Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 939

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If he wanted her, he wouldn’t have let her give birth to the twins. Instead, he would’ve taken advantage
of her amnesia and lied to her all the way to her deathbed.

In fact, that was what Simon regretted the most. At that point, his heart softened. He was now
struggling to find that hypnotist, so he could earn for himself another chance.

Yet, he didn’t expect it to be so challenging.

“How did you contact him in the past?” Kiki asked.

Making Diana vanish from Richburgh again was her wish, too. She was just as anxious as Simon.

“I didn’t exactly contact him,” Simon said.

He pondered about it for a moment, and began to realize that something was wrong. Fear filled his
eyes as he slowly turned to look at Kiki. He told her a frightening fact that he had neglected all this

“He… He reached out to me first.”

The problem was, why would someone so skilled reach out to Simon? That man even gave such a
precise suggestion to hypnotize Diana.

Kiki didn’t think much of it. “Let’s just wait and see.”

Whatever it was, to her, whoever wanted to harm Diana was her friend.

“For all you know, he might resurface again.”

She was correct-he did resurface. But this time, Julian was the one he sought out.

In the deep of the night, all was quiet in CoIlina Villa.

Summer was coming to an end, and the leaves on the trees were turning yellow. Everything looked
depressing and lonesome. The dark night added a chilling aura to the villa’s surroundings.

Just then, the security guard in the guard house realized that a man was standing right outside the villa.

He was wearing a fitted black suit. It almost made him blend into the darkness of the night, if one didn’t
look closely enough.

A hundred meters away from him, a silver Porsche drove off in the silence-like the tail of a cat slinking

Chad was the first to notice him. He immediately turned the floodlights at the door on.

“Who are you?!” Chad demanded.

Anyone behaving sneakily outside the entrance at such an hour was surely not a good person!

Upon closer look, he sensed that the man wore expensive clothes.

Before Chad became a security guard at CoIlina Villa, he had spent a lot of time in various districts. He
had a penchant for being extraordinarily observant.

Chad realized that the cheaper the real estate of a district, the more crumpled the clothes the people
there wore. Even new clothes looked old and dirty.

On the other hand, districts with more expensive houses were filled with people who wore well-fitted
and ironed-out clothes.

As for rare villas like that of Julian’s, the visitors were always very well-dressed. Even if carry it off with
an air of elegance and charm.

Afterward, Chad concluded that it had nothing to do with clothes.

It was money. Money could solve a commoner’s problems with ease. It functioned as an iron that
smoothed all troubles, much like how a real iron could neaten an outfit.

To put it simply—money maketh man.

Right now, the man standing right at Collina Villa’s entrance had that expensive aura about him.

Without any hesitation, Chad immediately rang Julian’s room. He didn’t even bother questioning the
stranger. “Sir, I think you have an important guest.”

Who could it be at this hour? Julian immediately stood up and headed to the living room without delay.

“Let him in.”

The heavy metal gate gradually opened. The stranger walked slowly to the living room, as if crossing
over into another century.

Matt Hughes spoke first, a confident smile on his lips. “Mr. Fulcher.”

Julian’s eyes turned sharp. Something immediately clicked in his mind, and he concluded excitedly,
“You’re that hypnotist!”

Surprised flashed past Matt’s eyes. He didn’t expect Julian to guess so accurately.

His boss was right. Julian was a tough rival, indeed.

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