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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 14

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 14

Diana wouldn’t have spent Julian’s money if not for the fact that she wanted to see the woman’s face
and confirm her identity.

It wasn’t easy for Diana to spend one hundred million dollars that belonged to Julian. She was forced
into doing so.

Therefore, she attached great importance to the surveillance recording.

Nina was so nervous that she was about to pass out.

At the same time, in a private restaurant in Richburgh.

This was the top floor of the central business district in the empire. It was surrounded by glass, and the
guests could take in the view of the entire city.

They usually didn’t accept customers, and would only cater to VIPs.

Kayla was filled with praises for the place. “I have long heard that this place is excellent, but they’re
very selective of their customers so I’ve never had the opportunity to come here.” She took a bite of the
prawn cake and gushed, “This is really delicious!”

There was an unconcealed excitement in her eyes. She kept taking pictures of herself, the scenery,
and the food with her cell phone.

She was becoming as active as she had been as a child.

However, what appeared in Julian’s mind was the scene of his first time bringing Diana here for dinner.
During the meal, Diana wasn’t interested in eating and she never took any pictures. She simply said
that the glass around here had a strong sense of suspension, and was missing some fireworks.

She even said that the dishes weren’t worth the price, which was about a few thousand dollars for a

Diana got lost at the age of three, and her adoptive parents died when she was ten. She went to meet
and acknowledge her relatives in Richburgh when she was eighteen. Many times, those hardships in
her past had left an indelible shadow in her life.

She would feel distressed if Julian spent too much money to take her out to eat, and she would also
lament that the price-performance ratio wasn’t worth it.

In truth, no one who came here would be concerned about all these. What everyone cared more about
was the treatment they received. Since they could afford to eat here, their status made it possible for
them to join the ranks of Richburgh’s high society.

The beautiful scenery, the gourmet food, and the beauty were all in front of him, but all Julian could
think about was Diana. He couldn’t take her off his mind.

It might be because no one around him lived as poorly as she did, so it was easy for his memories to

When he brought Diana here, she said, “Why are you being so wasteful? You really don’t know how to
spend your money.”

Because of her words, Julian went back and thought about it with Noel for a long time. He finally
decided to invest ten percent more of Fulcher Inc.’s profit in charity projects to trace missing children’s
relatives every year.

He even wondered if Diana’s mouth would open wide in shock if she knew how much this ten percent
meant. To think she actually scolded him and called him wasteful!


He couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he thought of that.

He only realized what he was thinking of, belatedly, when he saw Kayla’s surprised look. Just then, a
text message popped up on his cell phone, and Julian hurriedly said, “Fulcher Inc.’s financial report is

It was so good that someone like him, who didn’t care about money, could also laugh.

Kayla also laughed. Upon marrying into the Fulcher family, this money would also be hers. She was
really looking forward to it!

However, Kayla didn’t know that the text on Julian’s phone had nothing to do with the company’s
financial report. The content of the text message was: “Dear Mr. Fulcher, thank you for spending one
hundred million dollars in SK Mall and becoming the top VIP in this mall. Congratulations to you on
becoming the owner of L Luxury Dresses as well. We wish you a prosperous business.”


Julian stood up immediately, walked behind Kayla, and took out the label on her back for a look. The
expression on his face suddenly darkened.

This was the boutique he went to with Kayla!

Diana was actually in SK Mall! She probably called him because she saw them together.

Judging from her spending a lot of money to buy the boutique, Julian could guess that Diana had yet to
see Kayla.

“Noel!” Julian couldn’t be bothered to appease Kayla and went outside to call Noel. “Have someone cut
off all the surveillance monitoring in SK Mall immediately! Diana will probably need to check the
surveillance records in L to confirm Kayla’s appearance.”

She was much sharper than he anticipated.

When Noel received the order, he wanted to say something, but was hesitant to do so.

In fact, he actually wanted to ask Julian: what would happen if Madam saw it?

They were about to be divorced. Sooner or later, Diana would also know the fact that she was a stand-
in. Could Julian keep this a secret from her for the rest of her life? Even if she found out and was sad
about it, she wouldn’t be able to do anything to Julian.

Alas, Noel dared not say anything.

Julian’s superiority couldn’t be denied. Noel could only act quickly and heed his employer’s orders.

The manager of the shop had already brought Diana to the surveillance monitoring room. Nina was
even prepared to call an ambulance to protect Diana and the baby in her womb. Unexpectedly, the
surveillance monitor records were actually blurred!

Diana was taken aback. “Why can’t I see anything clearly?”

The shop manager was anxious as she explained, “Madam, a situation like this has never happened in
our shop before. I’ll get someone to come over and fix it right away.”

Nina finally heaved a sigh of relief. “How long will it take to fix it?”

The shop manager said truthfully, “I just asked, and it seems that there is a problem with the
surveillance monitoring in the entire mall. Fixing it might take about half a month.”

There was a problem with the whole mall.

Diana was puzzled. Was overthinking it? Was everything that happened today simply a strange

Diana was momentarily stunned. After confirming that nothing could be seen in the video, she
instructed the clerk, “Remember to call me once the records are repaired.”

After that, she helped up Nina, who was still squatting on the ground. She looked at Nina pitifully and
asked, “Is your stomach still hurting?”

“A little.” Nina could only continue putting on an act in order to dispel Diana’s doubts about her. She bit
the bullet and said, “I might have to go to the hospital for a checkup.”

This lasted until midnight.

Diana couldn’t help but feel a little guilty when she found out that Nina had acute gastroenteritis when
she looked at Nina’s medical report. “I thought you were pretending to be sick. I didn’t expect that
you’re really in pain.”

Nina, who had spent a lot of money to obtain the fake medical report, pushed her glasses down guiltily.
“Why would I pretend to be sick? Pregnant women really tend to overthink things.” She pushed Diana
out and said, “Anyway, go out and rest! I am going home after taking the medicine.”

At that moment, a doctor came from not far away. Diana called out in surprise, “Vans Stanley?”

He was Julian’s best friend, and wasn’t surprised to see Diana at this moment. “Wait here. I already
called Julian, and he’ll come to pick you up.”

With that said, he took Nina away from Diana.

Nina would need to repay Vans for the fake diagnosis on the medical report today with her most
precious item. Vans wanted to ask Nina what exactly her most precious item was.

Diana was left dumbfounded as she watched this scene. Vans was scolding Nina as they left. A big
question mark popped up in her head.

When did the two get so close?

“Diana!” All of a sudden, a man’s cold voice interrupted her thoughts.

Julian walked toward her quickly, took off her coat, and placed it over her body.

The weather was starting to turn cold, and the warmth left on his clothes made her shiver.

Diana looked up again and saw the familiar man standing in front of him, but it felt as if half a century
had passed since she last saw him.

They were quickly becoming strangers.

Julian didn’t seem to realize it, and he was concerned about her as he once had been. “Vans said that
you have a stomach ache. How are you feeling now?”

As he spoke, his hand was already on her abdomen.

This was the first time he had touched her belly ever since she got pregnant.

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