Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 957

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Diana wished the moment could remain eternal.

After a while, she said slowly, “Simon…”

She paused, and glanced at Julian’s expression before continuing, “When I stood before you and
sought your approval to marry him, I did it for the children. At that time, my savings were only enough
for them to attend public schools in Richburgh. To qualify, we needed a household registration in the

Simon had that advantage.

“He never told me the things you just did,” Diana said earnestly. “Back then, he told me he didn’t like

That was why she had relied on him so heavily in Stirling City, and why she had considered marrying
him. She thought they both had their own motives. It was supposed to be just a sham marriage.

Little did she know, everything he said was a lie to keep her close to him.

Julian smiled knowingly. Sunlight filtered through his hair, turning into a delicate brilliance that
complemented his handsome features. He looked even more breathtaking.

His gaze was tender.

“I understand,” he said. His voice was clear, and he didn’t seem to blame her. “You’re explaining to me
why you

wanted to marry Simon back then, right?”

He held Diana’s hand gently. Her hand had grown rougher than before.

That was fine. He would gradually restore its softness.

He saw through the meaning behind her words, and nodded generously. “Okay. Starting today, we’re
officially a couple.

As for remarriage…”

Diana winked playfully at him. She was being mischievous, as if they were back in the days of their
newlywed bliss. “It all depends on your performance.”

She was practically shining.

Looking at this version of Diana, Julian felt even happier than her.


He suddenly lifted her high in front of the crowd, and gave her a playful kiss on the cheek. The
surrounding children burst into laughter—some covered their eyes with their hands, leaving only a
small gap between their fingers, and some laughed brightly.

While the adults hadn’t looked their way, Diana gestured for Julian to quickly her down. It would be
awkward for everyone to see them in this state.

However, Julian was determined. He refused to let her down.

He carried her into the midst of the crowd.

“It’s not like it’s shameful,” he grumbled. “Don’t move. If you move, I’ll kiss you again.”

As he expected, Diana stiffened and allowed him to hold her. He kept her in his arms until they finally
grew sore.

Then, he put her down.

Even so, he didn’t forget to announce, “You all worked hard barbecuing. I’ll cover everyone’s expenses

He wanted to thank them for continually praising his and Diana’s relationship.

Diana felt dizzy. She could see tipsiness and tenderness in his eyes.

The glances she and Julian exchanged were as sweet as honey. Betty seemed to sense the happy
mood, and eagerly squeezed into their embrace.

Julian quickly lifted her into his arms. The whole family bonded harmoniously with the others.

When night came and it was time to rest, Julian washed up and prepared the children for bed. When he
exited the bathroom, he saw Diana on the phone with Noel.

“There’s news,” Diana said excitedly. “Julian, there might be a way to recover my memories!”

If she could get back her memories, she could finally understand what had happened before she lost
them three years ago. She could also uncover any potential dangers around her. They wouldn’t need to
be so cautious anymore.

Julian’s gaze deepened, and he glanced outside.

Outside the Frog Tree Camp, a few shadows were moving back and forth. They were his bodyguards,
responsible for Diana’s safety. However, they kept their distance so they wouldn’t affect Julian and
Diana from mingling with everyone else.

“Did they find out everything about Matt Hughes?”


The man remained an enigma, and the police had made no progress in that regard.

Diana shook her head.

“It’s about the pill. They were able to analyze its components. ” She showed him a test report, and took
a deep breath. ’ Look! The pill’s made entirely of poison.”

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