diana thanked him sincerely; grateful for his help and his gentle concern.

Oliver waved his hand. His eyes were warm and pleasant, and his voice was as calm as ever as he
pointed to the restaurant and said, “You’re welcome. Let’s go in first, shall we?”

“Take A Breather.” Diana turned her head and looked at the name of the restaurant. “That’s a very chic


Oliver smiled, but did not say anything. He simply nodded in silent agreement.

Diana had gotten used to his reticence, so she too didn’t say anything. Instead, she focused on
observing her surroundings.

She thought she had experienced a lot in the past three years of being with Julian. Today, however, she
was amazed to see this small restaurant tucked away in Richburgh’s alley.

The restaurant was small in size, but it was simply exquisite. The two enamel vases at the entrance
were especially eye–catching. Diana had only seen such fine patterns at exclusive auctions, yet the
restaurant was using them as decorations.

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