Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 943

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He began lowering his guard and told Diana, “You’re welcome.”

He looked around him and added, “It’s rather dim here. It isn’t suitable for hypnosis. We need
somewhere bright enough that can help one relax completely. Also…”

He looked at Julian. “You can’t come along.”

“Why not?” Julian asked.

“Don’t ask so many questions. This is my rule for my hypnosis sessions,” he said solemnly. “If I can’t
enter a state of hypnosis, I can’t help Ms. Winnington get back her memories.”

Diana and Julian acceded to his request. “Okay.”

Julian stood in the house. He watched as they went downstairs and disappeared.

Noel immediately approached him. “Mr. Fulcher.”

“Make sure our men follow them closely,” Julian instructed. ” Don’t lose them!”

Matt didn’t drive his car. Instead, he hailed a taxi and took the highway to a uniquely renovated cafe.
There were private rooms within. He seemed very familiar with the place.

“I want room number 302. I’ve reserved it with your boss.”

Very soon, someone guided them. Diana followed them into the room.

Gradually, the lights turned dim.

Before entering the private room, she glanced around. She spotted a familiar face from Julian’s team
following her. Reassured, she walked into the private room.

The moment she sat down, Matt locked the door with a click.

This was supposed to be a cafe! Why did it feel more like a hotel?

Diana observed her surroundings, uneasy.

Indeed, the room didn’t resemble a cafe. Rather, it looked more like…a room dedicated for today’s
hypnosis session.

The dimmed lights were a warm yellow. Though the weather was cool, the air-conditioner was still on. It
induced drowsiness to anyone who stepped inside the room.

There were even props commonly used in hypnosis-hand bells, flash cards, and even milk.

Perhaps Matt really wanted to hypnotize her, and nothing more.

Anyway, Julian told Diana to trust him. Thinking of him, Diana gradually calmed down. Then, she
looked quietly at Matt.

“Take a seat,” Matt said, pouring a cup of water for Diana.

Diana didn’t take it. “When will the hypnosis begin?”

“Hypnosis?” Matt chuckled. “What are you talking about?”

From the very beginning, there was no such thing as hypnosis!

Diana was shocked. She wanted to yell, so that Julian’s men could come in right away. However, she
realized that she couldn’t make any sound. Her limbs started feeling weak, and she lost the strength to

Right, it was that incense…

She had her guard up, but neglected that incense.

Matt had long predicted this to happen. He mocked Diana for her naivety.

“From whom did you hear that hypnosis can eliminate a person’s memories so cleanly? Didn’t you
realize that no matter how hard you tried, your memories wouldn’t appear?”

Hypnosis wasn’t that powerful. It functioned more as an assistive psychological treatment method.

Yet, Simon, Kiki, Julian, and even the hypnotists Julian found all believed it. They even claimed they
couldn’t release Diana from her hypnotic state.

Of course they couldn’t. Diana was never hypnotized, to begin with!

Matt had never intended to help Simon. Right from the very beginning, his goal was Diana.

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