Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 946

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The door and windows of the private room were flung open. Before long, the smell of the incense faded

Diana gradually recovered her voice. It was soft, but Julian could hear her clearly.

“A pill?” He noticed that something was wrong with Diana. ” What pill did he take? And what’s wrong
with your voice?”

If she spoke so softly because she was recovering from shock, there shouldn’t be any reason for her to
still be afraid.

He had already taken her out of the room.

He was worried she might be traumatized from seeing Matt bleeding from his nose and mouth after
dying. His concerned expression helped Diana’s strength return. She felt warm on the inside.

“I didn’t tell you this earlier,” she said weakly. “After I followed Matt into the private room, he lit an
incense. It made me weak, and I lost my voice.”

By the time Julian and his men kicked the door down, the air in the private room began circulating
properly. There were many people around as well. Thus, the incense’s effects weakened.

“Incense? Could there be drugs in them?” Julian asked.

What exactly did Matt Hughes want to do to Diana?!

Julian’s brows furrowed. He regretted letting Diana come here in the first place.

Thankfully, she was unscathed. If something untoward had happened to her, he would feel pain much
worse than death.

Regret and lingering fear filled Julian’s eyes. His gaze darkened.

He instructed Noel to keep the ashes of the incense and the pill that Matt tried to force on Diana. He
would let the police analyze them.

Now that a life had been taken, Julian didn’t want Diana to stay at this place a moment longer. He
helped her back into the car so she could rest.

“Did he hypnotize you? How do you feel right now? Do you remember anything? Does your head hurt?”
he asked, worried.

It felt good to have someone show her such concern, especially when she needed a shoulder to lean
on. Diana felt very much at ease.

She shook her head slowly.

She recounted everything Matt told her to Julian. “It was never hypnosis to begin with. There’s no such
thing as regaining my memories through hypnosis.”

Julian was flabbergasted.

How could that be…?

Kiki told him that Diana lost her memories because she was under hypnosis. Plus, Julian and the
neurosurgeon both concluded that hypnosis was the reason behind her amnesia.

So many hypnotists had come-yet, no one raised the possibility that Diana wasn’t actually hypnotized.
Each and every single one of them claimed that this hypnotist was highly skilled.

He was skilled to an unbelievable degree. Not only was he able to make someone lose her memories,
but he could do it so cleanly and completely. He was practically an expert who was out of this world.

What out-of-this-world expert?!

The claim of hypnosis was nothing but a red herring to distract them!

“The more mysterious something is, the fewer people would doubt it.”

Everyone said that it was hypnosis. No one doubted that it wasn’t. They had all fallen into a trap, and
couldn’t come out of it.

“So what exactly is the reason behind your loss of memories? Matt…” Julian softened his tone when he
mentioned Matt’s name.

He was worried Diana would recall Matt’s death, and be frightened.

Still, the real reason behind her amnesia…

Diana shook her head, disappointed. She repeated Matt’s words from earlier.

“He wasn’t really thinking of hurting me.”

He could’ve forced her to take the pill before he died, but he didn’t.

“But… I just can’t figure out why he would commit suicide.”

He was alive and well a moment ago. He couldn’t have suddenly developed thoughts of dying just
because Julian appeared with his men.

That was too outrageous.

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