Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 956

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This wasn’t the first time Julian had brought up the idea of remarriage.

Not long ago, Julian misunderstood and thought Diana had suggested it.

“Let’s wait a bit.”

But now, Diana wasn’t opposed to the idea of remarriage. Her gaze fell on their two kids.

Betty and Sean had quickly found their playmates in the camp. They were introducing each other’s
parents to one another. Diana saw them pointing at her and Julian, saying, “ These are my daddy and

Hearing that, Diana and Julian waved at the children’s group.

“Your daddy’s so handsome!”

“Your mommy’s so pretty!”

The kids who had formed a little appearance appreciation society showered them with praise.

Sean was relatively composed. There wasn’t much change in his expression, was giggling.

Diana recalled the past, when they were still in Stirling City. When other kids asked about their father,
Sean and Betty would lower their heads-as if they had done something wrong. Then, someone would
call them fatherless. Some parents even discouraged their kids from playing with them, just because
they didn’t have a father.

In society’s eyes, not having a father was seen as a defect.

Even though the twins hadn’t done anything wrong, they would suddenly find themselves excluded at

Diana had argued with people, too. She wanted to tell them she could be both a father and a mother.
She could care for her kids well, ensure their healthy and happy growth, and raise them into content

However, she ended up getting even more vicious insults.

“You can be both a father and a mother? What about that man who often comes to your house?
Enough with your act! It’s not easy to support two kids. Are you selling yourself? I won’t let my kids play
with yours,” someone said.

Stirling City was a small place. Many facts would get distorted as they spread from one person to
another; especially when some adults fail to teach their kids properly and always let them use their
innocence to say the crudest things.

As time passed, Sean started to resemble an older brother. His little face grew more and more serious.
He soon formed a strong and standoffish personality.

Diana understood that his character was inherently sensitive and aloof. This behavior was his way of
protecting himself from getting hurt.

Betty was a bit more carefree. Sometimes, after hearing hurtful words, she would learn a few new
words from Diana, cry for a bit, and then move on.

Occasionally, she would drag Simon out to tell everyone that he was her father, and that he was there
to punish the naughty kids.

But Simon wasn’t their real dad. In fact, he was very likely one of the people responsible for separating
them from their biological father. Thinking about this, Diana sighed.

“For the sake of our children, we should be together.”

Julian was displeased.

“If that’s the case, maybe we shouldn’t remarry. Loving the children is right, and I love them too. Just
because we have kids, it doesn’t mean you’re trapped in the role of a mother, and that our marriage is
compromised. Rather than a happy and harmonious family, the children need a happy and content
mother more.”

Upon hearing this, Diana laughed. “That really doesn’t sound like something you’d say.”

Her comment caught Julian off guard. He scratched his nose awkwardly. “I don’t want you to remarry
me just because of the kids.”

Such a marriage would be quite dull, and he didn’t want that. He didn’t want Diana to be trapped in
such a life, either.

Diana didn’t say anything. Instead, she slowly put her head against his shoulder.

The wind blew gently. The rice fields stretched out endlessly in the distance. The noise of the playing
children rang in the air, filling their ears.

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