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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 20

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 20

“I can’t?”

Diana’s face flushed red instantly.

“I was… I was just trying to lighten the mood…”

She didn’t want him to find out about the baby, but she didn’t expect that the old lady would be so

Looking at Julian’s red face, she couldn’t imagine what else she failed to consider…

“Lighten the mood?” The man smiled impishly. His ink–like eyes were deep, and his voice tickled her
ear as he said with a pleasantly firm tone, “Was it really to lighten the mood, or are you trying to play
hard to get?”

Play hard to get?!

Diana’s eyes widened in shock. That wasn’t what she meant at all!

But Julian didn’t listen to her explanation at all, and refused to put her down.

After entering the room prepared by his grandmother, he kicked the door open with one foot. The red
light inside almost blinded Diana’s eyes.


Julian closed the door and carried her in his arms. He stepped on the rose petals on the ground all the
way to the bed sheets, which were spread into a heart shape. “Grandma prepared this.”

“Then, the reason why you’re suddenly like this after eating…‘


“Didn’t you notice the kind of dishes placed in front of me during dinner?”

Diana recalled, “Stir–fried mutton with scallions, chicken soup, veal cooked with five spices, and…”

Diana suddenly closed her mouth in shock. “They’re all aphrodisiac dishes…”

She did get a little curious when the dishes were first served. What Julian’s grandmother prepared
today weren’t her favorites, and only a few dishes in front of her were slightly more appetizing. As it
turned out,

this was what awaited her.

No wonder why the old lady was asking her to eat more as she would be more tired today…

Diana felt a little embarrassed when she thought of it now.

“I even got some extra ingredients in my soup.”

“You still dared to drink it?”

Julian wasn’t God. How could he possibly have known that his grandmother would trick him?

His voice deepened. “Isn’t it all your fault for talking too much?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose.” At that time, she was afraid Julian would keep staring at her and lead her to
exposing her pregnancy.

Fortunately, Julian couldn’t be distracted at this moment, nor could he think carefully.

Diana wanted to help him. But when she thought of all the things that had happened the past few days,
she slowly backed away.

The room prepared by the old lady wasn’t very big, and looked much warmer than their bedroom in
their villa.

Diana was somewhat wary of Julian.

Julian glanced at her, then turned and went into the bathroom.

He couldn’t use hot water, and could only drench himself in cold water over and over again.

Diana felt rather guilty as she listened to the sound of running water.

Julian didn’t force himself on her. If only Diana hadn’t run her mouth earlier! She wouldn’t be feeling so
uncomfortable at this moment. In the end, her emotions overcame reason. She slowly moved to the

bathroom door and whispered, “Are you okay?”

Julian’s voice had become hoarse. “Mmm…”

He didn’t seem to be in very good condition.

Diana heard rumors stating that one could die a violent death if this situation remained unresolved.

She looked at the faint figure behind the glass. Determination filled her and she said, “Why don’t you…
Why don’t you give me that woman’s phone number? I’ll call her here for you.”

At first, she simply said this without much thought.

But Julian said, “We are at the old mansion. Don’t you think Grandma will find out if you ask her to
come to

this room?”

It turned out that Julian considered that option as well.

When he was intimate with her downstairs earlier, it was just an act for his grandmother to see. To think
Diana actually took it seriously for a moment, and felt shy and guilty….

What about him?

Not only was he putting on an act on the spot, but that woman was also still in his mind. He didn’t
consider that they were a married couple even at a time like this!

“Shameless!” Diana picked up a basin of cold water and splashed it on him.

Julian couldn’t open his eyes when cold water suddenly splashed his head, but he could hear Diana
gnashing her teeth in anger.

“Jealous?” He quickly wiped off the water and suddenly stood up from the bathtub. He stared at her
with a deep gaze.

The incandescent lamp was bright and dazzling, making it more obvious how similar her eyes looked to

His eyes gradually darkened.

Diana retreated, and instinctively wanted to run outside.

However, she couldn’t outrun Julian. He embraced her, and her body collided with his chest with a
bang. She could feel his heavy heartbeat.

Her heart started beating faster.

She hated herself for being so worthless, but when she heard his chattering teeth, she became
unwilling to push him away. “Don’t you feel that you’re letting that woman down when you hold me like

The strength in Julian’s hands weakened slightly. Both Kayla and Diana’s silhouettes gradually
overlapped in his mind.

Letting her down?

Yes. He felt that he was letting Kayla down, which was why he asked Diana for a divorce. He wanted to
get back on the right path.

But at this moment, he could no longer distinguish between the two.

Diana wanted to push him away several times, but Julian’s vice–like grip was too tight. Before she even
knew it, everything around her seemed to be on fire.

Her eyes were red as she demanded, “Julian, do you love me or not?”

The man didn’t answer. He had a dumbfounded expression for a moment, then covered her face with a
blanket and murmured, “Shhh.”

Diana would only be more similar to Kayla when he couldn’t see her face and hear her voice.

Diana knew nothing of his thoughts, and misunderstood that his silence was acquiescence. He was
using his actions to tell her that he loved her!


She carefully whispered his name over and over again, as if he was a precious treasure, and ran her
fingers across his high nose bridge. It was as if there had never been a gap between them in the first


Even the nightmare she had in the hospital that day had completely vanished because of the
sweetness of this moment. She shouldn’t have thought so vilely of Julian. In her dreams, she dreamt
he would kill their baby. She would never think of him that way in the future.

She buried her head in his chest, and wondered if it was possible for them not to get divorced. She
wished she could act as if nothing had happened.

She could continue cooking congee for Julian as usual, and he would remember everything that she
liked to eat. He could also love their baby.

Even if she saw him hugging that woman with her own eyes, as long as he was willing to tell her about
it, she would happily believe that he was filing for a divorce due to unforeseen difficulties.

His hands were big, so they must be very warm to hold their baby’s little hand.

However, Julian’s ringing phone threw her back from her imagination to painful reality.

It was that woman’s exclusive ringtone. Diana heard it when she was down with a fever.

Her expression turned cold immediately. She glanced at the man who was lying sound asleep on the
bed, and

pressed the answer button lightly.

The voice on the other end of the line was crisp and clear. “Hello, Julian. We agreed that you’ll
accompany me home to see my mother. How about today? Do you have time to accompany me?”

Diana’s heart skipped a beat. This woman was so clingy with Julian!

She even needed him to accompany her when she wanted to go home to see her mother.

Yet… What did Julian say to Diana when she wanted to go home to see her mother?

He said he didn’t like to get involved with her parents, and hated visiting them. He told Diana that he
would get someone to prepare enough gifts for her if she wanted to return home.

Diana thought that he was being considerate at the time. Thinking about it now, he wasn’t considerate
at all. He simply thought she was unworthy of his company or his attention.

After all, he treated this woman better than Diana.

Diana’s heart hurt deeply. She was silent for a long time.

When Kayla heard the silence over the other end of the line, she was displeased. She asked
tentatively, ” You’re Diana, aren’t you? Where’s Julian? Why aren’t you letting him answer the phone?!”

What an arrogant woman!

She was calling Diana’s husband so early in the morning, and was completely disregarding Diana’s
status as

his wife!

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