Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 952

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Julian handed the pill to Noel, instructing him to take it to the police station for further analysis.

He then sat down for a meal with Diana and the twins. Being together as a family was heartwarming.

After the meal, Julian couldn’t help but smile.

“I’ve already had Layla gather your and Sean’s belongings,” Julian told Diana after ensuring the two
children had eaten.” If Sean’s still upset with me, please put in a good word for me.”

Diana nodded. “I will.”

Sean had become more and more withdrawn lately. Diana wasn’t sure what influenced this behavior.
She explained the truth behind Julian’s forced apology at the kindergarten many times; while Sean
understood it, his closeness with Julian had waned.

She was concerned.

On the other hand, Betty grew fonder of Julian as her health improved. Even when Diana was present,
she seemed to rely on Julian more.

“Sean’s been spending more time alone in his room lately,” Diana said. “I’m not sure what he’s up to.”

Since starting kindergarten, his thoughts have grown more and more complex.

“I’ll do my best to communicate with him more.”

Julian was relieved. He asked excitedly, “So, does that mean you’re okay with moving back to CoIlina

“I’m fine with it,” Diana replied. Looking at his joyful expression, she smiled. “Before, I was just

She used to believe that for them to have a chance of being together again, and unravel their past
together. But after what happened with Matt, she realized that regardless of the past, Julian…

Was one of the very few people she could wholeheartedly trust.

The importance of dwelling on the past seemed to diminish.

What mattered was following her heart.

She had understood that the moment he stormed into the cafe’s private room, surrounded by his men.
In times of danger, her sole belief was in him and the children.

“It’s a great idea to move back,” she added, just to make him happier.

As expected, his usually cold and aloof eyes took on an affectionate glint.

“Do you want to move back to the master bedroom?” Julian asked.

Moving back to the master bedroom meant living together with him. Diana felt a bit bashful about it. “I
don’t need to.

Staying in the guest room is fine.”

Julian was understanding. “That’s alright. I can move to the guest room too.”

Diana was speechless at his quick response.

When night came, Betty insisted on sleeping with them.

“I haven’t seen Mommy in a long time,” Betty said.

She nestled tightly into Diana’s arms. Her small hand gripped Julian’s hand, and her little face rubbing
against Diana’s.

“Mommy smells nice. I missed you,” she went on.

Diana knew Betty’s condition had gotten better, but she hadn’t expected such a significant
improvement. She glanced at Julian.

He quickly said, “Betty’s amazing. She cooperates with the doctor and Daddy so well.”

Saying this, he leaned down and kissed Betty’s forehead. Betty immediately sat up and kissed Julian’s
forehead, and laid back down. She then turned her big, round eyes to Diana. She raised her small
hands to Diana’s cheek, and kissed Diana. Only then was she content.

“Goodnight, Daddy, Mommy.”

“Goodnight,” Diana said.

She had noticed it. Julian was using interactive ways to guide Betty back into speaking like before,
encouraging her to communicate with others more. The results were proving to be effective.

“You’re putting in a lot of effort.”

“She’s my daughter. It’s only natural.”

While he was finding ways to bond with Betty, he struggled to find harmony with Sean.

Still, Julian wasn’t discouraged. He could build a friendly relationship with Betty, transforming it into a
more affectionate father-daughter bond. After that, getting along with Sean was just a matter of time.

The crucial issue was.Jiving in harmony with Diana.

In just a short time, Betty had fallen asleep.

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