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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 12

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 12

The two of them took their seats, and Nina ordered several dishes in a row. “The shrimp cakes at this
shop are very famous! Recently, many celebrities had their agents come here to pack this for them to

As she ordered, she chattered, “I’ll order a fish for the baby too. The baby will definitely be smart after
eating that!”

Diana said nothing, but she had a gentle smile on her lips.

There were not many people in her life worth cherishing, and Nina was one of them.

However, she would certainly be happier if Julian was the one talking about ordering some dishes here
that were good for the baby’s health.

Alas, the family of three she fantasized was finally shattered.

She lowered her eyes to hide her disappointment.

The food at this restaurant was really good, and Diana had a very good appetite as she ate. Before she
and Nina could finish eating, the boss suddenly came over and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, but
someone has reserved the place here. We won’t charge you for the food, so please leave as soon as

“Why are we so unlucky today?!” Nina slammed her cutlery down. “We ran into that damned man when
we went shopping, and we got kicked out when we were eating!” She glanced at Diana. “Diana, you
can just eat slowly. I’m sure they won’t kick us out if we’re not done eating yet.”

Diana was also a little surprised. She hadn’t not eaten enough yet.

These dishes suited her appetite greatly. After eating, she ordered a lotus leaf congee, and her feeling
of nausea was instantly gone.

After Diana looked at the boss, she said, “It’s not easy for him either.” She took out some money and
said, “Pack up the food for us. There’s no need for you to waive the bill either.”

The boss was naturally grateful, but it was only after they came out that Diana realized that it was
Julian who booked the entire restaurant.

He didn’t seem like someone who would come to this kind of place to eat, so Diana thought that he was
simply doing this to make that woman smile.

Diana thought for a while before deciding to call Julian. “Where are you?”

However, he didn’t give her a proper reply. “I have something on.”

Diana looked at Julian, who was standing in the alley, and deliberately said, “I’m in a small restaurant
near SK Mall. The shrimp cakes here are better than those made by the chef at home. I’ll bring some
back for you, okay?”

Julian stopped in his tracks and held Kayla back. He looked up at the restaurant that was close at
hand, not daring to go any further.

Kayla was puzzled. She glanced at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Julian shifted the position of his cell phone and did not answer Kayla. Instead, he said to the person
who was on the other end of the line, “No need.”

He could sense that Diana was in the area.

He glanced at Kayla, who resembled Diana, and panicked for no reason.

Diana’s mood had been very bad these days, so he must hide the reason he married her in the first
place. This was his last mercy and kindness to her.

Julian hung up and hurriedly changed his itinerary. “I know of an even better restaurant. Let’s try the
food there instead.”

The alley was narrow, and Julian was tall. Diana could only see the hem of his clothes, but she could
not see the woman’s face.

Nina saw her intentions. “I knew you wouldn’t let them go!” She winked at Diana, and then took out her
small video camera. “It’s crowded, so it’ll not be convenient for you to go over there. Wait for me to take
pictures! I’ll come back and show them to you.”

Diana did not stop Nina.

All things considered, she wasn’t someone who wouldn’t get angry.

She was about to divorce Julian, but the formalities have yet to be completed. The fact that he had
cheated in their marriage meant that the whole thing was his fault in the first place. He shouldn’t be
provoking her repeatedly now.

Did that woman really know nothing about the existence of his rightful wife?

Although Diana couldn’t see that woman’s expression clearly, she felt that everything that had
happened today was far too coincidental.

Moreover, she still had no clue about the identity of the person who texted her that day.

Could it be her…?

No matter what, they made her unhappy today. She wouldn’t let them be happy either!

She was taking a gamble when she made that phone call to Julian earlier.

She was betting on his ethics, his integrity, and whether he cared about their marriage at all.

As she watched the couple leave the restaurant, she felt she had won the bet.

Soon, she would be able to see the photos Nina would take for her and see what that woman looked
like. She wanted to know how that woman could charm Julian, who had always patronized only high-
end restaurants, to come to a place like this.

The way he was good to that woman was different compared to his treatment of Diana. He was always
compromising, and he even changed himself for that woman!

Diana closed her eyes, not wanting to think about the recent events.

Soon, Nina’s voice rang in her ears. “Diana!”

Nina was back with the photos.

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