Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 955

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Diana was clearly referring to him!

Julian decided to jump into the conversation. “That’s right. It’s really thinking about getting married.”

He turned to Sean. “Do you think the female fox would agree to marry the male fox?”

Diana, the so-called female fox, was speechless.

Honest as always, Sean shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Sean hadn’t even seen the fox. How would he know?

Seeing Sean’s serious little face, Julian couldn’t help but laugh. “Sean, sometimes you don’t have to be
so serious.”

This statement immediately hit a nerve with Sean.

‘If I’m not serious, how can I become an adult faster? How will I mature and protect Mommy and Betty?

He turned his head away, ignoring Julian completely.

Just when Julian’s relationship with Sean started to improve, he ran into another obstacle: Sean’s

Diana mouthed her words to communicate silently with Julian. “Don’t rush. Take it slowly.”

Sean was a sensitive child. To completely heal the wounds from the incident Julian orchestrated at the
kindergarten, they needed to wait for a suitable moment.

The family had chosen the currently popular Frog Tree Tribe Camping Village. Their room was a
uniquely frog-shaped. The structure was made of wood, and the surrounding fence was all glass.

If you stood at the room’s entrance and look down, you could see the earth in a golden color. The sun
shone with a dazzling shade of yellow. Just a glance at the scenery could significantly lift one’s mood.

Stepping out of the frog-shaped cabin, they found a row of white pointed tents on the open ground.
There were large pots and barbecue stoves, prepared for grilling and other leisure activities. All these
tools were available fortheir use.

Julian had gathered a few families with children, and formed a group to barbecue together.

Diana was quite surprised by how active he was.

“I thought that since you brought us here, you might have rented the whole place.”

Julian smiled. “What’s the point of renting the whole place?”

They were here to take the kids out for some fun, after all.

“Next time, when it’s just you and me, I’ll rent the whole place.”

He didn’t want anyone disturbing their time together.

Diana felt that his words carried an innuendo, and tapped him lightly on the head. “Quit it with that
nonsense. I’m not going out alone with you.”

The moment Julian heard this, his gaze instantly turned cold. “Why wouldn’t you?”

His temperament was intimidating. His icy expression and tone quieted the previously bustling

Diana tiptoed, and patted Julian’s head once again. She quickly apologized to everyone.

“Sorry, sorry. My husband isn’t trying to scare anyone. He just has a bad temper. Please understand.”

Upon hearing this, the people around immediately became lively again. “Oh, don’t worry about it.”

“In my opinion, Mr. Fulcher is a rare gem. He has a pretty good personality.”

“Yes, of course! I’d believe it if you told me he’s a big shot.”

“Exactly. He even shares the same name as the richest man in Richburgh.”

“But if he was the richest man in this city, he wouldn’t be here with us, cooking in iron pots and having a
small barbecue.”

At this statement, a wave of agreement followed.

However, they didn’t continue the discussion as each family had their own children to attend to.
Everyone was busy taking care of kids and barbecuing.

Julian, on the other hand, was pleased. “Diana.”


“It sounded really nice when you called me your husband,” he said, striking while the iron was hot.
“How about you make me your husband for real?”

If they got back together, he would truly be her husband.

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