Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 937

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Simon dropped by today because he was provoked by that photo of Julian.

The photo was going viral in Richburgh’s elite circles. However, people weren’t mocking Julian in
secret, as he had originally expected.

Someone had taken a video of Julian in the convenience store, saying that he was trying to make his
wife happy.

That, paired with the photo, earned Julian the coveted title of Richburgh’s most loving husband.

Even more, someone dug up the scene of him kneeling before a crowd just so he could locate Diana
when she was kidnapped. That, too, went viral in Richburgh.

Soon, Julian became wildly talked about as an endlessly loving husband. He was even willing to wear a
dress, despite his status and power.

This hype incidentally gained the favor of almost all the women in Richburgh and indirectly pushed
Fulcher Inc.’s stock prices to a new peak.

Still, these weren’t all that important.

What was most important was something else. “I want to repeat what happened three years ago.”

Kiki looked at Simon. “What do you mean by that?”

“Julian found out that Diana was hypnotized from you. I’m sure he’ll do all he can to help her regain her
memories. We can’t allow him to find the hypnotist we hired back then.”

The fact that Kiki was fooled by Julian became a thorn in her chest. She grew even more obsessed
with him.

Her brows furrowed. “You haven’t contacted that hypnotist yet?’

Simon shook his head. “Not yet.”

When Simon first returned to Richburgh and saw how Diana and Julian were getting closer, he already
felt threatened.

Since then, he had been trying to contact that hypnotist. But no matter what he tried, that man refused
to appear.

Kiki took this chance to get payback for his earlier remark. ” Simon, I think I finally know why Diana
doesn’t like you.”

She basically meant that he was so much less capable than Julian.

Simon’s face darkened considerably. A heavy, dark aura enveloped him.

Seeing him that way, Kiki’s heart leapt in fear. She subconsciously turned to look at Doreen.

She recalled that night in the past…



Simon definitely wasn’t that man back then.

He couldn’t be!

Kiki’s heart was beating rapidly. She finally snapped back to reality when Simon called her. She
anxiously downed a gulp of water to calm herself down.

Simon saw the evasiveness in her eyes, and fiddled with his keys. “You’re so nervous. I already
expected Diana and Julian to reconcile.”

Kiki had called him once, before Sean joined the kindergarten. Then, she promised him that Diana
would propose to him in one week’s time.

Yet, after waiting expectantly for one whole week, Diana never appeared.

Subsequently, he found out that she and Julian had attended an interview for Bilingo Kindergarten in
the name of a family. They even successfully passed the interview.

There was no need for them to act. They were a family to begin with.

Simon was the one who kept barging in.

Even so, he had no regrets.

Julian had everything.

So, Simon deserved to have Diana. This time, he was willing to forgo the twins and leave without them.

“Diana and I will have our own children in the future,” he declared firmly.

After he located that hypnotist, he would lock up the memories Diana had during this period. He
wouldn’t be so foolish as to let her return to Richburgh again. Never would he give her and Julian a
chance to get together again.

This time, when he eventually took her away, he would tell her that they had been lovers all along.

That they were a loving couple, a tightly-knit husband and wife pair.

They would eventually have their own little family!

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