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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Further in the restaurant, its elegance stood out even more. There were several kinds of goldfish in the
pool, which was decorated with abundant rockery pearls. At a glance, everything seemed to be alive.

restaurant’s interior was full of vitality.

Diana could see that all these were expensive. A meal here certainly wouldn’t be cheap.

She had just spent a hundred million dollars, and she would have to raise her baby alone after the
divorce. It was time for her to save money. Thinking of how much the meal here could cost, her heart
ached slightly.

Still, it was worth spending money to thank her benefactor.

Diana roughly calculated the balance in her cell phone. She went to sit in the private room with Oliver
and said boldly, “Look at the menu and order whatever you want.”

After the forty–third call indicated that Diana’s cell phone was turned off, Julian’s face had grown


Noel could feel the low pressure in the room. He hurriedly whispered to Julian, reminding him, “Sir,
Miss Kayla is still talking to her mother inside…”

Noel’s intention was to remind Julian not to cause any unpleasantness in Winnington Mansion, like he

done the last time.

However, it was useless. Julian had a gloomy expression in his eyes as he muttered angrily, “Diana
has always felt that the Winnington family doesn’t accept her. Is that really the truth?! It’s obvious that
she spends her time with men rather than her family!”

A man’s voice had come out of Diana’s cell phone just now, and Noel also heard it clearly. After hearing
Julian’s angry words, Noel dared not speak again.

“Not only is Diana unfaithful, but she also deliberately made Kayla wait in the café like a fool. She’s full
of malice!” Julian pounded his fist on the wall, and a few lines of blood appeared on his fingers. Yet he
acted as if nothing had happened, and his sullen face was frightening to look at.

The startled Noel could only turn around secretly and call Kayla out, hoping that her appearance would
somehow bring some comfort to Julian.

“Julian, your hand’s hurt!” After coming out of the room, Kayla saw Julian’s wound and hurried to

his hand.

Julian recalled the time he took care of Diana when she bumped into the sofa. He shouldn’t have cared



His tone was terrifying, and Kayla stood still in place. She didn’t dare to speak up for a long time.

“Something bad happened in the company.” Noel felt that the situation was awkward, so he hurried
forward to explain. “It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have dragged you out. Sir Julian is very angry at the

The expression on Kayla’s face softened slightly. “I thought that I had upset Julian, and he was
scolding me

because of that…”

“How could that be?” The person Julian was scolding was Diana. Noel then added awkwardly, “He
cannot bear to scold you.”

Kayla nodded shyly. She was still trying to pull Julian’s hand to help him to bandage the wound on it,
but Julian pulled away. “No need.”

He was still trying his best to restrain himself from thinking about Diana being with another man. “Noel,
prepare the car.”

Noel understood immediately. “Miss Winnington, we’ll go back to the company first.‘

Kayla didn’t doubt Noel’s words. She was also worried about Fulcher Inc.’s assets, so she was
naturally more nervous than Noel. “Pay attention to safety when you’re on the road. Remember to
bandage Julian’s wound for him when you get to the company.”

“Don’t worry, Kayla.” Julian was the one who said this.

This could be regarded as Julian agreeing with Noel lying to Kayla. Noel heaved a sigh of relief. At the
same time, he gave Julian a strange look.

In fact, didn’t the whole thing feel as if Julian cared more about Diana than Kayla?

Even so, Noel was always unable to guess Julian’s thoughts. After all, Julian had been dreadfully
worried about Kayla earlier in the morning.

This mess was so much more confusing than work problems. Noel didn’t want to think about it anymore
and quickly brought the car over.

After getting into the backseat, Julian’s face was completely deprived of the earlier tenderness he
showed to Kayla. He looked like a king who reigned over the entire world. He exuded a powerful aura,
and looked as if he couldn’t wait to crush everything with his hands.

“Find out Diana’s location immediately! We have to find her, even if we have to go six feet under!”

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