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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 13

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 13

Kayla followed Julian and got into the car with him.

She knew Diana was standing not too far away, watching them.

She also knew that Julian went back on his promise to her and changed the destination as soon as
Diana called him.

She really wanted to try that restaurant…

However, Julian seemed frightened of the prospect of Diana meeting her. It was also taking a long time
for the divorce to be settled.

This wasn’t in line with Julian’s style, so Kayla had to amp up her scheming.

Kayla lowered the car window and looked in the direction where Diana was standing. “Julian, is that my
sister standing in front of SK Mall? It’s a good thing you changed the location of our destination. It’d be
bad if my sister saw us together.”

She looked guilty and embarrassed.

Julian took the initiative to reach out and wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t think too much. I just
can’t eat at such a place.”

Kayla leaned on his shoulder. The two of them looked like the most intimate lovers.

Diana’s gaze was fixed on the Rolls-Royce limousine. She could clearly see them hugging.

In the past, when she traveled with Julian, he would never hug her like that no matter how tired she
was. He would simply say, “Sit down. How would this look to outsiders?”

Yet, he had taken the initiative to hug someone else and even accepted all of that woman’s ups and

Diana’s eyes were filled with disappointment. She turned away and stopped looking at them, but asked
Nina, “Is she really that beautiful?”

Nina’s eyes were a little evasive. She hid her camera behind her and mumbled, “Actually, Diana… My
camera ran out of battery.”

Diana glanced at Nina. “You’re a workaholic. Your camera can actually run out of battery?”

“Hey, isn’t it because I went shopping with you? Of course, I won’t be thinking about work!” In truth,
Nina had secretly deleted all the photos of Kayla she had captured. She held Diana’s hand, and then
pressed the power off button. “Let’s walk around. Don’t let them affect our mood. We should continue

However, Diana had other plans in mind. “Follow me back to the dress boutique we went to before. I
want to look at the surveillance cameras.”

Diana found everything today to be very strange.

In the end, she still had to find a way to see that woman’s face clearly,

The two of them went back to the L luxury shop again, and the salesgirl at the door immediately made
a gesture to drive them away. “The braggarts are here again! Many women who to be together with Mr.
Fulcher, but this is my first time seeing someone as shameless as you two!”

Nina wanted to go forward and teach the salesgirl a painful lesson, but Diana stopped her.

Diana appeared weak but gentle, and the brands of the clothes she had on at the moment couldn’t be
confirmed. She didn’t have a domineering or overbearing temperament, and she looked like she could

be easily bullied.

However, Nina knew Diana wouldn’t give up so easily since she had already come here.

Sure enough, Diana ignored the salesgirl and pulled Nina into L with a powerful aura.

The salesgirl did not react for a while, frozen stiff. Even after she came to her senses, she didn’t dare to
stop Diana.

When the shop manager saw this, she quickly frowned and said arrogantly, “Sorry, but braggarts aren’t
welcomed in our shop.”

It seemed the fact that Diana was pretending to be Mrs. Fulcher had spread throughout the shop.
Diana wasn’t angry. Instead, she took out a black card and placed it in front of the manager. “Is this

When the shop manager saw this, her attitude took an 180-degree change. She blurted out, “M-Mrs.

“It’s good that you understand the situation now.” Diana had no intention to embarrass or make things
difficult for them, so she went on gently, “I didn’t come here this time to buy clothes, but I have three

“Firstly, I want you to fire that salesgirl named Loraine Lee. Secondly, the dress with the black flowers
on the white background that was sold just now has problems with its quality, so it must be returned to
the shop immediately. Don’t let the customer wear it and affect the brand image.”

“Thirdly, show me the shop’s surveillance records. I have something to verify.”

Loraine, the aforementioned salesgirl, couldn’t bear it anymore and screamed, “Who do you think you
are? A braggart like you actually dares to order our manager around with just a bank card?! I think

you’re a really pitiful and miserable wench desperate to marry Mr. Fulcher!”

After all, the shop manager was more knowledgeable than her. Forget the black card, she knew that
the shop was in trouble today when she saw the material of Diana’s clothes up close.

In the whole of Richburgh, or even the whole world, only those who didn’t want to live would dare to
use this black card to deceive!

Diana’s request was really too difficult.

Diana understood this, and spoke up again. Her words shocked everyone. “I want to buy your shop for
one hundred million dollars.”

The purchase of the shop went smoothly. After all, everyone had to respect Julian.

What’s more, Diana also had an unknown identity that came in handy at that very moment.

She had successfully bought the shop with ease. She glanced at Loraine, and asked the manager,
“Aren’t you going to fire her?”

Loraine remained defiant. “Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re rich? This
is an abuse of personal power! If you dare to fire me so casually, I’ll go out and tell the world what kind
of worthless woman Mrs. Fulcher is! Mr. Fulcher can’t be blamed for his infidelity!”

This was a personal affair between Julian and herself. No matter what it was, an outsider had no right
to say anything about their relationship!

Diana’s eyes instantly turned cold. She stepped in front of the salesgirl, and then… Slap!

She slapped the salesgirl and said coldly, “I can do whatever I want, precisely because I am rich. If you
can’t accept it, you should become as rich as I am so you can find a rich man like me!”

Loraine was shocked by Diana’s aura. She no longer dared to retort. She turned around, covered her
face, and glared at Diana one last time before leaving L.

“That girl has an evil look on her face.” Nina felt a little uneasy. “She’s not going to harm you, is she?”

“She needs to be able to do so first.” Diana did not take Loraine seriously, and continued instructing the
manager. “Don’t forget to do my second request.”

That dress was taken away so suddenly. Diana did not believe that it was a coincidence.

Since she couldn’t be happy, Diana did not want that woman to be happy either.

At the same time, Loraine, who was fired, took off her overalls and walked outside the entrance of SK
Mall. She looked at the business card with the name ‘Kayla Winnington’ that she was holding tightly in
her hand, and the corners of her lips curled into a sinister smile.

After giving an account of everything, Diana walked to the monitor as she intended to do the third thing
she wanted—find out that woman’s appearance.

She could not be so passive all the time. She needed to learn more about the other party so as to avoid
further so-called coincidences today from happening again.

Nina was about to cry.

She didn’t expect that Diana would be able to handle things so efficiently.

When Nina went outside SK Mall, she recorded the face of Julian’s mistress very clearly. She was
extremely shocked, and quickly contacted Vans Stanley. Only then did she find out that the mistress
was actually Diana’s adopted sister, Kayla!

Kayla was Julian’s childhood friend and had disappeared for no apparent reason three years ago. She
had returned to the country recently.

Nina deduced that Diana was most likely a stand-in for Kayla.

Nina was able to rise into a top paparazzo from a small paparazzo, and was a top-notch presence in
the entertainment industry. She was smart and she knew that Diana, who was in the first trimester of
her pregnancy, might not be able to stand the revelation.

Diana had been looking forward to having a baby for so long.

Nina didn’t want her to lose everything in the end. Nina could only squat down and mumble, “Diana…
I… I probably ate too much today and my stomach hurts…”

Diana wasn’t fooled. She had known Nina for so long, and she had long understood Nina’s every
move. The fact that Nina was pretending to have a stomach ache at this moment was more of a
confirmation of what Nina had seen when she went to take pictures just now. Nina didn’t want Diana to
find out.

Diana continued asking the manager to turn on the surveillance records as she wanted to see who the
woman with Julian was. She wanted to know how exactly many coincidences could happen even when
she was just shopping.

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