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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 16

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 16

When Julian touched Diana, she felt a little hot.

Julian instructed the maids to leave, and then personally got a pot of freshly boiled hot water. He
soaked some towels in it.

The water was scalding hot. When he placed his hands in it, he wanted to jump a few times from the
sheer heat. He swirled the towels around the water, let it soak again, and then fished them out with
great difficulty. After that, he squeezed the water out of them.

His hands quickly turned red.

Yet, he still insisted on wiping Diana over and over again.

“Why aren’t you feeling well today? Why didn’t you cook congee for Noel and the rest?”

“Hmph! You’re not going to make congee for me to nourish my stomach anymore, are you? You even
spent so much money to buy an entire boutique yesterday. Do you think I won’t know about it?”

“You heartless little thing!”

So noisy…

To Diana, it seemed there was a fly buzzing incessantly beside her ears. She wanted to raise her hand
to swat it away, but she didn’t have any strength in her body. She could only keep wriggling on her bed
as a way to express her dissatisfaction.

“Be obedient!” Julian was frightened by her back-and-forth movements. He was afraid she would feel
the freezing wind if her blanket fell off, as that would only worsen her cold.

Alas, she could not hear what he was saying.

Diana continued writhing as she hummed something.

Her jet-black hair spread out on the royal blue sheets, reflecting her skin that was as fair and white as
snow. Her small red face was like a full red peach at this moment.

How much did he love her to have such a physical reaction to her?

Julian glanced at his hands, which were red and burned, and then threw the towels away before
placing his hands inside Diana’s blanket. He found her buttocks and slapped her hard. “This is
punishment for your disobedience!”

The trick really worked.

Diana stopped moving and stopped humming. She continued to lie there quietly, like a child who had
just been reprimanded.

When Julian saw that Diana could no longer seduce him, he got satisfied and slowly wiped her body for
a few more rounds. He could feel her body temperature gradually dropping.

He was no longer worried, and sat by the side of the bed intently as he waited for Vans to arrive.

“She must’ve caught a cold when she went through all the trouble to accompany Nina to the hospital
last night,” Vans said to Julian after checking Diana’s body. “But you took good care of her and her
fever’s slowly going away, so there’s no need for her to take any medication.” He took a box of cotton
swabs and threw it at Julian. “Remember to use this to dip her lips more often to prevent them from
getting chapped.”

“Don’t you need to draw her blood for a test?”

“No need.” At that moment, Vans wanted nothing more than to bring a mirror to show Julian how much
the latter’s appearance did not conform to his status as the resolute and decisive chairman of Fulcher

His haggard look and posture clearly belonged to your average Joe who was deeply concerned about
his lover.

“Why did you have to bypass the family doctor and call me if you don’t trust me?”

Attacked by Vans’s sharp retort, Julian responded casually, “Your medical skills are better.”

Vans was speechless. He muttered, “She just has a common cold and fever, bro.”

“Isn’t it all because of Nina?” Julian shot back. Vans did not say anything this time.

Julian finally won the argument, and started to settle the old scores after taking the cotton swab from
Vans. “So, why did you lie to me last night?”

Vans remained unperturbed. He took the medical kit he had brought with him and replied to Julian with
a question of his own. “Tell me this: were you nervous when you received my call last night?”

Of course Julian was!

“Well, Diana’s just human.”

Vans was speechless. He stared at Julian and mumbled, “You’re hopeless.”

“What do you mean?” Julian refused to let Vans leave. “Aren’t I right? Stomach pain can kill people,
and so can fevers! Many serious illnesses start from small symptoms, don’t they?”

“You can pretend I didn’t say anything if you want to continue deceiving yourself.” Vans raised his
hands in surrender. “But I can guarantee that you’ll definitely regret it if you divorce Diana.”

Vans refused to see his good friend wrapped in sorrow. “Kayla… She’s actually not suitable for you.”

“Vans Stanley!” Julian’s expression changed instantly, replaced with a cold and stern look of absolute

He could allow Vans to joke around, but it didn’t mean Vans could speak indiscriminately. “You know full
well what Kayla means to me! Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”

His sharp jawline, as if it had been carved with a knife, was even more pronounced as he growled,
“Kayla is the one I’ve decided on since I was a child. I don’t want to hear such words coming from you

“Okay.” Vans curled his lips. “I won’t mention Kayla anymore, but what about Diana? Have you ever
thought about how she’d feel if she finds out that your marriage to her only started because you were
angry with Kayla, and that it’s ending because you feel bad for Kayla? Diana was just cannon fodder to
be a stand-in for Kayla. Have you ever thought about her feelings?!”

“Why are you suddenly so interested in Diana?” Julian had a dark look in his eyes; his glare carried a
strong sense of oppression.

Vans stared blankly, not knowing what to say.

He didn’t want to concern himself with Julian anymore.

“Anyway, just don’t regret it.” Vans picked up his own medical kit and left Fulcher Mansion.

“Unbelievable.” Julian thought for a moment, then reached out to pat Diana’s buttocks. “Who told you to
be so flirtatious? Even Vans is terribly worried about you.”

Diana continued sleeping drowsily, though she did feel as if a whip was hitting her.

She clenched her teeth angrily and tried to grab the whip tightly, but she still couldn’t lift her hand.

She felt so heavy…

Her whole body felt so heavy, as if water was pressing down on her. She could hardly breathe.

She tried hard to open her eyes. After much struggle, she could finally open her eyes a little. She
spotted Julian sitting on the edge of the bed.


Before she could even finish saying the word, ‘uncomfortable’, Julian’s cell phone suddenly rang.

It was his personal cell phone. Only Diana could call him on that cell phone in the past, but it seemed
there was another who could do so now.

Diana didn’t need to think about it to know who the other party was.

Sure enough, Julian’s glaring eyes and sullen expression suddenly became gentle.

Diana felt so tired after looking at him even for just a few seconds, but her nose seemed to be blocked
and every breath that she took was torture. She also felt a burning pain on her buttocks.

Her whole body was in great discomfort.

She knew she must be sick, but as she was pregnant now, she didn’t dare to be sloppy. She could only
open her eyes again with much difficulty, wanting to speak to Julian and ask him to call for a doctor for

“You’ve just recovered, so how can you eat so much cold food?!” Julian was furious as he spoke over
the phone. He grabbed his coat to head outside. “Wait a little longer! I’ll be right there.”

That woman must be sick too…

Even so, Diana really needed him now.

She tried her best to raise her leaden arms. “Julian…”

She cried out and pleaded with all her strength. “Please… Please don’t go…”

Their baby needed him.

Alas, Julian only spared her a gentle glance before walking out determinedly.

Tears slid down Diana’s cheeks. She watched as Julian’s figure disappeared little by little, and an
unknown fear and anger attacked her.

Time passed, and she fell into a trance when she heard the sound of the door opening. Julian seemed
to have returned to her side…

She finally fell asleep in peace.

When she woke up again, her surroundings were all white.

This was a hospital.

Julian’s hand was on top of her lower belly, where her baby was.

Diana was slightly startled when she felt the strength of Julian’s fingertips. Her body suddenly tensed
up as she subconsciously tried to shrink backward to hide her pregnant belly. Unfortunately, Julian
quickly pulled her back.

He was so condescending!

He stared at her with cold indifference, as if he had been staring at her for a long time; so much that he
wanted to carve a hole out of her body.

Gradually, his fingertips landed precisely on top of her lower belly, and he pressed heavily with
increasing force.

Diana felt severe pain in her pregnant belly, and the world around her spun.

Diana looked at him in horror.

However, Julian cut her off before she could say anything.

He looked at her with certainty, his gaze stern as he said, “Diana, you’re pregnant.”

It seemed everything was already arranged. With a wave of his hand, a large number of doctors came
in and immediately surrounded her.

The dangerous atmosphere descended and panic flooded in like a tidal wave. Diana even forgot to
refute, left only with the instinct to survive. She yelled at him in horror as she explained anxiously,
“Julian! Julian, this is our child! This is our precious child…”

“Shut up!” A look of disgust appeared on Julian’s face, and his dashing brows were knitted tightly
together. He frowned and gave an ultimatum to the doctor and Diana at the same time with utmost
coldness, as if he was Hades, decider of life and death. At the same time, he placed his fingers on her
lower abdomen and pressed down hard, announcing, “This child must die!”

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