Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2510

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The Fiendgods swarmed into the Soul Ring Immortal Palace and gathered beside the Asura King.

By this time, the Fiendgo ds had already been controlled by the Asura King’s Asura Demon Bone and
had gradually evolved into four domains.

Fiendgods were located in the east, south, west, and north directions, clustered around the Asura King.

It was as if they had become the limbs of the Asura King, or perhaps the Asura King had become the
entire heart of the Demon King, taking in all the power of the Fiendgods present for his own use.

Wherever the four domains extended, the space was distorted and the five elements were directly
obliterated, and the universe was turned upside down. In addition, there were more and more gods and
demons. They were as numerous as mountains and seas, and there were more and more of them.

Vaguely, Asura King seemed to have become the god of Asura. His terrifying momentum filled every
corner of the Soul Ring Immortal Palace.

“What’s going on? Why do the Fiendgods’ auras seem to have fused together?”

“Impossible! These gods and devils fight on their own and have their own consciousness and wisdom.
Although I’ve seen groups of three or five, who can command such a large number of gods and demons

“That’s right. If you want to control the flow of evil spirits and gods, you must have a higher stage of life
than them. This kind of guy is one in ten thousand. Is there one in the Soul Ring Immortal Palace?”

“Terifying, it’s too terrifying. With so many Fiendgods here, even if we were to exhaust them, we would
still be exhausted to death, not to mention that now that all of them have fused together, I’m afraid that
none of our true disciples can resist them!”

The disciples of the Divine Martial Sect in the Soul Ring Immortal Palace were all shocked by the power
that spread out from the four domains.

The true disciples above the fourth stage of the Nirvana Realm were trembling under the pressure of the
four domains. Some of them could not dodge in time. Even if they did not want opportunities or good
fortune, they had to stay away from the range of the four domains to avoid being implicated and losing
too much.

However, they were even more curious about what had happened in the depths of the Soul Ring
Immortal Palace and why the battle had reached this point. This kind of power was something that even
Ferdy, who had advanced to the seventh stage of the Nirvana Realm, would have difficulty fighting

At this moment, Ferdy’s face was also a little ugly. He could naturally sense that the person who did this
was definitely the Asura King.

However, Asura King’s target was Jagoan. In other words, Asura King was fighting against Jagoan!

To think that the Asura King would dare to make such a big move against a useless second stage of
Nirvana Realm practitioner!

I think the Asura King is nothing more than this!

Ferdy’s expression gradually returned to normal as he chuckled and said, “If it was not for the fact that it
had received orders from my cousin and was still of some use, with its disrespectful attitude towards me,
I should have killed it ten times or a hundred times. Its body and spirit would have been destroyed and it
would never be able to turn over again! Now, it seems that even killing Jagoan would be so strenuous. If
such a useless person still dares to disrespect me next time, then kill him!”

At the same time, Asura King, who had evolved the four domains, became extremely huge.

Asura King’s head was as tall as a mountain, and its eyes were as deep as a black hole that could
devour all life. Its four limbs were attached to the devil gods, as if a giant spirit was coming to the world.

“Jagoan, die!” Asura King declared to Jagoan as if he was the declaration of a god.

Then, Asura King punched Jagoan. This punch was not an ordinary blow. It was evolved from countless

Bright thunder and dark fire, life and death yin and yang, three thousand the Great Taos all evolved at
this moment.

This was an attack without any weaknesses. It could not be restrained or constrained. It could only be a
collision of strength.

The survival of the strong and the death of the weak were very pure. Asura King wanted to suppress and
kill Jagoan with his power. Even though Jagoan had his own means, his cultivation was still inferior to
theirs. They were strong enough to fight against each other.

“Jagoan, did you deserve it?”

Without another word, Jagoan activated the Seventh move of Sword!

He was worried that there was no suitable target to test out the Seventh Move of Sword, but he didn’t
expect that the Asura King would come himself.


The huge sword of light appeared with endless buzzing sounds. The Great Tao resonated, and the gods
praised it. Wherever the sword tip pointed, it was absorbed and condensed. Everything was
automatically cut off. There was nowhere to hide or escape. It was as if his life and death were decided
by the will of Jagoan!

He was the Lord of the Ten Thousand Swords, and also Slayer Yama!


Asura King’s fist was strangled by the Seventh Move of Sword, and his entire arm was turned into ashes.

The Fiendgods collapsed one after another.

While mourning, they continued to instinctively protect the Asura King’s true form and sacrifice the divine
might of the Seventh Move of Sword.

Jagoan remained calm, like a killing god. Before Asura King could react, he raised his hand and made
another Seventh Move of Sword. This time, he was going to cut off the wings of Asura King!

He did as he said!

The light sword appeared on the edge of the sword, facing the bone wings of the Asura King. The tip of
the sword was extremely bright. It kept absorbing, condensing, and killing until it was crushed into ashes.


As the explosion raged, one of the Asura King’s bone wings was destroyed by the Seventh Move of
Sword. The Asura King, who had been suspended in mid-air, was caught off guard and staggered,
almost falling down!

“Jagoan, how dare you!” Asura King was furious.

Jagoan remained calm and was about to continue killing the Asura King. However, he discovered that
the number of Fiendgods that surged into this place continued to increase.

As soon as Jagoan cut off the Asura King’s arm and bone wings, the Fiendgods that followed closely
behind automatically attached themselves to the wound to heal it.

This kind of recovery speed was getting faster and faster with the increasing number of Fiendgods. It
was to the point that not only could it be repaired, but it could also be continuously enhanced!

“Jagoan, what do you think?” The corner of the Asura King’s mouth was raised, and he said with a hint of
pride, “In this place, even if I am not dead or dead, you can’t kill me at all! As long as there are still
Fiendgods, it is impossible for me to die. I will repair them over and over again until I crush you like an

Originally, Asura King did not want to use the Asura Demon Bone so quickly.

After all, this was his little trump card.

What should he do after using it so early?

Unfortunately, Jagoan was too strange. He was clearly just a mere second stage of Nirvana Realm ant,
yet he was so difficult to deal with. His methods were endless and his speed of strengthening was even
faster than his own.

The Asura King felt that if Jagoan was given enough time to cultivate, it was hard to say if the other party
would truly be able to unleash a life-and-death attack and kill him, the Asura King, with his second stage
of Nirvana Realm. However, the Asura King had already had enough fun and was also tired of it.

In this case, it was time for Jagoan to die!

However, Jagoan was fearless and said to himself, “It’s about time…”

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