Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 942

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Seeing the look on her face, Julian stopped teasing her immediately.

His heart was heavy.

Recently, things between him and Diana had been lukewarm. They were neither close nor distant.
Usually, they would only be together because of the twins.

Betty once told him that she missed Mommy and Sean, and wanted to stay with them for a while. Thus,
he sent Betty back.

However, Julian didn’t expect that he couldn’t send Diana and Sean to kindergarten.

With no other alternatives, he had to keep Betty by his side. That was the only way his family would still
have a chance to be together.

Now was a rare chance for him to send Sean to kindergarten with Diana. He could spend some time
with her, too.

After dropping Sean off at the kindergarten, Julian turned to Diana.

“I gave serious thought to what you said-about me being autocratic and dictatorial,” he said sincerely. “I
won’t do it again next time. Can you please consider being with me again?”

Diana remained silent.

Over this period of time, she had seen his sincerity and the changes he had made.

However, she wasn’t ready to be with him again.

She was scared. She feared she would get hurt if she entered an intimate relationship with him.

‘Things between us are fine this way,” she said. “We’re neither too close for comfort, nor too distant.”

No one could hurt the other party. They could act in consideration of each other.

Without the status of a couple—married or not— expectations and the possibility of getting hurt
naturally wouldn’t exist.

Diana wanted it that way, but not Julian. He wanted to take her to visit Grandma’s grave. But if they
weren’t even lovers, he would be ashamed to see Grandma.

“Let’s find your memories back first,” he said.

He was sure Diana wouldn’t remain unmoved and insist on keeping her distance after recalling their
poignant and heartwrenching past.

When Diana was about to get off the car, he immediately pulled her back and reminded her, “Matt isn’t
a simple man. Whatever happens later, just do one thing.”

“What is it?”

‘Trust me.”

This time, he wasn’t being autocratic or dictatorial. Even after noticing that there was something wrong
with Matt, he didn’t set up a trap and hide anything from Diana.

He hoped she could see the change in him.

Diana knew he couldn’t be so careless as to bring a random man to her house without thinking.

Julian explained, “Yesterday, I deliberately brought him here in the middle of the night. We waited
downstairs in the car the whole time, but he wasn’t the least bit unhappy. He didn’t ask me a single
question, and he didn’t ask for compensation either. More importantly, he was fearless. He had the guts
to come to Collina Villa to look for me. He wasn’t worried that I’d settle scores with him for what he did
three years ago.”

How could someone so fearless have no ulterior motives?

Since he didn’t want money, then… He was probably after their lives!

Diana nodded. Her eyes flashed with approval. She composed herself and said calmly, “Got it.”

When they returned to her house, Matt was still seated at the dining table.

He looked exactly the same as when they left him. There was hardly any change in his posture and his
expression. With his fitted suit, he didn’t look like a man in his twenties. How could someone so young
a man be so formal?

Upon seeing them return, Matt stood up. “Ms. Winnington, are you ready now?”

He sounded rather anxious, which made Diana uncomfortable. She subconsciously glanced at Julian,
then nodded.

“I’m ready. Thank you for helping me regain my memories.”

Julian stood there, silent. He didn’t stop them.

That convinced Matt that he had thought too highly of Julian.

Until now, Julian wasn’t hostile or doubtful of him. Matt had eaten the breakfast Julian prepared earlier;
even after an hour passed, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

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