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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Diana’s mind had grown numb.

She could only clutch her lower abdomen tightly as tears streamed down her eyes.

It was a heartbreak that deprived her of all sanity, leaving her with only a mother’s instinct.

Her baby…

She was about to lose her baby!

This was the baby she had been looking forward to for so long!

Yet, he was about to be brutally murdered by his own father!

In her desperation, Diana seemed to have been endowed with infinite strength as she lunged toward

She jumped over the many doctors and pounced directly on Julian.

She hated him!

She hated the fact that Julian had turned a blind eye to her pleas for help when he was right beside
her, and chose that woman instead of her over and over again!

Were it not for that, she wouldn’t have fallen into a coma due to a simple cold. He wouldn’t have found
out that she was pregnant, and she would be able to protect her baby!

Diana clenched her teeth in anger. Hatred and resentment toward Julian filled her as she recalled his
cruel tone when he announced that the baby must die. “Why did you marry me in the first place if you

don’t love me? Why did you treat me so well during our marriage?!”

He let her think that she was the happiest woman in the world, but it was in fact all just a joke. A big,
sick joke!

She punched the man in front of her frantically, fury and rage boiling within her as she yelled, “You’re
heartless! You’re completely heartless!”

Julian, meanwhile, was a little confused.

It was true he let her down last night.

He shouldn’t have assumed that he could relax when her fever subsided. No one would have expected
Diana to be suffering from type B influenza rather than a common cold. This disease mostly attacked
the elderly, children, and pregnant women, with repeated high fever and body aches as the main

Although Diana didn’t belong to those groups, her physique was indeed really weak.

Julian knew he shouldn’t have let Vans leave last night.

But no matter how much he tried to comfort Diana, she remained agitated. She seemed to be in a
trance as tears streamed down her face.

Julian was puzzled. He grabbed her hand and yelled, “Diana! You’re getting too agitated!”

However, his harsh rebuke made her body tremble.

Diana’s eyes snapped wide open and she immediately looked around. She realized that everything
around her was different compared to what she had seen earlier. The ward wasn’t pure white, but was
filled with warm home decorations. It was the VIP suite in the hospital!

She gradually regained her senses upon realizing that everything she saw earlier was just a dream.

She had been too scared and desperate.

She was so scared, she even dreamt of Julian abandoning her after discovering the baby in her belly.

Fortunately, it was a dream.

Thank goodness it was just a dream….

Diana still felt anxious. Thinking of how frightened she had been when Julian’s fingers landed on her
lower abdomen, her lingering fear resurfaced. Her face grew pale, and she raised her almond eyes to
look at him. Her gaze was both grateful and resentful as she muttered, “Julian, you’re not that heartless
after all…”

Rather, he simply couldn’t care less about her and the baby.

What she got was just his hypocrisy!

Nina, who had just come back from buying dinner, heard the commotion in the room and immediately
barged in. “Diana!”

Fearing that Diana would misunderstand the situation and assume that her baby was gone, Nina took
the initiative to confess everything to Julian.

Nina glanced at Diana. She touched her stomach and stroked her chest to adjust her breathing and
signify that the baby was safe and sound, and that Julian did not know of the baby’s existence.

Fortunately, Diana understood Nina’s gestures.

Only then did Diana realize that she had exaggerated a little. The baby was only nine weeks old, and
her lower abdomen was still relatively flat now. Vans was also on her side…

She had been confused as she was too concerned.

What’s more, Julian had always been looking forward to having a baby. In the past three years, they
spent a lot of effort yet she failed to conceive. If Julian knew of the existence of the baby, he definitely
wouldn’t be as

cruel as he was in her dream.

However, Diana feared Julian would snatch the baby away from her once he found out about the


Diana’s nervous heart finally calmed down a little as she stopped to think. She had been too nervous.

Julian wasn’t so cruel as to kill his own baby.

She acted so wildly when she hit Julian earlier. Had she hurt the baby in the process?

Why was she always so careless and impulsive as a mother?!

Diana wished she could slap herself twice!

Julian was quick to take advantage of Diana’s relaxed state. He thought that she had grown exhausted
from hitting him. He quickly restrained her hands and slowly guided her back to the hospital bed to rest.

Upon seeing this, Nina retreated from the ward quietly to leave the couple with some time alone.

When Diana looked at her and Julian’s intermingled hands, she recalled the time they got married; he
had held her just as tightly. Yet, everything changed after three years.

“Why haven’t you signed the divorce agreement yet?” She was fed up with Julian leaning toward that
woman again and again whenever he was caught between her and that woman.

She also didn’t want him to discover the baby.

“You haven’t told me your conditions yet.” Julian took her hand and paused. A tinge of nervousness
that he didn’t even notice flashed across his eyes as he said, “I’ll definitely sign it as soon as possible
after you’ve done so.”

The last bit of hope and expectation in Diana’s heart was instantly shattered.

She had assumed the reason he hadn’t signed the divorce agreement after so long was because he
was somewhat reluctant. In the end, the only person who had nostalgia for this marriage was her.

She felt as if someone had dug a hole in her heart, leaving it completely empty.

Diana looked at the impeccably handsome man in front of her and said slowly, “Do you know that I
spent a hundred million dollars to buy a shop?”

The bank should have notified Julian.

“I know.” Julian felt uneasy when he saw that she was suddenly so calm. “You can spend the money

you want.”

Diana did not take his words to heart and continued solemnly, “I know you went there with that woman,
and I also know you bought the dress that I have my eyes on before I could do.”

Julian’s expression changed slightly when he heard these words.

He had wondered why Kayla suddenly asked for a black flower dress with a white background at that
time. So, it was actually a dress Diana liked?

“It must be a coincidence,” Julian blurted out. “She’s usually not someone who likes to take things from
others. I apologize if she did something to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Haha…” When Diana saw Julian behaving in this manner, she could no longer stop the tears she tried
so desperately to hold back. “You really understand her.”

He was her husband, but here he was, apologizing to her because of another woman. Had he ever
cared about


Diana dared not dwell on that thought. These days, she had actually been trying to avoid the fact that
they were about to get divorced.

However, there were some things that could not be overcome even if she tried to run away from it.

She also knew she couldn’t blame the woman for their broken marriage. It was one of them who had a
change of heart first.

“She’s very kind.” Julian thought for a long time before finally saying, “Last night, her symptoms were
more serious than yours. I…”

“Oh?” Diana asked, “Is she also hospitalized like I am now?”

That was not true.

Although Kayla’s greed for cold food led to stomach pain, it didn’t actually cause her any damage. She
was immediately better after the doctor reprimanded her.

“You don’t have to say anything more.” Diana didn’t want to look so wretched in front of that woman
again and again, so she said firmly, “The reason I spent one hundred million dollars to buy the shop is
actually a revenge for your betrayal.”

Though, this revenge was irrelevant to him.

Anyway, she felt a lot better in SK Mall that day.

“As for my divorce conditions, there’s nothing else. I just want you to keep our divorce to yourself and
not spread the news to the public.” She paused before adding, “Grandma’s not in good health. She’s
been recuperating in the old mansion for the past two years, so I’m afraid she won’t be able to take it if
she finds out about our divorce.”

Julian knew that his grandmother loved Diana dearly, but he never expected that Diana’s condition for
the divorce would be related to the old woman.

He initially thought the reason Diana agreed to a divorce so quickly was because she was materialistic
and wanted the Fulcher family’s money. Had he misunderstood her completely?

“As for that shop, I won’t be running it. I won’t interfere with it after I finish taking care of some things in
half a month.”

In half a month? What was she going to do?

Julian silently etched this point in time in his memory, but did not say anything else. His silence Diana
took as an agreement.

“All right.” Diana slowly lay down on the hospital bed, pulled the blanket over herself before Julian could
do it, and secretly touched her lower abdomen. It was good that her baby was still there.

She rubbed her stomach and didn’t bother to look at Julian as she said calmly, “You can go back to the
villa and get the divorce agreement. I’ve already signed it. We can finalize the divorce today.”

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