Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 947

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There must be another reason.

Diana tried to recall what had happened.

“He kept looking at the time before he died. He even took a call and started becoming more anxious
after the call ended. Tell the police about what I told you, and see if it helps their investigation of Matt
and the reason for his death.”

Julian nodded. “I got it. Have some rest.”

He had everything under control. He would do all he could to get to the bottom of this. He would even
find out what Matt liked to eat in his childhood!

“But your memories…”

“It’s alright.”

Diana mustered a tiny smile to comfort Julian, so he wouldn’t worry. Still, the thought of Matt on the
brink of death made her uncomfortable.

“I’ll take a nap.”

She would find her memories back slowly.

If she really couldn’t…

She looked up at Julian, who was crouched before her. His eyes were filled with worry.

She told him what was on her mind. “If I can’t find my memories, then…”

Julian understood. “You could be in danger any moment.”

Her life was at risk.

If her memories didn’t return, she couldn’t link what happened in the appear again in the future. She
might end up in a bloody death-like Matt.

As of now, his sudden appearance and Diana’s amnesia were all too strange.

Julian had every reason to be worried.

Yet, his presence made Diana fearless. She remembered what he told him before she and Matt went to
the cafe. He told her to trust him.

And trust him she did.

He would surely help her regain her memories, and protect her.

“Don’t go,” she said.

There was a thin line between the blossoming and withering of a life.

Through Matt’s death, she witnessed for the first time how a living and breathing person could become
a cold, hard corpse the next moment.

Right now, Diana was greatly reliant on Julian. She grabbed

his arm, and tried to dispel Matt’s corpse from her mind.

“I don’t feel scared with you around,” she said weakly.

Her tender voice made Julian’s heart leap.

Although she didn’t regain her memories, he could clearly sense that his Diana was back. Her feelings
for him and her reliance on him had returned.

He pulled her into his embrace. “Sleep.”

By doing so, she would sleep more comfortably and soundly.

In order to let her rest, Julian didn’t let her go to the police station to have her statement taken. Instead,
he requested the policemen to come to their home. Afterward, he followed them to the police station.

After all, a life was lost. The public witnessed it, too.

The case had a big impact on society. It had to be dealt with by the proper channels.

Julian gave the police his full cooperation. Most of all, he wanted to unravel the mystery behind Matt
Hughes’s true identity.

The moment Julian left, Simon barged into the villa. The security guard chased after him as he yelled
for Diana in the yard.

Diana heard the commotion outside. She put on a shawl and went to the balcony. From the second
floor, she called the security guard post and instructed them to let Simon in.

Simon…was probably worried about her.

Diana sat on the couch, waiting for him to enter the living room.

“Have a seat.” Diana passed him a cup of water, prepared by Layla. “Did you hear about the man who
died at the cafe?”

Simon nodded.

His eyes flashed for a split second. By the time he looked up, his gaze was crystal clear. There was
determination in it.

He took out a pill that looked identical to the one Matt tried to force on Diana. Placing it in her palm, he
said, “Eat this, Diana.”

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