Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 954

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When Diana woke up, the sun was already high in the sky.

It was a weekend, so she didn’t need to send Sean to kindergarten. The studio was closed temporarily,
as she was waiting for some fabrics to arrive. Her alarm didn’t go off, either.

Julian had decided to stay home and spend time with them.

As Diana slowly opened her eyes, father and daughter synchronously supported their cheeks on their
hand. They grinned at her, revealing two rows of teeth.

“Diana, good morning.”

“Mommy, good morning.”

“Good morning.” Diana felt a bit embarrassed by their gazes. “I’ll go freshen up first so I don’t have
morning breath.”

“There’s already toothpaste on your toothbrush,” Julian said as he followed her. He got out of bed and
reached the bathroom ahead of her. Once inside, he handed her a toothbrush.

“Your towel’s here,” Betty said, imitating her father. She held a towel for Diana, ready to use after Diana
washed her face.

Diana’s heart was filled with warmth. Still, being treated so preciously made her a bit shy.

“Thank you, sweetie.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ful-“

“Call me Julian,” Julian corrected. “I missed hearing you call my name.”

It had been a while since he heard his name from her lips. Diana nodded.

“Julian,” she said, shaking the toothbrush in her hand.” Thank you.”

“Saying thank you is easy.” Julian lifted Betty up. They both leaned against the doorway, looking at her.
Would you dare to agree to a condition of mine?”

“What condition7” Diana finished brushing her teeth, and picked up the cup to rinse with mouthwash.

“Persuade Sean to go camping with us,” Julian said. “The weather’s nice should take the kids out to
experience nature.”

Diana spat out the mouthwash. “Have you already talked to Sean about it? Did he say no?”

Betty, who was clinging to Julian’s neck, replied in a childish voice, “It’s not that. Daddy’s afraid to talk
to Sean.”

Betty lowered her head, and fidgeted with her small hands.* I’m also afraid to talk to him…”

They were both afraid that Sean would refuse.

’Til give it a try.”

Diana finished wiping her face, exited the bathroom, and went straight to find Sean.

Who would have thought he wouldn’t resist at all?

“If Mommy’s going, then I’ll go.”

He had said it-even though he was still young, he would use his own strength on Daddy anymore, or
anyone else for that matter.

“Betty and I will go too,” Diana said.

Only then did she realize she had fallen into Julian’s trap. She didn’t even have a chance to refuse. He
had maneuvered her right into it! He asked her to persuade Sean to go with them, without even asking
if she wanted to go herself.

In hindsight, Diana realized Julian wasn’t afraid Sean wouldn’t agree. He was afraid she wouldn’t go
with them.

Diana shook her head, slightly amused.

Sean was puzzled. ‘ Mommy, are you happy about going camping?”

“Am I?”

They had just finished breakfast. Diana put Sean in the backseat of the nanny’s car. She sat beside
him, while Julian held Betty on the opposite side.

She thought momentarily, then said to Sean, “I’m not happy because of camping. I saw a fox early in
the morning, so I’m happy.”

“A fox?” Sean’s little face turned serious. “Foxes can potentially harm people. If we see a fox, we
should return it to nature.”

“Return it to nature?” Diana said slowly, teasing Julian on purpose. Maybe it doesn’t want to go back.”

“Why wouldn’t it want to go back?” Sean asked.

The wilderness was an animal’s natural habitat.

“Because this fox likes being with its family,” Diana said. “It’s even thinking of getting married.”

Sean became even more puzzled. “Getting married? Is it a male fox?”

Julian couldn’t take it anymore.

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