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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Was it the confidence Julian gave this woman, or did she no longer regard Diana as Julian’s wife
because she already knew they were going to divorce?

This phone call early in the morning was like a big slap to Diana’s face.

Diana also understood that Julian might be the first to refuse if she wanted to erase what had
happened and reconcile with Julian.

This woman…

It seemed she had grasped Julian’s heart firmly.

This was why she was so arrogant.

Diana couldn’t wait to meet the woman and see if she was the same as Diana used to be, and was
pampered lawlessly by Julian.

Diana felt a pain in her heart when she thought of the past, as if there were teeth gnawing at her heart.

She only calmed down after her palms turned pale. Then, she said, “My husband is still sleeping and
he hasn’t woken up yet. Who are you? Why are you asking my husband to accompany you to go

Kayla, who was on the other end of the line, trembled with anger when she heard Diana’s powerful

Diana was saying that Julian hadn’t woken up yet. Did that mean they slept together last night?!

And… Did Diana just question who she was?

Who was she?

She was Kayla!

She was Diana’s younger sister!

Kayla’s anger dissipated, and she started to panic when she thought of their relationship.

Ever since she was a child, Kayla had been scheming against Diana both openly and in secret.

Three years ago, Kayla had carefully planned on making the stupid Kate sympathize with her while
also maintaining her qualifications to marry into the Fulcher family. Kayla did this the moment Diana
returned to reconnect with her family.

Julian’s grandmother once told her that the Fulcher family would only accept the rightful daughters of
prominent clans to marry into the Fulcher family, so Kayla had to ensure that Diana wouldn’t take her
title as the young lady of the Winnington family!

This was how she came up with the drama of leaving without saying goodbye, with the excuse that she
was suffering from stomach cancer.

Her purpose was to make Julian miss her to the point of madness, as well as to incite the Winnington
family’s wrath against Diana. Only then could Kayla secure her position and maintain her title as the
young lady of the prestigious Winnington family.

Three years after she put her plan to work, she had basically achieved what she wanted. Diana’s

failed to pose a threat to Kayla’s status in the Winnington family, and even made Kate feel more sorry


The only thing Kayla didn’t expect was that Julian would actually marry Diana.

That damned old hag from the Fulcher family once told Kayla that she would allow Kayla to marry into
the Fulcher family as long as she could prove Julian’s feelings for her and maintain her status as the
young lady of the Winnington family.

Yet, the result?

Kayla found it hard to believe that Julian and Diana got married without that old lady’s help.

Perhaps that old lady had intentionally deceived Kayla into going abroad from the very beginning.

The more Kayla thought about it, the angrier she became. She had fallen into a trap! Her teeth rattled


At present, Julian was unable to go through with the divorce procedures even after a long time had
passed. Was he feeling a little reluctant?

Kayla thought of the past events. A surge of anger rushed into her as the image of Diana and Julian
sleeping together flashed in her mind. Her tone changed, but she still tried her best to control. She said
sharply, “Let’s meet up.”

Diana would understand the fact that she was a stand–in as soon as they met each other.

Kayla would definitely let Diana know that she could never get close to Julian if it weren’t for their
similar appearances!

“Okay.” Diana didn’t expect this woman to be so bold as to take the initiative to meet her.

However, this was exactly what Diana wanted.

She quickly calmed down and said, “We’ll talk about it in person.”

It just so happened that the whole fiasco was related to the recall of the dress from L boutique. They
would be meeting sooner or later, anyway.

“Okay.” Kayla agreed with a smile. She deliberately added in a pitiful tone, “Please don’t tell Julian
about. this. If he knows I’m going to meet you in secret, he’ll definitely worry about my safety…”

Diana choked up. “I–I know.”

She wasn’t planning to tell him either.

When Julian woke up, the sun was already shining brightly.

He stretched his arms habitually and tried to hug the woman sleeping next to him. Once he did so,
however, he realized that Diana had long gotten up.

This wasn’t quite in line with her usual habits, especially when they were at his grandmother’s. Diana
wanted to make the old lady happy, so she would always be even more clingy to him whenever they


She would never leave the bedroom ahead of him.

His intuition told him something was wrong. He picked up his cell phone and checked it several times,
but did not find anything amiss until he looked at his deleted call history.

It was a call from Kayla!

The call was at seven o’clock in the morning. Although the call history was deleted, the call record was
kept as the cell phone had a double delete function.

Diana answered the call…

What could the two of them talk about, so much that Diana felt there was a need to delete the call

Unless… Diana had a guilty conscience!

The silk satin sheets shone brightly, exuding a hint of coldness that overwhelmed the warmth of last


Julian picked up his cell phone and called Kayla. He said anxiously, “Kayla, did Diana make things
difficult for you?”

Kayla was taken aback. Could Diana make things difficult for her?

Today, she was already prepared to make Diana’s life feel worse than death!

Yet, that bitch didn’t come!

Kayla was about to give up at first, but how could she waste such a good opportunity today when Julian
went through the trouble to call her? She had to do something to punish Diana!

Kayla lowered her voice and deliberately spoke vaguely. “No, Julian, you’re thinking too much. My
sister was a little angry when she heard my voice over the phone. She said she wanted to meet me,
but she hasn’t come yet. Perhaps…


The man’s slender hand paused abruptly on the button on his clothes. “You two are going to meet?!”

Kayla nodded. Her voice sounded pitiful and innocent as she went on, “No woman would be able to
accept the fact that her husband has a mistress. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have contacted you so
early in the morning.” She sniffed. “Don’t worry, Julian, my sister definitely won’t do something as awful
as throwing acid at me when she meets me. You don’t have to worry…”

Julian choked up and said, “Kayla, I…”

“I know you’ll get divorced as soon as possible, but with your status, it’ll take time. Don’t worry, Julian. I
survived three years missing you badly, so this is nothing at all compared to that.”

That’s right. Kayla had been waiting for him for three years! How could he let her continue waiting for

Julian called the maids in to change all the bedsheets in the room. He only felt better after the warm
atmosphere left behind by Diana was completely gone.

Kayla let out a long sigh over the phone, as if she had been sitting somewhere for a long time and was
extremely exhausted. “Julian, you two are a couple recognized and protected by the law. Even if my
sister wants to beat me, it’s justified for her to do so. I…I’ll just continue waiting a little longer.”

“How could I let Diana bully you?!” Julian’s eyes turned even colder. “Have you been waiting for her for
a long time?”

“Not that long, just more than three hours.”

Julian’s eyes grew colder and colder. Even if the appointment place was more remote, Diana should
have already arrived.

Diana was simply trying to show Kayla that she was superior.

Was she jealous because he talked about bringing Kayla over to help him to relieve himself last night?

What a hateful woman! She was really only similar in appearance to Kayla, but not in spirit.

“Don’t wait anymore.” The two sisters‘ appearances kept flashing across Julian’s mind as he frowned.
“If she finds out your identity, Kayla, she might even go to Winnington Mansion to make a big fuss.”

Before, Diana could spend a hundred million dollars to buy a boutique over a dress. If the two of them
were to meet now, she might really rush forth and throw acid at Kayla!

Plus, Diana would also know that she was just a stand–in once she met Kayla.

With this in mind, Julian subconsciously blurted out, “Kayla, don’t meet her.”

His tone was domineering and irrefutable.

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