Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 949

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“Thank you,” Diana said calmly, “for telling me the true reason behind my amnesia.”

Simon had only learned about it recently. It was something Matt told him before passing away. Matt had
emphasized the importance of getting Diana to take this pill, so that his dreams would come true.

His dreams, coming true…

Wasn’t that just making Diana lose her memories again, so it would be convenient for them to leave the
capital together?

Simon carefully put away the pill that had arrived through delivery. After that, he sought out Diana.

It wasn’t until now that Simon finally realized, belatedly, what had been set in motion.

Diana’s amnesia wasn’t due to hypnosis—it was because of this pill.

What was Matt’s goal in all of this?

Diana didn’t know.

Simon didn’t know, either. He didn’t even care if the pill would have any side effects. As long as Diana
could lose her memories again, it was enough for him.

Thinking about this, a chill ran through Diana’s body. Her blood turned cold.

“Actually, I…” Her voice choked slightly, and her eyes glistened with unshed tears. She spoke softly.
“I’ve always considered you a good friend. A very good friend.”

However, Simon betrayed their friendship.

Under Simon’s uneasy gaze, Diana slowly opened her palm.

In her palm lay the black pill.

“From now on, we…aren’t even friends anymore.”

Diana’s gaze turned cold. She signaled to Chad and the security team to come over.

“Escort Mr. Channing out!”


Simon’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Shock, disappointment, and exasperation flashed in his dark
gaze. He exuded an eerie and terrifying aura.

He shouted, “How could you lie to me?”

Diana’s eyes glistened with tears. “Why not? Simon, it’s been three years. In these three years, haven’t
you deceived me as well?”

The incident that caused her amnesia was indeed related to him. Otherwise, how could he be
connected to Matt?

“Matt died after taking this pill. This pill might kill me,” Diana said. She stared at him, meeting his gaze.
“Have you considered the consequences of my potential death? Or did you knowingly accept this
consequence, and still want me

to take it? To cruelly strip away the memories you thought caused me pain?”

Who gave him the right, under the guise of doing good for her, to rob her of her life? To separate her
from the two children?!

This was something she absolutely couldn’t tolerate.

“They’re children you’ve watched grow up. How can you bear to let them be without a mother?”

Simon’s demeanor was now twisted. “What difference does it make if they’re without didn’t even have a

At least her twins had Julian.

“But I grew up just fine,” he went on, his tone softening.” Diana, it’s okay for them to be without you.

A hint of madness flickered in his eyes.

“As long as we’re together, we can have many more little ones. Really, we can…”


Diana raised her hand and slapped him on the face.

“Simon!” she yelled.

She didn’t know when Simon had changed into what he was now. Or rather, she never truly understood

Julian had warned her repeatedly not to trust him.

Yet, she still considered Simon a trustworthy friend. She believed in him wholeheartedly.

Multiple times, she had been upset with Julian over this. Simon was, after all, his brother. No matter
what, he shouldn’t hold such strong biases against Simon.

Now, she really wanted to give herself a hard slap!

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