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Chapter 18

On the other hand, Kayla didn’t expect Diana to be a tough nut to crack.

When she received Loraine’s call, she thought she had met a crafty scammer.

What a joke!

Could the goods sold by a famous brand like L be recalled without reason?

But when Kayla received a phone call from the manager of the L brand boutique, she immediately
realized that the hillbilly who had spent more than ten years in the countryside wasn’t as easy to bully
as she had first thought.

That woman dared to spend Julian’s money–one hundred million dollars, in fact–to buy that boutique!

Kayla was enraged. That money belonged to her!

How dare that hillbilly Diana touch her money?!

Diana even told the workers to have the dress Kayla had bought returned immediately, on the grounds
that it was of poor quality.

Was this a deliberate attempt to infuriate Kayla?

Or was it because Diana had sensed something was wrong and wanted to get revenge when Kayla
had deliberately bought the dress one step ahead of Diana the moment she saw Diana at the boutique
that day?

That seemingly meek woman was not only more tactful than Kayla thought, but was also much sharper
and more vengeful than Kayla had expected.

Kayla felt that her antics after her return to the country was far too mild. She had been too kind, which
was probably why that stupid hillbilly dared to go against her.

“I can return this dress,” Kayla said to the boutique manager over the phone, “but I want the person in
charge of your brand to apologize to me personally.”

The manager was taken aback for a moment, and could sense the conflict between Diana and Kayla.

However, one was Julian’s rightful wife while the other was a favored mistress. Not daring to offend
either, she could only try her best to smooth things over. “Please wait a moment. I’ll pay a visit to your
residence as soon as I’m done handling the business at the boutique.”

Kayla saw through the manager’s intentions immediately and said, “The person I want to meet is the
one in charge of your boutique. Or perhaps your shop has no sincerity for its customers?”


go and ask, then.” The manager let out a long breath and quickly called Diana to explain the situation.
Diana responded immediately, “All right, I’ll meet her.”

Diana had been trying so hard to track down Kayla’s identity the entire time, only to end up getting what
she wanted with little effort. The time and place of their meeting were quickly set.

The manager considered the situation and finally decided to call Julian, who was the actual investor.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have his personal number and could only contact Julian’s receptionist. The

receptionist informed the manager that Julian would be notified, but did not say when he would reply to


The manager knew she was insignificant, but she had already done all that she could.

She could only hope Julian wouldn’t blame her if he decided to look into the fact that the two women

Upon exiting the hospital, Julian returned to the villa..

“Noel, is the divorce agreement signed by Diana last time still in effect?”

In effect?

It hasn’t expired, but Julian would have to sign it before it could take effect officially.

Julian had signed so many contracts, so it was impossible that he didn’t understand this.

This meant Julian…


Noel immediately sat upright and said, “It’s gone.” He scratched his head in embarrassment and said,
“The contract hasn’t expired, but when I saw that you didn’t sign it, I took it upon myself to tear it up.‘

Julian looked visibly happy when he heard this.

However, the words that came out of his mouth were, “You can’t even get such a simple thing done? I’ll
deduct half of your salary this month.‘

Noel felt a heavy thump in his heart. “If you need the contract now, I can ask the lawyer to print another
copy immediately.”

“Your work efficiency is awful! I’ll deduct one month’s salary from you.”

Noel didn’t know what to say.

He fell silent.

Julian paced back and forth in the living room before finally saying, “Let’s go and see Grandma first. I
still feel guilty for keeping such a big secret from her, even if it’s just temporary. After all, she loves her
granddaughter–in–law dearly.”

It had indeed been a long time since Julian went to see his grandmother.

This included the homecoming banquet he held for Kayla last time. He didn’t even enter the inner
courtyard to see his grandmother.

He also hid that banquet from his grandmother.

When Julian went to visit his grandmother, he bought a lot of things with him to soothe his guilt and
make the old lady happy.

Unexpectedly, she threw him out as soon as he entered the house and smashed all the gifts he had
bought for her. “Get out! You didn’t even bring Diana with you when you came here! I don’t want to see
you at all!”

Julian was nonplussed. “Grandma! Since when did Diana become even more important to you than
your own grandson?”

The old lady glanced at him in annoyance and spat, “Look at what I’m wearing! Do I have any clothes
that weren’t personally sent to me by Diana?”

These clothes were all made out of high–quality materials. They weren’t branded, but the old lady could
tell whether they were good or bad with just a glance.

Diana even arranged for the old lady’s underwear to be properly made in accordance with the four

“Diana hasn’t even called me once since the beginning of this month!” She glared at Julian and yelled,
“Did you hurt her?!”

Julian shook his head repeatedly.

“Is it because the two of you had an argument?!”

“N–No!” Julian hurriedly changed the topic. “Why is she sending you clothes all the time? The Fulcher
family has no shortage of clothes.”

“You little ingrate! You are really a bastard!” The old lady wanted to pick up her crutches and hurl them
at him at this very moment. “Have you forgotten that I often get terrible allergies since the previous
winter last year?”

At that time, the doctor said that the old lady shouldn’t be wearing ordinary clothes made from run–of–
the- mill textiles. Otherwise, she would suffer from red rashes.

Yet, Julian simply arranged for some high–end designers to make clothes for his grandmother. He
didn’t take his grandmother’s allergies as seriously as Diana did. On the other hand, Diana would
check to see if the old lady was allergic to the clothes she brought before leaving.

He suddenly realized that as a grandson who grew up dependent on his grandmother, he was not as
filial as Diana, who was an outsider.

It was no wonder why his grandmother loved Diana.

“Diana’s a good girl.” When the old lady saw his silence, she sighed. “Don’t let her down.”

Julian wanted to nod, but when he thought of Diana’s decision at the hospital today, he couldn’t do it.

The old lady was experienced, so she could instantly tell that something was amiss.

She retreated step by step and took a seat on a stool. “My heart hurts. Hurry up and ask Diana to come
over! I want to have a meal with her to relieve my pain.”

Julian frowned. “But Grandma, you’re clutching your stomach, not your chest…”

“You brat! Are you going to ask her to come over or not?!”

“Y–Yes, I’m going to. I will!” Julian raised his hands in surrender. “Out of everyone in this world, I really
can’t deal with you.”

“You’re wrong about that.” His grandmother shook her head. “You should be saying that about Diana.”

Alas, that wasn’t the case.

Julian was confident he still had many ways to deal with Diana.

She was just a mere woman he randomly pulled in to replace Kayla. It simply wasn’t worth it for him to

in as much effort to contend with her as he did with his grandmother.

However, Julian would’ve never expected that his grandmother’s words would become a prophecy later

Diana didn’t take too long to get to the old lady’s house.

She became anxious as soon as she heard that Julian’s grandmother wasn’t feeling well.

After Vans took her blood pressure, she went through the discharge procedures and Immediately made
her way to the old mansion.

“It’s been a long time since I came to see you.” Diana sounded very apologetic. “The season’s about to
change, butI haven’t prepared your clothes yet.”

“I have enough clothes.” The old lady took Diana’s hand affectionately. “You shouldn’t be worrying
about me all the time.” She looked at Diana happily, then pulled Julian’s hand. She placed Diana and
Julian’s hands together and said, “You two should be more concerned about giving me a great

Diana was speechless.

In truth, she was already pregnant…

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