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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 23

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 23

Diana didn’t know where he found a change of clothes, but his T–shirt that had gotten dirty from the
struggle earlier was gone.

Diana stared at him a few more times. He was not only handsome and had an appearance that
wouldn’t lose to Julian, but he also had a warm and pleasant personality that made people feel at ease.

“This is for you.” He put the bag in Diana’s hand. “It’s milk tea. You’ll feel better if you have something
sweet after experiencing a shock.”

Diana’s heart instantly grew warm. She said pleasantly, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” The man’s smile was as warm as the sun. He motioned for Diana to sit down first,
then helped her to negotiate with the police officer. There was a 180–degree change in the police
officer’s attitude. He even asked someone to bring Diana a phone charger.

As soon as her cell phone was turned on, she saw several missed calls from Julian popping up in

He must’ve been very anxious when he found that she was missing when he woke up!

It was a good feeling to be cared for.

A smile appeared on Diana’s face. She recalled the burst of sweetness she felt last night. She looked
for Julian’s number, about to return his call when he called first. “Where are you?”

His voice was cold, and anyone could feel the chill over the phone.

He had never spoken to Diana in this manner before.

Diana took a deep breath. The joy in her heart had disappeared instantly. The grievances entrenched
in her heart that she wanted to express gradually turned into tears that she held back.

Gradually, she calmed down. “Did you find out that I was going to meet that woman?”

Julian didn’t expect her to be so straightforward and honest. His tone grew harsher as he said firmly, “I

won’t let her meet you.”

Diana understood the meaning behind his words. “Are you afraid that I’ll hurt her?”

Julian’s tone was sarcastic and cold as he said, “You know what you want to do to her, Diana.”

Kayla didn’t even eat breakfast and rushed directly to the cafe because Diana wanted them to meet as
soon as


She had just recovered from stomach cancer not long ago. She couldn’t bear the hunger all morning.

When Julian arrived, Kayla was already curled up on the table. Her face was pale.

He blamed Kayla for waiting so foolishly and for speaking up for Diana. Kayla insisted that Diana
must’ve been delayed by something and didn’t mean to keep her waiting on purpose. She also said
that she was at fault, and that shouldn’t have stolen him from her sister.

But what did Kayla mean by ‘steal‘?

He belonged to her in the first place.

On the contrary, Diana was the one who came into the picture much later.

“Don’t call others a mistress so casually in the future.” Julian had a headache as he thought of this, and
he pinched the middle of his brows. He didn’t want Kayla to be sad when she heard this, and he didn’t
want Diana to use such an unpleasant word to describe Kayla.

When Diana saw that Julian was defending that woman so much, tears of anger filled her eyes. She
yelled, ” Julian Fulcher, you’re really a bully!”

Three whole hours!

Three hours had passed since Julian got in touch with her after she left the old mansion, but he didn’t
even say a word of concern for her when he spoke up.

Last night, he was only using her as a tool.

Julian felt something wasn’t right with Diana’s voice. When he thought of how it might be related to her
supposed meeting with Kayla, he immediately became firm. “You’re also really good at bullying

Mr. Carter was right. How could a girl who grew up alone in the impoverished countryside and stirred
up so much trouble in the Winnington family when she came to Richburgh to look for her family, be a
simple person?

He was the one who was confused about the similarities between Diana and Kayla’s appearances. In
the future, he wouldn’t be confused anymore.

He couldn’t say he wouldn’t let Kayla suffer any grievances again in the future but let her suffer from his
actions. He couldn’t let Kayla be looked down upon because of this marriage.

Julian thought for a while and said, “You don’t have a fever now, and your body has fully recovered. Go
to the villa as soon as possible and we’ll finalize our divorce.”

He had agreed to all Diana’s conditions.

Their marriage would be completely dissolved the moment they signed the divorce agreement.


Diana stroked her messy hair. She had given up on him completely, especially upon recalling the
misery she had suffered this morning and Julian’s current attitude.

“But I still want to ask you this: what is that woman’s name?”

Diana wasn’t able to meet that woman because of an unexpected delay, and also because Julian was

protecting that woman at every turn. He was wary of Diana, so Diana also knew it was unlikely that she
could ask that woman out to meet her again.

Even so, Diana still wanted to confirm the identity of that woman who kept asking Julian to accompany

home to visit her mother.

“Diana, are you really that obsessed? Why are you asking for her name…”

Diana didn’t hear the latter part of his sentence.

Her whole body went stiff, and goosebumps spread all over her body again-

Someone had just patted her from the back, and it felt like a man.

The fear and embarrassment of being tailed and molested by someone on the subway instantly flooded
Diana’s mind. She was so frightened, her cell phone instantly slipped from her fingers and fell to her

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