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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 15

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 15

Diana subconsciously took a step back as she didn’t want him to find out about her pregnancy.

The joy she felt when she first learnt she was pregnant and her desire to share the good news with
Julian had long disappeared. Now, she only wanted to protect the child’s right to stay by her side. Thus,
she must protect and keep the baby’s existence a secret. “I wasn’t the one with a stomach ache. It’s
Nina. Vans lied to you.”

Julian’s hand paused, but he did not lose his temper.

On the contrary, he was a little relieved, as if he was glad that Diana wasn’t ill.

How could he still be so concerned about her when he already had another woman by his side?

Diana rubbed her eyes and stopped looking at him. She always felt that she was prone to overthinking
when looking at his charming face.

She shouldn’t be sentimental, or she might not want to leave again.

She recalled the scenes she saw at Winnington Mansion, the Forget Me Not flower shop, and SK Mall
today. She suddenly raised her head and said, “That banquet.”

Julian did not understand what she meant. “Hmm?”

“The banquet at the old mansion that Mr. Carter wouldn’t let me enter. You held that banquet for her,

“It’s all in the past, so why are you still bringing it up?” Julian didn’t answer directly, but Diana already
knew the answer.

To think she actually felt moved because of the way he reprimanded Mr. Carter for her sake! In truth, he
was the culprit and Mr. Carter was simply covering up for him.

The two of them were silent all the way home.

When they arrived at the villa, Diana was surprisingly kind to Mr. Carter. She even served him a bowl of
congee from the kitchen that she had stewed before going out.

There were yams, red dates, and lotus seeds in it. Although these were all common ingredients, the
main point was that this was Diana’s specialty congee.

She could always cook this congee in a flavor that was different from others.

Her congee, which was good for nourishing the stomach, was also a big part as to why Julian never
suffered any stomach pains in the past three years.

“Please enjoy it, Mr. Carter.” Diana didn’t give him too much. She served him the right amount of
congee that was comfortable to drink. She also glanced at Noel, who was standing not far away, and
said, “I’ll get you a bowl too.”

It was hard work for him to follow Julian and to reprimand others in order to protect her.

Noel was flattered, and he accepted the offer gladly. “I’ve long wanted to taste Madam’s delicious
congee. You might not know this, but every time you make the congee for Sir, I’d always be curious
about how it tastes when I smell it…”

Noel’s excited voice gradually faded. Diana looked up and asked, “Is something wrong with the
congee? Why are you trembling?”

Noel wanted nothing more than to disappear before Diana’s eyes at this very moment. He didn’t dare
continue talking to her.

Noel couldn’t see it, but Noel could see from his angle. Julian had an extremely ugly look on his face. It
was so terrifying that Noel didn’t even dare to swallow the congee in his mouth.

“No… No, it’s fine.” He wiped off his sweat and quickly escaped into Mr. Carter’s room.

“That’s good.” Diana was relieved, and then turned around to go to the kitchen again.

Julian sat on the sofa. His mood slowly relaxed, but his gaze was still fixed firmly on Diana.

He was waiting for her to serve him congee as well.

He believed she would definitely leave some congee for him, especially after she gave two bowls to

The congee in the pot had already reached the bottom.

Diana was out for a long time today, so she could only contact the maid at home by phone. The maid
couldn’t cook very well, resulting in a slightly smaller amount of congee compared to how it normally

But it did not matter. There was enough for a small bowl, which was convenient as an extra meal for
her and the baby.

Diana took out the remaining congee. When she passed Julian, she glanced at him, then decided not
to eat downstairs so as not to feel upset upon seeing his face.

Julian watched as Diana went upstairs, carrying the congee, which smelled so good.

What about his share?

Was it in the kitchen?

When Julian heard the sound of the door closing on the second floor, he immediately got up and went
to the kitchen for a look. Only then did he realize that something he used to find normal in the past,
where he could drink a bowl of nourishing yam congee prepared by Diana every day, might not exist

He looked at the empty pot, and suddenly felt as if there was a big hole in his heart.

He was like a pot without a lid, and wind was blowing through it.

At this moment, Diana was sitting in the room as she enjoyed her congee.

She usually liked to eat meals in smaller portions, so it was common for her to have an extra meal at
night. In the past, Julian would bring her some congee and vegetables whenever he worked late.
Sometimes, the chef would cook for them.

Even so, he would definitely accompany her whenever she ate.

Later, Diana noticed that his spleen and stomach weren’t very good. She thought of preparing congee
by herself, and even added herbal medication to it. The yam wasn’t only delicious, but also had an
excellent nourishing function.

And yet, what did the man for whom she cooked congee do?

He cheated on her.

He wasn’t as meticulous when he bought congee back for her.

She felt miserable when she recalled the corn congee that made her vomit that day. Fortunately, she
still had the courage to leave the man who didn’t love her anymore. When she was about to finish
eating her congee, she wondered why Julian had yet to retreat to his own room.

Were his spleen and stomach hurting again since he had been out having so much fun with another
woman lately?

Was his stomach hurting?

Diana tossed and turned in the bed, and could not fall asleep. She suddenly felt some regret, and
reproached herself. Perhaps she should have given him some congee instead of eating it for herself.

After finally making it to dawn, she hurriedly got up and went out of the room, only to learn that Julian
had left the villa last night.

Diana’s heart, which had been worried all night, instantly broke into two.

He didn’t feel bad, nor did he have a stomach ache. He simply did not need her anymore and had gone
to look for someone else.

She returned to her room in a daze, and did not wake up for a long time after falling asleep.

At first, Mr. Carter simply thought that Diana wanted to lay longer in bed. Julian had pampered her
greatly before, and would make breakfast properly before calling her down.

After she was done eating, Julian would even indulge her to go back to sleep again.

When Mr. Carter saw that Diana hadn’t woken up even after noon, he finally felt a little anxious. He had
someone go up to take a look, and was told that Diana had come down with a fever!

He remembered Julian’s anger, and did not delay as he hurriedly called Julian.

Julian was dealing with some documents in the company since last night and was about to take a rest
when he received the call. He quickly answered the call when he saw that it was Mr. Carter. “What is

“Sir.” Mr. Carter sounded very anxious as he went on, “Madam…Madam has a fever! The maid said
she must’ve been down with a fever for quite a while! She even started babbling nonsense!”

Julian stood up abruptly. “Wait for me. I’ll be there in twenty minutes at most.”

Along the way, Julian quickly contacted Vans to drop by his house to take a look at Diana. He then
accelerated all the way home and drove to the villa as fast as he could.

He shortened the forty-minute journey by more than half.

When he reached the villa, Vans had yet to arrive. Julian acted according to Vans’s advice and planned
to cool Diana’s body down physically first.

Her face was very red, and she was curled up in bed like a little quail. Her hair was a mess, but she
looked very well-behaved, unlike the way she had ignored him last night.

He slowly unbuttoned her clothes, revealing her fair snow-like skin.

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