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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 4

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 4

As her thoughts ran wild, she suddenly felt a cool feeling on her legs. Diana lowered her head and saw
that it was Julian, who was applying medication for her.

His indifference when he mentioned the divorce was gone, and he was basically half-kneeling on the
ground in order to find the most comfortable angle for her. It was very difficult for his long legs to be
between the ground and the edge of the bed.

Yet, he still looked like a divine being.

His fingertips were slightly cold, but his voice was warm. “Remember to apply the medicine three times
a day in the future.”

He wouldn’t be helping her anymore.

Diana could hear the meaning behind his words, but she couldn’t tell whether she felt sweet or bitter at
this moment.

She could only respond passively and hurriedly looked away, out of fear that her reluctance would be
revealed. She pretended to be calm and said, “I got it.”

There was no reason she wouldn’t do things good for her.

“Mr. Carter.” Julian heaved a sigh of relief for no reason when he heard Diana’s answer. However, he
also felt a little disappointed.

Had Diana adapted so quickly?

It didn’t seem like she needed him at all; as if she could live well without him.

A hint of dissatisfaction flashed across his eyes, causing the temperature of the room to drop several
degrees. His voice became a little louder. “Come in and clean Madam’s room.”

Diana found it quite odd.

She did not only find Julian’s uncertain mood to be a little strange today, but she was also surprised at
his order — as the butler, it was not Mr. Carter’s job to do such trivial things as cleaning the room.

Mr. Carter was obviously puzzled as well. He thought he had heard wrongly just now, so he asked, “Sir,
do you need someone to come in and clean the room now?”

“Why?” Julian had a sharp look in his eyes as he gazed at Mr. Carter, and his cold voice became even
more domineering as he asked, “Will it tire you out if you clean Madam’s room yourself?”

He had never been so aggressive toward Mr. Carter before.

Sweat instantly bathed Mr. Carter’s forehead. He glanced at Diana, who was lying on the bed, and then
at Julian, who was still organizing the medical kit personally, as if he did not understand what Julian


He did not understand why Julian was still concerned about Diana when Kayla was back. Kayla was
obviously the person Julian loves.

Diana was just a stand-in.

Rather, she should leave the Fulcher family as soon as possible.

Julian should be with Kayla, a simple-minded girl who had lived a simple life.

Diana wasn’t even liked by her own biological parents. She wasn’t good enough for Julian.

However, Julian did not ascertain Mr. Carter’s doubts.

He simply said sharply, “Mr. Carter must know his place, regardless of whether we divorce or not.”

No matter how long Mr. Carter had worked for him, the man should not be making any decision for him.

Mr. Carter couldn’t treat Diana so coldly.

At this moment, Mr. Carter finally understood.

Even though he still felt upset for Kayla, he still lowered his head and said, “Madam, I’m sorry for
stopping you outside the old mansion today…”

That banquet was held for Kayla, and Julian’s subordinates who had watched him and Kayla grow up
together since they were young, also attended.

All of Julian’s friends were there too.

Therefore, Mr. Carter rightfully thought that Diana would be completely abandoned.

He naturally couldn’t hide the contempt in his heart, and he also didn’t want Diana’s appearance to ruin
Kayla’s good mood.

Unexpectedly, Julian noticed all this.

Julian also noticed that Mr. Carter had been a little slow when he brought the medical kit just now.

Mr. Carter’s heart was thumping madly, and suddenly, he couldn’t figure out Julian’s thoughts.

Then again, he was never able to get Julian’s thoughts right from the time he was in charge of the
Fulcher family anyway.

It would be better for him to obey all of Julian’s commands without fail.

Diana felt a little uneasy when she saw the old man lowering his head in front of her to admit his
mistake. She waved at him again and again as she said, “It’s… It’s okay, Mr. Carter…”

He usually treated her well.

What’s more, Mr. Carter was already a venerable old man. She could not bear to embarrass him and
make things difficult for him.

What made her happy was the fact that Julian was still protecting her. From Julian’s words, Diana could
tell that Julian didn’t give the order to stop her from entering the banquet today. It was Mr. Carter who
had taken matters into his own hands.

She was so happy, she felt as if she was about to fly. She grabbed Julian’s sleeves immediately, and
spoke up for Mr. Carter. “Honey… Mr. Carter has already apologized, so why don’t you let him go back
to his room and rest?”

Her voice was soft and delicate.

One’s soul could be hooked upon listening to it.

She would often do this in the past whenever Julian was angry, and it would always make him soft-

However, he did not like her using such a delicate and soft voice when speaking up for others.

“Diana!” he said solemnly. “Don’t ever speak to me like that ever again in the future.”

Her hand, that was tugging at his sleeve, suddenly paused for a moment.

She suppressed the sadness she felt and the tears in her eyes, and then smiled and replied yes.

How could she have forgotten?

He just filed for a divorce!

Even if he defended her firmly in front of the laborious Mr. Carter, and even if he was treating her the
same way he did before and was so concerned about her over a small bruise, he still couldn’t hide the
fact that they were about to get a divorce.

He did not want her anymore.

This was a fact that she had to accept, and she wasn’t qualified to act coquettishly in front of him

Just like that, her hand dropped.

She was the one who overstepped the boundaries.

Julian didn’t like such intimacy anymore.

He was probably still treating her this way today because of his personality.

It had nothing to do with love.

Diana felt as if there was a wire tugging at her heart, and blood was dripping because of the wounds. It
hurt badly.

But she still smiled, like a warm sunflower that was forever tireless. The words she said did not feel
warm at all, however. “When should we go through with the formalities?”

Only God knew how much courage she used to restrain herself when she said this.

He wanted a divorce, so she would make it happen.

Julian was momentarily stunned.

It took him a long time to realize what she meant by going through with the formalities.

He looked at Diana’s expressionless face; she looked as if to her, their marriage could simply be
discarded casually like an unused rag.

This woman was really far more determined than he thought!

The displeasure in his heart intensified. He frowned, his face a terrifying expression. His eyes then fell
on Diana and he snarled, “You can’t wait to divorce me already, is it?!”

Diana was rather confused.

Didn’t he ask for a divorce?

Was it really wrong for her to obey his wishes?

Diana couldn’t understand his thoughts. But in order to not let herself be shaken again and mistakenly
think that he still loved her as he did before, and come up with all kinds of ridiculous reasons to make
up with him, she bit the bullet and said, “I don’t want much… If you want a divorce, then I want…”

The corners of Julian’s mouth curled up slightly and he smiled mockingly.

She was starting to raise conditions so soon?

He had really underestimated her!

As it turned out, even his marriage with Diana wasn’t as good as the divorce conditions he proposed!

And yet, a mere two hundred million dollars could tempt her so easily. What was more, she was so
eager to raise the price!


He was the one who had gotten it wrong. How could such a materialistic woman be compared to

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