Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 951

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The person Simon loved wasn’t Diana.

It definitely wasn’t the twins, either.

The only person he loved was himself-the one abandoned by his biological parents, left with the
Channing family since he was very young.

Still, none of that was Julian’s fault. In fact, Julian was a victim too. However, Simon refused to accept
this reality. In his mind, he was the only one who had been hurt.

Diana wouldn’t feel sorry for him anymore. If she continued to believe his words, she didn’t know when
he might end up harming her.

Despite that, it was true he had shown her kindness over the years.

Julian disagreed with her perspective.

“What kindness? Accompanying you in Stirling City while you gave birth to the children, helping you
take care of them, watching over them-is that what you consider kindness?”

That was true.

“If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t have had to go through all of that!” Julian snarled.

Although he often claimed to dislike Simon and had a lot of biased opinions about the latter, in reality,
he had always

considered their blood relationship.

After all, Simon was still his younger brother.

And yet, this younger brother had turned around and stabbed him over and over again!

And now, while Julian was away at the police station, he schemed to take Diana away again!

Thinking that, he wished he could send Simon to jail right now!

Julian saw Diana’s exhausted expression, and his voice softened.

“Even if he had some kindness, we decided not to investigate him and Matt drugging you three years
ago. This is already the greatest mercy we could show him. That’s payback for his pitiful and weak

As he went on, his eyes turned bloodshot.

“If he hadn’t meddled three years ago, we wouldn’t have been separated! I wouldn’t have missed being
by your side when you gave birth. I wouldn’t have spent three years without hearing from you, unable
to see what our children looked like when they were born!”

The children would’ve led happier lives than they were now.

Simon had snatched away all of this ruthlessly.

Their entire family had been more than kind enough to Simon.

“From now on, I won’t consider our pitiful blood relationship

anymore,” Julian vowed. “If he dares to plot against you again, it won’t end as easily as today. I won’t
show him any mercy anymore!” i

These words weren’t just for himself. More than anything, they were meant for Diana. It was a message
to her, telling her that he had reached his limit with Simon. If Simon crossed any lines in the future, he
hoped she wouldn’t be swayed.

Diana grasped his hand, and reassured him, “I understand. Simon held bad intentions about me and
the little ones.

Even if you hadn’t said anything, I would’ve reminded you to be more cautious around him.”

She didn’t know whether her slapping Simon today would lead to greater trouble. For the sake of their
safety, she couldn’t maintain a friendly relationship with him anymore.

Listening to her, Julian immediately felt relieved. Worried that Diana was as fragile as glass, his tone
softened even further. “How’s your rest at home?”

“It was okay.” Diana was more concerned about what happened at the police station. “Have they
finished taking your statement? Have they analyzed the components of the pill?”

Julian revealed a troubled expression. “Not yet. It’s a matter of time, and it won’t be done so quickly.
The pill Matt wanted you to take was crushed in his hand and mixed with other substances. Analyzing it
wouldn’t be easy.”

“That’s perfect,” Diana said.

She brought over a box. Inside it was the pill Simon had wanted her to take.

“Send this for testing too.”

Perhaps it would give them a notable result.

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