Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 948

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The last person who made her eat this pill was dead.

What’s more, he died after eating this very pill.

Diana’s eyes gradually turned cold.

Still, she accepted the pill. She looked at Simon and asked,” What kind of pill is this?”

“It’s good for your health,” Simon said without hesitation. “I went to great lengths for it.”

‘Thank you.” Diana put the pill in her mouth. Then, she said,” It’s a blessing, especially since I haven’t
been resting well after that car accident. Thank you so much for this.”

Seeing that Diana still trusted him like always, Simon sighed in relief. “You don’t need to be so polite
with me.”

With that, he urged her, “Drink some water before swallowing it. Don’t choke.”

“I won’t. You’re still as thoughtful as always,” Diana said. She lifted her cup to her lips, and tipped the
water down her throat. “What exactly does this pill do? It tastes so strange.”

She looked straight into Simon’s eyes. “It’s definitely not good for my health.”

Simon was shocked. “Since you know it isn’t, why did you still take it?”

“Why not? You gave it to me. You’ll never hurt me.”

The light in Simon’s eyes went out the instant he heard Diana’s words. The next moment, he relaxed
and returned to normal. However, he started twiddling his fingers, betraying his unease.

According to Matt, Diana would lose her memories once she took the pill.

So, he wasn’t afraid of telling her what he knew. Whatever happened, she would eventually forget
about it.

Simon pondered for a moment before saying, ‘This.Js a pill that can help you forget your troubles once

“Forget my troubles?” Diana was confused. Her brows furrowed. “What troubles?”

‘The troubles between you and Julian,” Simon said obstinately. “Haven’t you been hurt enough after
you came here from Stirling City and met Julian Fulcher? Your pain isn’t just physical. I’m sure there
are emotional wounds, too.”

He continued, his tone confident and enthusiastic, “It takes only three minutes for the pill to take effect.
You’ll forget everything that happened after you returned to Richburgh. Very soon, I’ll take you away
from this place. We’ll have our very own family. As for the twins…”

Simon paused for a moment. A look of sorrow flashed in his eyes.

“Julian will take care of them. He’ll make sure they have a good life. In the future, we’ll have our own
children to take their place. You might not even remember the twins

anymore after you take this pill.”

The more Diana listened to Simon, the colder her heart became.

That pilL.was actually hidden in her palm all along.

Just now, she pretended as if she had swallowed it. In truth, the only thing she had taken was water.
She had done that to make Simon come clean with her.

‘That cafe is yours, isn’t it?” she asked.

Simon’s mind was immersed in his vision of their beautiful future together. He was stunned to hear
Diana’s sudden question. “How did you know that?”

‘There was a mannequin at the front desk. It was the one I gave you before.”

It was strange enough that a cafe would display a mannequin. What’s more, that mannequin was
something she made herself.

The moment Diana walked into the cafe, she understood everything at one glance.


He knew Matt.

Matt was lying when he said he didn’t know Simon.

In fact, Matt probably went to such great lengths to take her to the cafe because it was Simon’s
territory. If anything happened, it would be convenient for them to act.

They didn’t expect Julian to be so careful. He appeared to trust Matt, anxious to help Diana regain her
memories. The truth was, he had long regarded Matt as a dangerous and untrustworthy person.

That was why Diana could escape unscathed.

She thought Matt died because he ate a pill similar to the one she had at the moment. As it turned out,
eating the pill wouldn’t be fatal. Instead, it would cause memory loss.

That was probably how she lost her memories in the first place.

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