Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 945

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If Diana took the pill, everything would be doomed.

She had no idea the consequences that would arise.

“Mmmh!” She shook her head profusely. She refused to let even an ounce of that pill into her mouth.

It was too late.

Soon, footsteps sounded from outside the door.

Simon didn’t lie to Matt. Julian’s men really were here! In fact, Julian himself was arriving at the cafe.

He wasn’t that stupid, after all.

Though he allowed Matt to take Diana away, he was convinced he could rescue her unharmed. He was
probably standing outside the door with his men right now.

The footsteps grew louder. Matt looked regretfully at Diana.” I’m sorry.”

With that, he smashed the cup. He grabbed a shard and held it against Diana’s neck. His sophisticated
persona disappeared, and he yelled aggressively, “Open your mouth and take it, or I’ll kill you!”

His face was a complex mix of emotions. He looked as if he treated Diana as someone very important-
like a treasured art piece. At the same time, he was burning with fury.

“Eat it! I told you to eat it!” he yelled.

It was all too strange.

Did he go to such great lengths and brought here just to make her take this pill?


Well, she would never eat it!

The glass shard pierced deeper into her neck the more she resisted him. Blood appeared, but that
didn’t stop him.

“Diana Winnington, we’ll really give up on you if you don’t listen to me!”

Who was the “we” he was referring to?! Why couldn’t she understand a single word he was saying?

“Mmm…!” She shook her head again, trying her best to express her confusion and doubts.

“Remember this,” Matt snarled. He tightened his grip on the glass shard, piercing it deeper into Diana’s

Before the glass shard could reach her main artery, he stopped.

“But… I can’t bear to give you up.”

She was their greatest masterpiece.

Diana’s mind was filled with questions. She was desperate to talk to him, but she couldn’t. Her whole
body was numb, and the numbness was spreading to her head.

If Matt were to exert just a little bit more force, she would lose the strength to keep her mouth shut.

Yet, he didn’t.


The door was soon kicked open.

Diana looked up, and saw that it was Julian.

She wasn’t at all surprised to see him. In fact, she didn’t feel an ounce of fear right now. She was
simply confused.


She tried yelling out loud, wanting to tell Julian to ignore her and take Matt under control instead.

She followed Julian’s shocked gaze, and turned back to look. It was then she realized that Matt…was
bleeding from the corner of his lips.

Someone put a finger under his nose.

“He’s dead.”

Blood started flowing out of Matt’s nose.

This was Diana’s first time witnessing someone dying. The shock was too much for her. She had a
strange urge to look, but she didn’t dare. When she shut her eyes, his gruesome corpse would come to

Noel turned to Julian. “It’s very strange, sir. There are no external wounds on his body.”

How did Matt die so suddenly?

Diana grabbed Julian’s arm. Her voice was shaky. “I know.”

She told them not to move anything, and to call for the police right away. She wanted them to check his
corpse and verify her guess.

“He took a pill.”

That pill was fatal!

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