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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 11

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 11

“No, you’re…” The person on the other end of the line seemed to sound apprehensive as she
deliberated, taking her time to speak. However, joy and anticipation colored her tone as she said
happily, “Are you missing me like I’m missing you?”

Julian hummed deeply in response.

Kayla was obviously even happier. “When you beat those people up and scolded my mommy because
of my sister, I thought that…you wouldn’t contact me again.”

Julian lowered his head and looked at the text message Noel just sent.

It clearly showed that Kayla was the one who lured Diana to Winnington Mansion.

Although she made it so that her cell phone number wouldn’t appear in the text message, Julian’s men
had a way to decipher everything. Julian quickly investigated Kayla after he saw Diana appearing at
Winnington Mansion.

What did he want to say over the phone?

“Silly girl.” A fiery look flashed across his calm face, reflecting the deep alienation in his eyes. “Don’t
think too much.”

He paused for a moment and said, “I’ll tell the driver to pick you up for dinner tomorrow.”

As for Kayla texting Diana, well… He was going to just let it go.

Perhaps Kayla felt uneasy as his divorce wasn’t settled yet.

Julian owed Kayla, so he rationalized that he should indulge her.

The next day.

Diana didn’t go back to the bedroom to rest last night as she didn’t want to see Julian at all now.

Thus, she had been resting in the guest room after returning from the flower shop.

After waking up again, she went to find Julian to sign the divorce agreement again. Alas, he had
already left the house much earlier.

There was no breakfast that was usually prepared with love that she was so familiar with on the dining

Julian was truly completely gone, both in person and in heart.

Diana called her friend, Nina Ashlee, to go out shopping with her in order to divert her attention from
the depressing truth.

The two of them ate a lot of snacks on the first floor of SK Mall. Then, they went to the second floor to
shop for clothes.

“This shop’s on the casual side. Let’s buy two loose outfits so you’ll be comfortable.” Nina dragged
Diana into a dress boutique. “When I was tailing some people, I found that many celebrities bought
their clothes from this shop. The stuff here is definitely of good quality!”

Nina was a professional paparazzo. In fact, she was the top female paparazzo in the industry. Hence,
Diana believed in Nina’s taste. “Let’s go in and take a look.”

The clothes inside were as good as Nina claimed. Diana looked at the dresses one after the other.

Diana’s favorite was a long-sleeved dress with black flowers on a white texture. It didn’t stick to the
waist, and the back looked extra light because of the bow attached to it.

“I’ll try this.” Diana requested the salesgirl to take the dress down for her.

However, Diana and Nina had to take turns asking several times before a salesgirl finally came over.

“This dress costs one hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars. You must buy it if it’s dirtied or
damaged,” The salesgirl said arrogantly after glancing at them.

Nina could tell that the reason she and Diana were neglected was because the salesgirl here looked
down on them.

“So what if it costs one hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars? Diana can still afford it even if she
buys your whole shop!”

“You’re really good at bragging.” The salesgirl laughed in ridicule and rolled her eyes at them.

Nina was about to continue arguing with her, but the salesgirl said something into the walkie-talkie
before trotting away with the dress Diana liked.

Nina was puzzled. “Is she bringing us a new dress for you to try on?”

“No,” Diana said. “The shop only has one piece of each outfit. Since she didn’t give it to us, I ‘m
guessing someone else wanted it.”

Sure enough, the salesgirl’s hand was empty when she returned.

She even glared at them impatiently and snar,ed, “You two should hurry and get out if there’s nothing
else you want to do aside from bragging. Don’t let your gross stench destroy our shop’s reputation,

Only then did Diana truly react. The reason the salesgirl looked down on them and mocked them was
probably because she saw them coming up from the first floor.

Nina lost her temper. “How can you say that to us?!”

“So what? You ate at roadside stalls, but you dare brag about buying everything in our shop! I think you
can’t even afford to buy a suspender here!”

“Who said I was bragging?” Nina pushed Diana forward and exclaimed, “She’s Julian Fulcher’s wife!
Do you really think she can’t afford it?!”

“Pff!” This time, it wasn’t just this salesgirl who was laughing. Even the other salesgirls laughed. “You’re
really shameless! You have the guts to say just about anything, huh? Do you think we haven’t seen
Mrs. Fulcher before? Mrs. Fulcher was here just now, and she just bought the dress that you liked in
Mr. Fulcher’s company! Mr. Fulcher also bought his wife ten other dresses of different styles to make
her happy.”

“If you say that this lady is Mrs. Fulcher, why didn’t Mr. Fulcher accompany her here?”

“You’re ridiculous! You could really say anything!”

Nina was instantly petrified. Julian actually went shopping with that woman!

No matter how much Diana begged him before, he wouldn’t accompany her to come out to do
something as trivial as shopping. It had always fallen to Nina to accompany Diana shopping. Yet now,
he was not only accompanying that woman to go shopping, but he also thoughtfully bought her a lot of
clothes just to please her.

Nina glanced at Diana in embarrassment and mumbled regretfully, “Diana, I…I didn’t know that Julian
would bring that woman out in public…”

“It’s okay.” Diana pulled Nina away and smiled at the salesgirl. “We won’t be buying anything anymore.”

“Diana, don’t smile anymore.” Nina was about to break into tears. “That’s worse than crying.”

Just as Diana was about to refute her words and reassure her, she saw a pair of figures appearing in
the jewelry shop on the first floor which was directly opposite them.

The woman had already changed into the white black floral dress that she spotted just now.

From the back, the woman seemed to have a long and slender neck. Her hair was tied into a full high
bun above her head. She carried the aura of a wealthy young lady who grew up in the lap of luxury and
lacked nothing. She was a good match with Julian as they stood side by side.

They were like a pair of perfect lovers.

Diana didn’t want to look anymore, so she turned around and wanted to leave. “I’m tired.”

She understood that if she were to be compared to other women, there would be a few years in her life
where she was overwhelmed by a hard life. She couldn’t have the same aura as that woman.

Diana wanted to retreat when she saw that woman’s back.

“Don’t.” Nina refused to let it go so easily. “You’re in your first trimester of pregnancy, so you should pay
attention to your mood.” Distressed, Nina stroked Diana’s hand and said, “I’ll take you to eat something

Nina traveled through the streets and alleys of Richburgh all year round in order to tail celebrities, so
the places that she recommended must be amazing.

Ever since Diana got pregnant, she had to hold back her morning sickness in order to prevent others
from discovering any abnormalities. She also had to hide her increasingly picky appetite. Nina’s words

tempted her with ease. “Okay, let’s go and enjoy some good food!”

Nina agreed. “Yes! We’ll treat that cheating couple as food and bite them to pieces!”

They held hands and walked a hundred meters after leaving SK Mall, before turning into a small alley.

“I can’t let you get too tired.” Nina pointed at a small restaurant in front of her. Its signboard was about
to fall off. “We’ll eat at this restaurant first.”

A small restaurant that depended on the word of mouth certainly wouldn’t be worthy of someone like
Julian. They definitely would not run into them again, so Diana was very satisfied. “Let’s do as you say.”

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