Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 950

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Diana shouldn’t have doubted Julian’s words. Because of Simon, they argued a lot.

Slapping Simon’s face left a slight tingling sensation on her fingertips.

Diana clenched her fists, gazing at Simon. He still looked quite unwilling.

“You keep professing your love for me, but is it really me that you love? Are you truly in love with me?
You love yourself. You love the version of yourself that’s always inferior to Julian!” she yelled.

Taking a deep breath, she continued, “There are so many unclear aspects about what happened three
years ago. Even so, your desire to take me away from him is all about making him suffer! You want to
make him despair to bridge this gap!”

“It’s not like that!” Simon shook his head frantically, vehemently opposing her. “It’s not what you think,
Diana! I haven’t deceived you. I really do love you!”

From the moment he first saw her, he fell in love.

He loved her eyes.

He loved hearing her say he was a good person.

He even loved the indifferent glint in her eyes.

“Your love feels too much like a lie,” Diana spat, no longer believing his words.

She bent down and placed the pill into a box. When she raised her head again, her eyes held a sharp
and chilling determination.

She interrogated him ruthlessly, “After I told you that Matt died from taking this pill, for a moment-even
a split second-that I might be in danger if I took this pill?”

Simon hesitated briefly.

Shortly after, he began to defend himself. “I did.”

But that thought was fleeting, and it vanished as soon as it appeared.

His voice grew weaker.

“Your amnesia… this pill might have also caused it…”

Even Simon had been fooled by Matt. He had always believed that Diana had been hypnotized. Only
after receiving this pill did he realize that Diana’s amnesia wasn’t a result of hypnosis.

After a long silence, he regained his voice. He seemed to be in a daze. He looked at Diana, and said,
“It’s been a while since you took the pill. You haven’t experienced any discomfort…”

So, nothing should happen this time.

That was Simon’s reasoning.

Regardless of the truth, his ultimate purpose was to make Diana take the pill and lose her memories.

“I don’t regret slapping you,” Diana said.

She kept clenching and unclenching her fist as she glared at Simon.

She sneered, “And it’s not just because of your selfishness and shamelessness. You’ve probably done
even worse things to me.”

Diana no longer trusted him.

“Chad, escort our guest out!” she commanded.

As her words fell, someone immediately took Simon away.

“Wait!” he suddenly shouted.

Diana looked up. She thought he might mention the children -she hoped he had a change of heart, and
was going to apologize to them for his selfishness.

However, he still tried to defend himself.

“It’s not that I didn’t want the kids. After they came to the Richburgh, they only stuck to Julian. They
rejected me first! I cared for them for three years, but after they reunited with Julian, they treated me
like a stranger. I didn’t even get a single phone call! Wouldn’t you feel hurt if you were in my shoes?” he

Diana gazed at him, disappointment filling her eyes. “Simon.”

She sighed. Memories of their past in Stirling City flashed through her mind.

Back then, Simon had been truly kind-hearted. He hadn’t taken advantage of her amnesia to get close
to her.

He had shown her respect, hadn’t falsely claimed the children as his own, and hadn’t deceived her into
thinking he was their biological father.

For that, she was grateful to him.

But now…

“Betty’s been sick for a long time. After we found out about her condition in the studio, you bought her a
doll once. And then, you asked once about her recovery. Have you ever cared about her current mental
state? Have you thought about calling Sean on your own initiative, for once? Please!”

Exhaustion laced her tone.

“Stop making excuses for yourself.”

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